Farm Worker Decapitated with Scythe During Argument

Farm Worker Decapitated with Scythe During Argument

A farm worker got into a heated argument with a co-worker on a farm in the state of ParΓ‘, Brazil. Once the co-worker has had enough of arguing, he picked up a scythe and ended the argument with a single blow.

It was one clean cut that almost took the head off. It only stayed attached by a narrow stretch of skin. Looks like they have well sharpened tools on that farm. Almost surgical. That cut could make the Grim Reaper jealous.

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    1. @Re-pete, I found a scythe on an old abandoned farm site when I was about 22, it was made with a slightly bent handle and had another small handle to grip half way down, I loved that scythe and carted it around to different places I rented, it was literally like ‘Death’ himself scythe, it was in the back of my ute and my brother-in-law stole the ute, I never got either back. πŸ™

        1. That’s what I used mine for – a decoration. It was too rusty/blunt to be of much use for anything else. It had been propped up in the corner of an old shed for 40, 50+ years. I have found others but they have all been either missing the blade or the wooden ‘handle’ has rotted.

          1. It could be very useful mounted on the wall in your house. I mean if you have disrespectful person over at your house, just get up and slowly walk over to it and look at it for a few seconds, and then turn around and look back at that person. ; ) He may not even be there anymore when you turn around : )

          2. Haha lol, I have some razor sharp knives that would scare someone more, not that I ever have them on display. We cannot get a gun licence easily here in Aust. my father has loads but he’s not about to risk his licences by giving me one. I grew up with firearms but I am in the minority with that these days. My kids dad has an unlicenced handgun, a big powerful thing too, I took it once, lol, but eventually I had to give it back!

    2. @Re-pete, I have a beautiful antique scythe I bought it at a barn sale a few years ago for the same reason @tas did. I planned on hanging it on my garden shed. When my bf felt the blade, it is super sharp, he felt it was dangerous to hang where it might fall so he put it inside the garden shed. Its about 5 ft, w/ the wooden handle and 2′ blade. I bought it for 15 bucks!

      1. @illegalsmile55, well done, good find. You got it cheap too. Even though I’m in Aust. and I’m guessing you are American? I can tell that’s a good buy. I reckon I could have sold mine for $150 who knows, maybe more, mine was in very good condition, especially since it still had it’s extra little ‘handle’ bit, which stuck out from the side, a little handle approx. 20cm long.

        1. Maybe it’s me ……but nobody has been waiting
          For you…, as seen on the pic one of the
          Reporters was caught double dipping and was sermoned by an investigator……on the spot.!!!!!!
          Fucking evidence that cannibalism is still alive.

          1. There you are Tas πŸ™‚ It was in his second night in N.Y. when he was approached. Watch it again! When ever it comes on, I put the remote down. “Good one Skippy”

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