Execution of Five Men by ISIS – Two by Child Soldiers, One by Beheading

Execution of Five Men by ISIS - Two by Child Soldiers, One by Beheading

A newly released ISIS video apparently titled “The Apostates Killed the Rebels” shows the execution of five men. Two are shot dead by child soldiers, one is beheaded, and the remaining two shot in the heads by the mujaheddin.

That little kid talking in the beginning – I wonder if it’s a voice-over. Maybe couldn’t find a kid in Tel Aviv who sounded good enough in Arabic?

Props to Best Gore member @sagar_jungrana72 for the video:

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153 thoughts on “Execution of Five Men by ISIS – Two by Child Soldiers, One by Beheading”

      1. do you people [not any political group, but stupid people] feel clever when you say shit like obaghead, shillary/killary and drumpf? its so fucking stupid looking in text and out loud. lmao

        1. Sounds like a few less refugees for you guys in Europe……!!!
          Oops……. Couldn’t escape tho……. Sometimes it’s really too late.!!!
          Hang in there……..Cuz it’s gonna get worst before it gets…….worster??….Is that English?????…….!!!!!!.

      1. @Dead; welcome.

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  1. Their videos are so cliche and tired.

    If I was running a terrorist outfit, my videos would have groups of infants and young children, preferably American, being sodomized right in front of the camera and then they would have all of their bones broken with a sledgehammer, and lastly they would be lowered into a pit of acid until they were nothing but bone. Babies would be slaughtered right on camera and then the older adults in the video could masturbate as they see these babies mutilated, tortured, and executed.

    I can think of many more creative methodologies for execution videos than ISIS does.

    My own style of execution videos would only have young children and babies executed. Also more young women would be executed rather than adult men, as executing adult men is cliche and boring to me.

    Babies and young infants with bombs strapped to their genitals also sounds enticing.

    1. No I don’t think they should execute women, only men. Male soldiers are ten-a-penny. Screw ’em.
      These guys either watch porn or fuck goats, so a dead woman is pussy that has been wasted.

        1. Its hard to dillucidate whether you are for real or just pretending online because of sick fantasies that went out of hand.

          For the record, almost anyone can imagine extremely painful and/or creative ways to torture and kill, thats how the fucked up human mind works. You dont really need to be a psycho for that. You need to be one to do it (and hopefully you arent one, because suffering isnt a good thing, y´know?).

    2. @babyslaughter you’re a sleep-deprived sick SoB with too much thinking time in your hands. You must watch too much pornography and bestgore at the same time all the time. Give yourself a break and get some sleep.
      When you wake up you wont remember a thing bout your comment.

    3. Don’t forget the little animals. People love a video with a dog, cat, pig, pigeon, monkey, chicken, rooster getting their little heads smashed in and their little guts ripped out of their little belly. You can have bombs strapped to little billy and also little billy goat. You can also put all those animals along with the little babies and some of those older men and put them in a pit of acid and let them swim in it, while they are still alive. I like the sledgehammer part. It’s not very popular right now because the tool weighs a lot, so it’s not catching up yet.

    4. You are a true conceptual artist. You must carry on where IS leaves off. I fear their days are numbered as the Infidels are closing in. I cannot accept a world in which these videos are no longer made. I implore you to take the reins. I salivate at your “mind’s eye” images of acid immersion infanticide. I also wish to see screaming and hysterical women as opposed to these idiotic stoic ultra-cliche men who accept their stupid horrid fates. I WANT TO SEE TRUE HORROR IN ITS RAWEST. I want to see perfect pastoral divinity and I hope beyond all hope that God has sent you to us to show us the way to THE BEST FUCKING ENTERTAINING BLOODSHED EVER CONCEIVED. You sir need to realize your dream so save the rest of us from dissolving into oblivious banality.

      1. Except that banality is just a construct YOU have let THEM erect all around you, mistakenly confusing afterwards the shape of the cage with the shape of reality. There is so much more to this world than what the limited hangouts of “Science”, “Journalism” and “Academia” have allowed you to know. And yes, much of what you ignore can satiate or surpass any human based thirst of “horror”.

        Either way, the things you are salivating over are recorded and stored somewhere, but you´d need to be a billionaire or ascending satanic star to access them. There are probably ways to access the close knit groups of non-elite amateurs doing it low cost, as well, but why give a deranged mind ideas? Anyone torturing/killing other people for entertainment should be killed on the spot.

        Oddly enough, I do have to agree that the demeanor of the ISIS victims is extremely boring. A little more crying, insulting and contorsing would go a long way. For starters, I would resoundly disrespect Islam, Allah and ISIS before having my throat slashed.

