Eye Plucked Out from Severed Head with Kitchen Knife

Eye Plucked Out from Severed Head with Kitchen Knife

Eye Plucked Out from Severed Head with Kitchen Knife

In Brazil, gang members filmed themselves plucking out an eye from the head of a decapitated rival. The decapitation is not on the video. The gouging with the kitchen knife is.

Sorry about general absence lately, guys. I’m around, just been busy pursuing some other things.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

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199 thoughts on “Eye Plucked Out from Severed Head with Kitchen Knife”

    1. They will not replace the eyeball with a piece of fruit. They are gay Brazilian Gangsters and Drug Dealers… so they will stick their cocks in the still-warm, sticky socket and pump it full of stinking Brazilian Love- Jizz.
      It is a fact that Brazilian Gangsters often have a cock-fight over who gets to fuck the eye socket first. The winner of the cock-fight is often referred to as “Lucky Pedro” while the last in line gets the destroyed, spunk-oozing fuckhole to rub their septic knob-end on. The last in line is often referred to as “Unlucky Luca”.
      There is an incredibly touching scene in “Prolapsed Love in the Favelas” (2017) where the “Unlucky Luca” is made to ladle out the contents of an eye socket (after it has been subjected to a spirited gangbang by the Da Silva Cartel) and spoon it into the open mouth of his blind mother. He tells her it is Greek Yoghurt and because she has dementia she believes him and asks for another helping. The specially extended 2-Disc DVD is a classic.

  1. Nothing completes ‘the moment’ better than a knife, a severed head, an eyeball, and finally some soft music playing in the background.

    “I have a great idea for this evening honey. Let’s invite our neighbour over for some flakka. When he loses his shit, you cut his head off and I will take this knife and gouge out his eyeball.”

    Do we really have to wonder why these “ape people” do this kind of crap in 2018? Let me tell you why it happens. These people are uncivilized baboons with no souls. It’s that simple. People who choose to behave like this have no place on Mother Earth (the last decent female that I am aware of).

    Come to think of it, do these apes even have a choice? Doesn’t seem like they can help themselves because they’re apes. No regard, no control, no decency. Just straight up savage animals.

  2. I visit here because it’s real. It also reminds me just how lucky I am to have been born into the area of the world I was and that the society I was born into is WAY above the environments these feral ‘ape-people’ have. My part of the world is heavily flawed, but is a million times better than these fuckers.

    1. Now we can go a few more days without resorting to insulting one another for entertainment.
      I was rocking back and forth on the edge of my couch with my left eye twitching trying to hold back the insults.

  3. The lad looks fairly relaxed about it all anyway.
    Trumpty Dumpty should have this fellow’s head on the table next to him when he’s having his chit-chat with Kim Kincade shortly.
    Having said that, Trumpty could either offer this chap’s head to Kim as the friendship gift from the USA or pre-meeting perhaps ask Kimcade if he would consider cummin in this chap’s mouth for a photo momento for Iwanka, just to settle everyone’s nerve before the nigg-otiations commence?

  4. Fucking amateurs! My late grandad could achieve the same feat in three seconds…admittedly it was a pig’s eye and the knife was somewhat smaller…but they’re still fucking amateurs in comparison.

    1. How about.. Don’t argue with the kitchen knife to begin with! … Just leave immediately, get the kitchen knife her favorite ice cream or whatever, speak very softly to the kitchen knife when doing so… Then go to the basement and rub one out in your favorite corner… One-eyed Jack needs to puke, because you almost became a one-eyed jack…

      1. Or how ’bout the kitchen knife stays in the kitchen and minds it’s own goddamn business! I don’t have to explain every new scratch on my cutting board.
        And, jerking off in the basement is the act of a homo…and I hate spiders too.

  5. I’m sure I could hear Elton John’s Rocket Man playing in the Bar when the two of them shook hands?
    And it looked to me like that little fat twat Kim is struggling to breathe, the cunt. What a fuckin joke this guy Trump is sat there squeezing UN’s sweaty little hoof, can’t stop saying thank you, thank you after what Un did to Otto Warmbier. When does this guy Trump ever stop seeking publicity by whatever means he can get it??

  6. Alright, I’m not that sick that I would really need to see it, but these fucking morons are so stupid. What is the fucking point of gouging the eyeballs out…quite ineptly I will add? It’s as useless as mutilating a corpse. Either do it like you mean it or kill the fucker and move on. Apparently you’re not good at it anyway, taking an eye out of a non-struggling head.

  7. This Sucks!!! Because i do not have an E-Mail yet, So i cannot download Firefox, & TOR, πŸ™ i guess that’s why i cannot see the video **Jewgle Alone will not allow me to,,, Cunts** So all i get instead is a black screen with Brian Adams music playing in the background with Mom speaking to what seams like a young Boy in Spanish instead, LOL, like W.T.F??

    That will make me take the 4 hr. round trip to pick-up my laptop even faster now, me thinks, lol. πŸ˜‰

      1. Been moving out, and in to a new house in Ottawa brother, and let me tell ya,,, it was hell and i never wants ta move again. I still have to get fully set-up with a new E-Mail as soon as i go get my laptop, and then i will feel back at home. Hope that all has been well with you also @asskingforanal brother. πŸ™‚

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