Fat Man Beheaded and Stabbed in Gut with Machete

Fat Man Beheaded and Stabbed in Gut with Machete

According to the info I got, this was a Narco related decapitation. I do not however have any more detailed backinfo.

The video shows a fat man being beheaded with a machete. After his head is chopped off, the machete wielder stabs him a couple of times in the massive gut. The stabs probably never penetrated the intestines, seeing how thick the wall of fat was.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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        1. I just want to say one thing HonkeyKong. Saying “Hi” doesn’t count as a first. You have to comment on the video. That’s in the bestgore book article 43.

          1. I actually don’t care if I’m first or not. It seems to be a thing that some do care about. I just find it amusing to waste something so “important”, by making a simple greeting. Also, I’m a motherfuckin rebel.

          1. Seraphim Serenata haha yes but we can console ourselves with the fact that they kill each other faster than they multiply and that’s worldwide

  1. I thought he was alive at first with the heavy breathing, but realized the cameraman was just as fat as him… This does satisfy my beheading crave, not all the way but mostly. Thanks Mark, you busy mofo

    Where is Polluted and caRnAGE? I think I jumped the gun on this one 😉

    1. Seraphim Serenata Ahh i came in a bit late for this one, sometimes i get distracted with japanese porn, it’s not easy going from bukkake to beheadings at the click of a mouse

    2. Seraphim Serenata I actually thought that too, that he was alive, it’s a bit creepy cos he still looks like he’s moving his arms about even when his head’s off

    1. I don’t think poking that blob of a belly was too smart, either. Imagine the putrid gas that thing must’ve emitted upon being punctured.. Hope he had the nastiest death shits imaginable, to go along with it…

    1. Brokeback It reminds me of that one with the three girls (Brazilian of course) who stabbed the alleged rapist to death then stabbed at his belly and the guts burst out, he was fat too, it’s not a good idea with fat people

    2. I once saw a vid back in 2006 of a fat fuck getting his beer gut sliced in half by a scimitar. A whole of guts and fluids came out. I’m gonna do some digging and if I find it I’ll forward it to Dear Leader Mark.

    1. Maybe they’re trying to squeeze all the fat out of those medical incisions and out through his neck hole…
      They just duct tape the head back on after, super glue the holes shut n’ voila! You’re skinny, slick! Go knock em dead!

    1. I can agree with that. Efficient enough tool but not so efficient executioner.. Above average but not exceding expectations… He passes.. but only because I’ve seen much, MUCH worse, hack-jobs…
      Not everyone can have incredible super strength to go along with surgically sharp, symbiotic axes that form at will…

  2. It makes a pleasant change to see an old lard arse getting fucked up instead of skinny hood rats ,normally fat fuckers are to busy in burger king to be involved in serious breeches of the cartel trade and descriptions act ,very refreshing I imagine he never ran very far when the cartel gave chase hmmm sweating like Jimmy Saville on a bouncy castle…..

    1. https://open.spotify.com/track/3ngisG5YNuW9vJQdH3zCj2?si=VWfka-sSRbW4x3lTQW8Djw

      I think this would be fitting while listening to this video or scrolling through the comments, yet I did enjoy the beheading and stabbing that color of blood was so good. Enjoyed listening to your link post @honkeykong you don’t have to listen to mine though I need active stimuli to calm down my mind otherwise the silence makes me “crazy” talk to myself you thinking out loud bring more death BestGore Community.

  3. Hey guys, I’m a long time fan but only observed, never bothered to make an account or comment until now. Really enjoying the content, I hate how the video format was changed ages ago but it still bothers me, I hate change. Anyway, yeah.

    1. According to Boyle’s Ideal Gas Law, you are on the money Bubba.
      A pressure of a given mass of an ideal gas is inversely proportional to its volume at a constant temperature.
      This fat fuck was full of hot gas.

  4. Why do some people have nothing better to do than to put other’s down? Rose it make them feel better like they better than anyone else? Ugh calling names is childish I wish people would grow up before they comment putting down other’s stupid should hurt! That’s all I’m saying

    1. It’s quite funny how most of those comments are counterintuitive and non productive. They’re usually completely oblivious to the fact, as well. Like you said, HK, bring that shit to the forums. If you don’t wanna do that, or don’t have access, then post a highly philosophical comment here and wait for a response, rather then trying to make yourself feel better by shitting on everyone you can. I can think of alot of folks on here that would love to get into deep, meaningful conversation on certain videos. TylerBurden is one name that comes to mind… Have fun boys! Play nice, now… 😉

  5. Poor bugger victim looked middle aged and a dad! He looked like a million other dads whereas the choppers seemed like young punks.

    I hope the Federales crucify all these cunts for real in the desert. In addition, a vigilante group should hold a lottery with a bag containing names of pollies and influencers who were involved in the drug trade or made enabling – laws.

    Crucify every tenth fuck pulled out at random!you get the nine lucky survivors to do the crucifying themselves so as they get their hands dirty.

    You watch Mexico get cleaned up and officials work for the public good! You watch manners take root!

  6. This guy lived life to the full…..he ate all the shitty food he wanted, smoked, drank , fucked up his life in all ways possible, that’s why he was so fat. Why bother being healthy, it’s not like I’ll live to 90, he thought.

    Makes sense. You just get kidnapped and have your head hacked off at 50. It’s a short and shitty life. Might as well be a fat cunt too.

  7. WOW …just… WOW !! I’m new here — and I want to stay — but I can’t hold my tongue any longer. While I don’t have time to read through every comment, the majority of those that I have read are just mean, nasty, and dehumanizing when the victim is [considered/thought to be by the initial poster] overweight — whether by 5 lbs. or 75 lbs. — maybe even more. Overeating & gaining weight is NOT something a rational individual wakes up and says (i.e. “Today I’m going to eat as much junk food as I can so I will eventually achieve my goal of topping the scales at 1,000 lbs.). FACT #1: Larger individuals actually eat less.
    FACT #2: They tend to eat more fruits & veggies than skinny people.
    FACT #3: There are numerous health problems that can cause a person excruciating pain — including me — but because of the fucking tweakers, those of us who need these meds due to chronic pain, cancer & other maladies are left to suffer because physician’s are reluctant to prescribe pain meds — no matter how much pain we’re in.

    And finally, a BIG SHOUT OUT to all the addicts who have taken away not only the meds I need to get through each day, but my quality of ‘life’ too .

    Oh, yea, I don’t actually live — I exist.

    1. I got a little sidetracked the other night & didn’t get around to making my point with regard to overweight individuals. What I failed to add is: People who suffer chronic pain have a very difficult time getting around; sometimes we’re in such agony that we can barely move. It is the excruciating pain that keeps thousands of us from getting any exercise, therefore we gain weight. Steroids used to block pain in the spinal synapse don’t help, either. (BTW, I’m 5 feet, 5 inches tall and weigh 137 lbs. I suppose that makes me fat in your eyes)

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