Execution of Manuel Mendez Leyva Video – Beheading of Fully Awake Man

Execution of Manuel Mendez Leyva Video - Beheading of Fully Awake Man

Continuing in the spirit of catching up with Mexican Drug Cartels, here’s a video of execution of Manuel Mendez Leyva, originally published by Blog del Narco. Manuel Mendez Leyva was a member of Los Negros – a drug cartel gang lead by Texas, USA born Edgar Valdez Villarreal (La Barbie) who became a cartel boss after the death of Arturo Beltrán Leyva.

In the video, Manuel Mendez Leyva is executed by beheading but what made the video notorious is how he was beheaded. In a bid to make his death more agonizing, the captors kept Manuel Mendez Leyva fully awake throughout most of the beheading by rupturing his trachea, but leaving much of the blood supply to the brain intact.

Prior to his execution, Manuel Mendez Leyva is interrogated by his captors and confesses to having worked for Edgar Valdez Villarreal aka “La Barbie” and his job was to obtain pills and ephedrine. Further into the interrogation, Manuel Mendez Leyva confesses that along with “La Barbie”, Lazarito, Alejandro and his brother Patricio Mendez Leyva, their main purpose was to wage war against Joaquin Guzman Loera aka El Chapo (leader of Sinaloa Cartel, the most powerful drug trafficking organization in the world).

The interrogation is ended by captors stating: “Ya de aquí tú te vas” (Now, here you go). Manuel Mendez Leyva is then beheaded in a way so as to keep him fully awake and fully aware of the fact that he’s being beheaded. As I had already mentioned, his agony was prolonged by keeping the flow of oxygenated blood to the brain uninterrupted while he was forced to choke on blood clogging up his severed trachea. Easily one of the most graphic beheadings ever filmed on camera.

BTW – La Barbie, the Los Negros drug cartel lord Manuel Mendez Leyva worked for is credited for being the guy who started the trend of scaring the rivals with videos of their mates being tortured and brutally executed. Other cartel jumped on the bandwagon, but it’s said to have started with Edgar Valdez Villarreal. Mexican sicarios don’t fuck around and La Barbie spread that message with videos posted on the internet. Manuel Mendez Leyva drowned in his own blood, but I’m sure he would have (maybe even did) done the same if he was the one with a face mask, a rifle and a knife.

Many thanks to thediddler, Buffsmom and countless others for the video.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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285 thoughts on “Execution of Manuel Mendez Leyva Video – Beheading of Fully Awake Man”

    1. Like I said before on the other la guera loca post these most of these beheaders grew up butchering live stock as children, the way they beheaded this poor fuck is the same exact way I’ve seen pigs cut up, 1st but not always they stab the heart with an ice pick 2nd they slit the throat half way to let the blood drain and collect it for whatever reason 3rd they begin to cut the head off and gut the pig 4th they cook em and last they eat the pig…won’t be long before these cartels killers begin eating there enemies, rumor has it some crazy hardcore drug crews are already doing that (drinking blood, cutting out and biting hearts, some even keep fingers and ears as trophies…Nam style) not sure these crazy fucks would go as far as actually cooking and consuming their enemies flesh with fava beans and a nice chianti

      1. if only you knew… your assumption really makes you sound like a dumbass who thinks they know what there talking about. I grew up in Mexico, and we do not butcher out food, we are civilized, we have these things called “markets” and they have “butchers” so we do not have to do that work. Besides most of us cannot afford to buy meat, so meat is not that easily obtained.

        1. Some true, some not. Depends where at in Mexico. Very often, poorer families have the job as being butcher. It didn’t magically fall apart and land in the market. But if you did raise your own meat, you wouldn’t be butchering all too much. Even poor villages have the designated butcher. Maybe take it back one, er two more generations. Otherwise, I would say more people know how to slaughter/butcher in the states. (massive demand) Not to mention US citizens can have guns and like to hunt. To some it up…no matter where you live, the chances of this guy slaughtering his own livestock, is about the same chance of you being a butcher. Just a sick dude with probably more human experience than pig.

          1. Both of you guys don’t know shit. These fucking ‘narcos’ are trained killers… They send em’ out to the middle of nowhere for 3 months. When they’re there they torture random people, innocent or not. These guys are on another level, don’t fuck with Mexicans! Not even the Colombian cartels would do this!

