Expansion and Contraction of Lungs Visible Through Large Chest Wound

Expansion and Contraction of Lungs Visible Through Large Chest Wound

Something’s telling me there have got to be things that make one a bigger attention seeking loser than tattoos, but I have yet to find one.

This champ with a chest tattoo got slashed across the chest and it opened him up all the way under the ribcage. Through the hole, his expanding and contracting lungs can be visible. He got nothing on this guy, though.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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88 thoughts on “Expansion and Contraction of Lungs Visible Through Large Chest Wound”

        1. I have to agree with you on the make up side you see all these girls walking about like a tangerine and they would be so much better without it and are blessed with nice skin bit of lippy&masscara hay presto

          1. You’re a lady xsookiex, a feminine lady. I would hope you wouldn’t mess with those moari women who by the way are masculine looking and unattractive… unless they have a bit of white in them, then they might just make it in the looks department.

          2. I dunno, I have a few friends from when I lived in NZ who are full Maori and they are smoking hot, they would still kick my ass for calling them tangata whenuas tho! 😀

    1. I’ve got used to the lip stuff, not bad actually, i’m coming round to the boob implants, not really into piercings or a woman who smokes but i do like short hair on some women. Tatts i can live with on a woman although i don’t have any myself. I’m into a woman’s skin and eyes.

          1. Steph, Mark made a comment that tattoos are stupid, so all of the slavering sycophants are out in force to agree. It’s hilarious how we are all sheeple, unless we hang on and utterly believe every single word Sir Mark pens.

      1. im guilty of having tattoos.. its a show of manliness. its a display that you can stand prolonged pain…… but some cheaters use numbing cream.

        if you have a trapped nerve in the back of your neck that gives you problems for example that you cant hold a phone up to your head for longer than a minute before unbearable pain strikes, then DONT get a back of the neck/ upper back tattoo.. on the affected area. Fuck me that was Pure Agony, ive never been through so much pain, only pride got me through those 3 hours. Fuck, i am not kidding.

        my other tattoos hurt and were teeth clenching, like on my knuckles and on other boney areas, it hurt but wasnt unbearable. on the ultra sensitive spot where the nerves are at their most sensitive, was a seriously agonizing experience…

        1. I totally support your contention that being able to stand tattooing is a sign of manliness. Yet ,for the sake of completeness i must say that not having tattoos does not mean you are NOT manly.

          There are some cultures and sub-cultures that do not espouse tattoos as a sign of masculinity. I belong to one of those. To us ,God made us perfectly and we have no need of tattoos or circumcision.

          Having said that i know many people with them and I like good ink on people yet it is not for me. I do not feel any less a man.

          1. absolutely, it doesnt make you less of a man not to get tattoos if you just dont want them or whatever.

            its also a display of art etc…. for me it expresses my character, i also like the fact that im marked up, i think having tattoos ((good tattoos (matter of taste)) looks better than no tattoos………

  1. I think it’s time you handed over the ‘keys’ to the website Mark Satriani.

    You clearly can’t update/maintain it as much as people would like and your chronic misanthropy is tiresome.

    Cut it loose mate.

      1. It’s just boring, I think most people would prefer some existentialism, high concept, some philosophising to detract from the ‘human element’.

        As opposed to: ‘Here’s some fucking dead scumbag, fucking humans jew-loving scum’ blah blah blah.

        If the proprietor no longer cares enough then he should pass things over as he’s often alluded to doing.

  2. How do tattoos make someone an “attention seeking loser”? If you did any amount of research, you’d see that the history of tattoos is a deep and meaningful one.
    Yes, there are people who get inked for the same reasons they sag their stupid fucking pants. But to just blatently say something like that is just plain ignorant. Some of us have tattoos that represent things we want to be reminded of every time we look in the mirror. Some of us have tattoos to show love and respect to a fallen friend or family member. There are a million valid reasons for inking your skin. Just because some posers may get a tramp stamp, or a 90s tribal band, that doesn’t lessen those who show respect to a very old tradition.

    1. Yepp I get tattoos and I love them, it’s something that becomes a part of you … I mean literally duh. I do it for artistic reasons and my philosophy is such that I’d never want to remove them because even though they may not be representative of my identity 30 years from now they will undeniably be a part of my history, and history is important. I will never get names though, with the exception of kids / a marriage that lasts over 10 years. But whoever said Mark should hand over the website, go kill yourself you fucking pussy. I love Mark.

  3. He actually burst his diaphragm and the subsequent pressure that is being put on his upper organs,,, his heart,,, and respiratory system “lungs” is quite evident as he struggles,, unable to take deep breaths, but only quick shallow ones instead as a result. You can actually see the very bottom of his right lungs 3dr. lobe, as it tries to expand. He will survive this with a return back to his normal pre injury form, me thinks!

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