        1. @Proud Truther.
          I agree totally with your last paragraph. Totally spot on, mate.
          The demeanor of the condemned is truly boring, they are very resigned and obedient to their fate.
          I mean, you’re going to die anyway, right? A horrible, undignified death at the hands of some bearded goat-fuckers, who are filming your execution for amusement and a propaganda video to send to the West.

          Fuck this shit. If my family was to see me die, I would want them to be at least proud of me.
          Logically, the best move (no matter how futile) is to fuck up the movie.
          Just like you would, if it was me, I’d profoundly diss Pisslam, their mothers, Mr Snazzy Tennis shoes’ lack of boots, their goat porn activities, the fucking fat messiah lookalike, etc etc.

          Having said the above, the reason why the condemned are so obedient, is that the ISIS killers have many rehearsals, and they put in the belief that there is still hope for release of the prisoners, but there isn’t really. Therefore the condemned don’t know which of the rehearsals is in fact the real killing.

          Therefore, if it was me, I would assume the first attempt is the real Killing, and just go for it. Insult everything and everyone! HA!!!

  2. The killer second from left, who looks like Jesus would after too many pies: he winces at 0.06 just after the shots have been fired. Methinks he is glad he didn’t have to shoot anyone. Well he did get to slaughter the middle victim like a chicken with a serrated blade. That was his forte.

    That victim guy on the left who had his head blown apart by the high velocity gun: the camera would have done better to pan the ground at much wider shots after so we can see bits of skill fragment and brain matter.

    @ Lamenting Inertia….the guy third from left in the snazzy tennis shoes does not have to do the dirty killing work, that’s done by the 3 minnions. Agreed…Mr Snazzy Tennis Shoes is the alpha male who gets to fuck the goats after. The other three are just betas who have to make do with watching the goat porn movies made by Mr Snazzy Tennis Shoes.

  3. C’mon Don’t Tell me they are throwing the halal meat away
    …….. That’s not true.
    Instead they are offering buckets of it…….To the neighborhood…….!!!!!
    I should know my best friend just escaped from ISIS……..
    Na, …….just Fucking around.!
    You’re funny.

      1. @ Lucythepoosy. Your hot by the way. But yes your right, sadly we pay for those guns, must have came in short with the tax money tho, dude in the middle didn’t get his boots, so he wore some dirty sneaker instead. While we pay for there guns, here in California, the governor is trying to take our guns. It’s ridiculous !

        1. @savagepuppy98, move to my state of Idaho. You can own all the 30 round mags you need. All the Californicators move here. There’s a postcard in stores shows 2 cowboys looking at UFOs overhead. One ol boy says, “Must be Californians”. Just don’t bring more liberals…..

  4. The third one from left wearing horrid expression of hate waving those ugly fingers one after the other was the biggest sore to the eyes .He seemed like he brought in the other executioners in a haste as all of them wore some borrowed sneakers from their Goat fucking gay dads .
    And as the camera starts to roll the eye sore of a blabber keeps going on and on with his boring to death chant beside what else they were n’t aware of that their ciggeretty legs were there for everyone to see and that proves a point that they are unusual unhealthy breed of males with gayism on their mind .They are pissed up because the infidels do not butt fuck them
    I sometimes think why do the victims do not retaliate cause they must know its their last time . There is always that maimed look in each ones eye .
    Horror struck they resign to the fate .
    The four little rats will grow up to screw the ones they came with and we will have a video then .

  5. little rag and bone army like that and 6 years later they are still going at it. what a shit-show for everyone involved especially america that was their little pet running amok in the middle east. these rag and bone fuckers wouldnt have lasted a week against the wermacht.

    1. Yes I truly wish Wehrmacht’s should have lasted to this day to liquidate each of these gutter rats from the face of this earth …………teaming up with the elite
      SS units and the “Gestapo the secret Police in tandem.
      Then the other emerging ‘Schweinhunds” like the ISIS ; would have been running like dogs with their tails between their legs with nowhere to hide .

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  7. I want to kill that worthless arab child in the worst unimaginable way possible. That little turd who speaks and talks and shoots.

    In fact, I would love to see every arab scum killed in worse way possible.

    Add the fucking kikes (Jews) on that list.

  8. What can I get you??? Ummm I’m gonna try your number 7. Curry chicken melon popper. How do you want that cooked ?? Rare. How tender is it?? Oh you’re gonna love it. Falls right Off THE BONE!! Alllllah Akbar!!!!

  9. The use of child executers has a triple purpose:
    #1: to add more insult to the executed
    #2: to provide training for the future soldiers since young ages
    #3: to create international consensus against ISIS.
    ISIS and its akas will be next zero point of evilness, debunking the former nazi regime. It is necessary to foretell the public opinion to Israel, when it will commanded to put order to the caothic region. That is what our truly calls eretz Israel.

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