    2. yeah, you can tell this piece of shit has done it many times before. He knew exactly what he was doing so his victims could suffer. Although this Manuel would have done the same and has probably executed many of his rivals the same way, I can’t understand how you can stand there and slice through a human beings neck and have no remorse. I can hardly think of doing that to a lizard, never mind a human being. unimaginably cruelty!

      1. c’mon a lizard? i’ve put a lizard inside a jar that was full of red ants. my uncle and i dropped some weights after declaring him ‘guilty’ like a ceremony. stuff like that guess you’d have to be abused as a child like i was. let me get some sympathy in these comments.

    3. Yea I agree, when it comes down to it I know I could kill someone if I had to, but I could never act out this kind of cruelty on any kind of living breathing creature. unless for some reason I severely lost my marbles, but the only way that would happen is if someone murdered my family and walked.

      1. maybe if you were on some heavy drugs you would do it without having to list those examples. i cant talk about killing. that guy doing the cutting coked out of his mind as he is, it probably helped him SOME, not all, than i wouldnt know. just know that pure coke snorted, there is nothing else like it in tnhe worlld. that interrogator was on some good cocaine.

      2. i see what your saying, “if you completely lost your marbles”, i might of read it on here before at this website that alot of these killers are on drugs. you would have to be ‘crazy’ to kill like these people are doing though imo.

        1. Might? This guy was a pretty high ranking cartel member, you what that means? That’s like being a lord in medieval Europe. He probably forced young girls to have sex with him, beat or killed their boyfriends and husbands, and caused terror in honest peoples lives on a daily basis. This video is horrific, but I don’t feel the least bit of sympathy for this guy. If it was up to me this WOULD NOT have been his punishment, but it wasn’t, so I’m not going to cry about it.

          1. I believe you mate, he’s probably partaken in unspeakable stuff that the average person couldn’t even get their head around, chopping limbs/dicks off while still alive, skinning alive etc, oh, he knew what he was involved in alright.

          2. Do you know how to read? This guy was just a runner, low on the totempole. I love how some not all act so gangster and know it all. Put in this position , you cry like a bitch. I’m not afraid to say I would.

  1. Of all the people who have been beheaded he is the only one to resist by trying to cover his neck with tied hand. If you’ve observed most of these fucking victims just relax and seat as they are waiting for the knife to cutoff the throat.

      1. Wtf, they don’t take drugs to do this type of shit. They do this routinely, it’s a war over there in Mexico. Check out the guys who got the chainsaw, they remained calm and I’m pretty sure their executioners didn’t give them drugs to numb the pain. So why were they calm? They’ve done the same to others….

    1. A lot of them may have been drugged, but another thing I have noticed with a lot of native Mexicans is that they are generally very calm, stoic people. Most of them have been through and seen a lot of shit in their lives and probably already accepted death by the time they were killed. My stepdad is from Guadalajara and he is very quiet, calm and serious. Even in normal ‘panic’ situations, he stays calm and doesn’t bat an eye. I think that if this happened to him, he would act the same way, calm. It’s strange to us, but it’s the way a lot of them are.

      1. No False Bravado if i may add.

        He should have fucked with them until his last breath. Feed them so much disinformation they won’t know what to believe…and not before long they’ll be killing their own people and when they do…They’ll be dreaming of traitors around every corner. Spies in their
        own camp. That would be a Blast

  2. Hands down, the most brutal beheading recorded.
    The chainsaw guy doesn’t even touch this.

    I knew this drug dealer, Manuel,
    Got filleted by another cartel.
    He choked on his blood
    As it started to flood
    Manuel, I’ll see you in Hell.

    (If this makes no sense to you, “Manuel” is pronounced like “man-well” in Mexico.)

    1. This beheading is definitely severely disturbing but I think the Eugene Armstrong beheading is a little more upsetting because of the hollering and screeching…If the quality was better on the Eugene Armstrong video it would be hard to beat….Those fellas couldn’t have been disrespected any harder.

  3. I wonder why they make these videos. If it is truly about “business” just kill the guy. Cutting his dick off or (I didn’t watch this one..yet) making him “suffer” makes no sense. Unless it is for people to go “Dude! no way”!! Other than that the person will suffer for only a minute of two. I would guess that his colleagues would see the video and “Oh shit, he’s dead” whereas cutting his dick off and letting him live one would say “Damn, I can’t even beat off now, I’m not screwing with these guys.” Then again…do drug lords have colleagues?

