Failed Beheading in Iran Leaves Cop with Gashing Neck Wounds (video)

It’s hard to believe he survived this attack. The neck wounds are massive, gashing and bloody, but apparently he made full recovery. The guy is an Iranian cop and his beheading wasn’t a terrorist act, but rather a thug attack. Lowlives were trying to extort money from him and failed. Without doubt – there are some tough cops in Iran. How he’s still alive – I have no idea. He should be passed out and an inch away from dead, not be sitting there like he’s at a poker table. WTF? Just how many people can say about themselves that they are a beheading survivor?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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45 thoughts on “Failed Beheading in Iran Leaves Cop with Gashing Neck Wounds (video)”

  1. damn. thats brutal. must of hurt like a bitch. but he was cut through the back of the neck so his windpipe wasnt cut and vocal cords still intact. hes lucky they didnt reach his spine or brain stem.

  2. OMG I can’t beleive he’s alive. I’d just accept my fate to die rather than actually have this on my neck. However, I do feel sorry for this cop and hope he has a good future ahead of him.

  3. It makes sense. The attackers went for the back of the head where this is only muscle, blood and spine. The gashes would lead to have extremely limited head movements. But because there is not the largest amount of blood back there so he couldn’t have died from blood loss as fast as the front. Plus the biggy, they didn’t cut his air pipe so he couldn’t have suffocated or drowned from his own blood. Lucky bastard I’ll tell you.

  4. uuuuuummm doctor i think i need some help here… i mean anything you can give me like a gauze, bandaid, … a stitch or two. I’m not the expert but i really think the little boy with the splinter in his thumb can wait

  5. Very lucky. It totally was a case where the assailants missed the most vital parts of his neck. I just read a story on crime where a lady in Africa was raped, stabbed numerous times and her throat cut. She managed to drag herself (holding her exposed intestines to her chest) to the road. Someone found her and called an ambulance. It took 45 minutes to get there. She survived and is now a speaker, that travels around the world helping people that have experiences extreme trauma.

  6. look how deep the cuts are,

    i think there may have been a lot of nerve damage there as well so he probably has lost all sense of feeling around his head and neck.

  7. Hustle, the trick is in pressing the button that looks like an arrow pointing to the right. There is on in the bottom left and one in the middle. Just click on it, that’s all it takes for it to load. Magic!

  8. Tough motherfucker!
    You can just imagine that those little fuckers were caught and shot to death firing squad style against a wall. Bodies dumped somewhere.
    If in America a cop killer get’s his ass kicked for killing a copper, in a country like this, you know what i said has happened to those guys.

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