FEGS Sicarios Slowly Behead Naked Man with Taped Face

FEGS Sicarios Slowly Behead Naked Man with Taped Face

FEGS Sicarios Slowly Behead Naked Man with Taped Face

F.E.G.S. (Fuerzas Especiales Grupo Sombra) is an armed wing of Cartel del Golfo – if I understand it correctly.

In the video below, which I understand was filmed in Veracruz, Mexico, FEGS sicarios slowly behead a naked man with taped face. The beheading starts with what looks like a pocket knife. It’s dull and the killer works as if despite global cooling, it was hot that day in Mexico.

After the decapitation, FEGS begin to dismember the body. Long video = long suffering.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

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106 thoughts on “FEGS Sicarios Slowly Behead Naked Man with Taped Face”

        1. They are tracking us, follow the flaps ….

          We will be safe, one flap each is enough – The elasticity of those juicy pussy lips just keeps on giving …

    1. Wow what a peaceful beheading. Out in the woods, nothing to hear other than mother nature. The guy probably knew what was about to come, props to him for not screaming or freaking out. The guys guarding him were chill and not total assholes too. Usually they tend to hit them with hammers and stand there laughing and shit. This is some good ass ASMR material.

  1. Someone explain why they hide the victims face yet show off his microscopic cock?

    I thought the whole point of these cartel gang bangs was to show the victim off to scare his colleagues that they are next …

    It seems a horrific way to die never the less, and I always wandered why we slaughter animals like this when it seems the cruelest of deaths ..

          1. Yea that one muthafucka that got beheaded in that shit shack with the machete, that took like three seconds. These FEGS could learn something from that quick son of a bitch!

        1. I’d shrivel up like a pimento if I was butt nekkid in the jngl and about to have my noggin lopped off by some spastic coke head using a discount brand knife that just arrived from Wish. A butter knife from Denny’s woulda worked better.

    1. I would rather die like this than have my dick chopped off.
      I would make an ugly woman.
      Pretty sure most men would agree.
      I think it would send a better message to cut the guy’s dick off, feed it to him then make sure he lived.
      Some would commit suicide and others would live a meaningless life.

          1. Dangit, stop arguing with me like a woman! They always point out something whether or not it has anything to do with the concept of what you were talking about.
            True though. Good to see you posting Jonny, haven’t seen you around in a bit.

          1. This whole COCKVID crisis has got the world upside down. I have no doubt the next virus will be from water buffalo in some south eastern Asian country. It’s guaranteed to be some shit like that.

        1. Yeah Coff, people have gotta stop being sooks about this fucking disease
          I mean, it only kills you, it’s not like it eats your cock away
          And we’re all headed for death anyway, so how lucky are the cunts that
          got there this year via this nice little disease/virus.
          Yum yum
          I wish to Hell it would take me ..

  2. Why don’t they teach these guys how to use a camera…
    He kept his buddies in full frame but failed many times to capture the victim.

    How about a chop up video follow up of all the idiots that can’t work a camera

  3. They’re standing there looking like a bunch of fegs. Dude doing the beheading keeps looking up like is this how I do it. The other fegs are standing there twittling their dicks. You can tell without their guns, they’d lose to a girl in a pillow fight.

  4. Now i’m a big fan of the FEGS especially after seeing their best video to date https://www.bestgore.com/beheading/chapuline-la-huasteca-veracruz-mexico-brutal-2019-cartel-narco-f-e-g-s-grupo-sombra-send-message-bullet-machete-axe-pick-axe-four-rival-behead/ but the only criticism i’ll have of them is that they should’ve done that in reverse, cut his arms and legs off whilst he’s still alive then cut his head off but hey i’m no cartel so let them do it their way.

  5. Guys I think we need to give more hate to Hispanics, because majority of people here hate niggers, but these guys are pretty much on the same level as them. God made niggers in different colors, lmfao

  6. When are you guys starting that knife sharpening business in Brazil and Mexico?
    Pretty sure it has been mentioned a few times. Watching these guys work we could even add some lessons on beheading! It took 3 of them to get the job done.
    I laughed when the guy cutting let someone else take over and stood up with his gun like a badass, mate you cant even make a decent cut on his neck.

  7. Well with the current Pandemic it’s nice to see that they are wearing masks, but I must say their “Social Distancing” leaves a lot to be desired! They should be equiped with longer Knives (or tape their one to a stick). Perhaps more of an effort to ALL wear gloves. Apart from that, it’s nice to see the lads back at work.

  8. It’s so messed up that beheadings bore me now. There was a time that they were the hardest for me to watch.

    I like the total darkness of the tape that renders him slave to a confusing and neurotic but certain abyss of forever sleep, but my cc is give the little guy a bdsm mouth slit. Let his anguish carry an echo into his descent.

  9. These guys who are assigned ass assassins need a basic anatomy class. Guy shoulda bled out by a minute in with one good slice. I know they may want to prolong suffering but it looks like this guy has no clue what hes doing dull knife or not.

  10. Fucking hell. If you’re gonna decapitate someone, at least have the fucking ability to do it properly. What a cunt. Sorry for the swearing, but this has really angered me. Do your one fucking job properly.

  11. Well, another video to laugh at. So disappointing to see a “gang” playing this long game, always looking at the camera and stuff, looks like some “starter” gang…
    Not saying its cool to see them suffer, but they are gangs killing each other, and this playing is funny some times..

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