    1. They do it for revenge but mostly to put fear into their enemies and even their own people, always saying “this is what will happen if you fuck with us” its not enough to just kill someone any more in Mexico they have to send a message that will scare and intimidated their enemies and what better way than watching your cartel “colleague” have his dick and head cut off it would either scare or anger you, most likely both and that’s what they want that’s why they do this, life is cheap there and the majority of people are poor, throw drug money into the mix, too many cartels, a government willing to fight them, and this is what you get

      1. I know and you are right, and I guess having the ability to shit like that without repercussions makes it easier. That is the “I was just following orders.” You are correct as well bidity I was looking for different perspectives. I wonder what they will do next!?

        1. Perhaps if the killers come here and check out what people are writing, they’ll take this one for fodder.

          Take your victims, duct tape them to a chair, then start cutting fingers, toes, bits of flesh and feeding them to some hungry as fuck pitbulls or maybe a pet alligator or two while the victims watch themselves be devoured piece by piece. All the while have a metal rod in a fire ready to coderize the wounds so that the victim doesn’t bleed out too fast. The torturer could keep this going for hours at a time.

    2. It makes much more of a point to rivals if you make a very sharp example of those they chose to kill. Its easy to think “fuck with us and we will bust a cap in yo ass.” so what, if you are in that lifestyle its an everyday job hazard. It really brings home the point “if you fuck with us, we will give you the most painful, agonizing, frightening death ever possible.” Then people actually stop to think.

  4. A+

    They slit his throat, and let him choke on his own blood for a little bit. Then, the hacking at the spine (I guess.) as the body twitched in reflex. Damn. That was great.

    First cup of coffee of the day, and I’m already as awake as if I’d just had my third.

    1. my thoughts exactly.. the gargling sounds alone were discomforting.
      Was he alive right up to a few hacks into his spine..? Or was that just a nerve reaction..?
      Absolutely fucking horrific.
      10/10 to that poor SOB.

  5. The gasping breath. Extreme. That made my soul twitch. His head was basically disconnected and yet his hand tried to stop the blades. My mind is reeling…my comfort level is destroyed. Amazing video.

  6. Hmm. I’m wondering where Rotten Stench and Hung like a mouse are….I’m waiting on their opinion of this video..they seem to have been falling behind on comments here lately…now that I think of it I haven’t seen Angry Chicken either.
    I wait on the comments of the video to see if I want to watch it or not…they describe and I go from there…xD it takes too long for my phone so I wait for opinions…

  7. #2 on the list of brutal beheading ,the slow slit to the throat was priceless and insured the victim felt every millimeter of that blade cutting him,the way the cutter held the airway for him to almost drown on his blood and the whacks to the spinal cord “witch make the body twitch” perfect beheading.
    #1 still remains too be the chainsaw one,when that chainsaw started what do you suppose went through the guys mind and the guy sitting next to him.
    maybe it`s because i work with chainsaws off and on that i know what they can do first hand…

    1. Right on Mr.Ragoo.Im with you on that.This 1 has been out for about a year or so.I’t took the cake until the chainsaw vid came out.When the other guy looks over at his buddies headless body,one can only imagine what went through his mind.He was a trooper tho,never flinched ,even when the c/s cut his arm while beheading his m8.I,m gonna assume most of these “victims” were ruthless murderers themselves.Tit for tat .

    2. lol, I don’t think you need to work with chaisaws to know what kind of damage it can do. Common sense tells you if it can cut down the biggest tree in the forest, it will cut your neck it seconds like butter. The first cut missed and when the second time round, it cut the other dudes arm. I wonder what went through his mind? ” If that hurt my arm, shit it’s gonna hurt my neck and it’s gonna be slow”. The people who are beheaded would most likely do or have done the same thing, but either way it’s too barbaric even if you deserve it.

    1. Yeah, I remember the video of chainsaw guy’s nephew being cut with a knife and hearing the horrid squealing, which made it worse than the chainsaw beheading, which was much faster. If I ever have a choice, I’d go for the chainsaw. I’m still wondering why they chainsawed the uncle but not the nephew.

  8. At first I didn’t believe that that sound was real, but man…that was so sick, in a really bad way.
    “I’m taking you down with me, into this Hell of Hells. Stabbed in the throat, sputtering blood, my need is never quelled. You must stand here before me, my judgement ends in death. I tower above your broken bodies, face speckled in red. Oh, how sweet it is to revel in your flesh. I won’t stop until the last is dead”

          1. Haha yeah I’m in the valley and it rains quite a bit here.

            The summers are what suck. 110 bullshit.
            That’s like the only big city in America that I have not been to. It sounds wonderful.

  9. I feel strange after watching that. What a horrible way to die in absolute agony and prolonged suffering. Manuel is no angel, but still, I will never understand how they can do that without even a hint of remorse.

  10. My laptop experienced, pretty much, a catastrophic failure the night before last, so I have been dead in the water since then (also in business, as well as my nightly commenting sessions of fucking with all of you)

    REALLY(!!) need to get things resolved, writing this on a laptop when no body is looking.

    Hope to be back to. um, “normal” soon a possible.

    Don Rotten Stench

    (post script,….I miss my routine a LOT more than I though I would……super ball-sukelingly GAY COMPUTER!)

  11. I honestly think that the guy asked for it anyway. He shouldnt of got involved in all this cartel shit in the first place. Its like having a death wish. when are they ever gonna learn? Why do the cut off heads anyway? thats getting old.

  12. while that was crazy to watch i still think all those russian kids getting there heads cut off one by one was much harder to watch than this…probably because they were so young and they were doing something honorable to get themselves in that situation…not like this piece of dirt…he had it coming

  13. Hi everyone, I’ve been watching Best Gore for almost a year and, I finally decided to make an account. I became fascinated with death since I was 16 years old when I saw a beheading video from a friend’s mobile phone. So here I’m 4 years later I’m still looking for this kind of stuff through the internet. Greetings from Texas.

  14. Man, i just love the cartels. There just so freaking brutally ruthless nothin to do with god or anything stupid just plain i dont like you and im going to make sure your last mins on earth are the worst they can be. Just love them

  15. They may be killers, but I still think the reason they put tape over their eyes is because they don’t want to look into the eyes of the man they are killing. I’m sure that makes it much easier. If I killed someone that I wanted dead, I would want to at least look them in the eye.

    1. You know, they use duct tape almost always with kidnapping victims in Mexico. No one knows how long this Manuel Mendez Leyva had been tortured before this video. Some are for months ducttaped and handcuffed and tortured every day. For information or just for fun.
      I’ve watched so many videos of mexican cartels’ war between each other that I dare to say that they don’t care do you look them at eyes when they’re killing you or not. For kidnapping polices your just ‘a packet’ to forward or get rid of. No feelings, high on meth and coke targets are not anything living for them, just like some wooden stick what has to be broke.

      And for mention that it was La Barbie who started beheadings for scare tactics against other cartels; no, it was La Familia Michoacan, I think they learnt that from Los Zetas with whom they were allied for some time. In Los Zetas are many Kaibiles from Guatemala and these fucks are BEHEADERS. If you wan’t to come badass killer with no feelings, just join to kaibile training in guatemala. That training includes some sick stuff.

          1. It definitely is one part. Other is that victims are easier to control blindfolded. One another is that they may be calmer; “They can let me go, I haven’t seen their faces or nothing.”

            Psychological torture.

            Read Charles Bowden’s Mexican Assassin. Based on true story.

      1. I see a knife as getting close and personal but a chainsaw or reciprocating saw would be fucking brutal. I’ve had accidents with utility knifes and didn’t feel pain for a while because it’s such a clean cut and I’ve also torn skin and it’s definitely more painful. I see what you mean though it shows your heartless.

          1. From personal experiance, I can assure you that either a sawzall with a wood blade, or a 4 1/2″ grinder would make a horrible, AND slow, expericance that a knife just couldn’t compair with.
            I am a welder by trade, and have taken part of my face off when getting punched n it with a grinder at full speed.
            A sawzall’s speed can be controlled, it’s not like you start cutting and that’s it, you can’t stop.

            The wooded blades grab and rip to peices.
            They don’t cut clean.

            I’m waiting to see footage of carnage of this nature as well.

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