Female Motorcyclist Dies After Slamming Into Stationary Object in Philippines

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Female Motorcyclist Dies After Slamming Into Stationary Object in Philippines

On October 9, 2020, a female motorcyclist slammed her head into a stationary object in Barangay Sugcad, Zone 5 of Polangui, the province of Albay, Philippines. She died on the spot.

It would appear she didn’t wear a safety helmet. The impact was strong enough to cause fatal trauma, but not strong enough to explode her head. From that I speculate the helmet may have absorbed the impact enough to keep her alive.

Props to Best Gore member @killuz for the pics:

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47 thoughts on “Female Motorcyclist Dies After Slamming Into Stationary Object in Philippines”

  1. That’s why I drive cars, even though motorcycles are cheaper and consume less fuel wich is expensive here in FliFlopLandia (Brazil) tanks to our huge ass government and their huge ass need for taxes on everything.

    Not to mention that in a car, if necessary, you can run over the menacing “2-up Da Silvas” riding in 125cc hondas, looking to so an armed robbery, that are very common if you venture in “bad demographics” areas of the country.

  2. Commond scooters and mopeds in Asia are actually quite fast, despite only 100 – 125cc single cylinder. Also with a little bit of engine mods and weight reduction, those things are like little rockets for no-brainers

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  4. If she studied yoga, Pilates, and stretched more she might have survived this! Mango and limbo classes would also have been a definite plus! She could have spread her legs and taken the stationary object then bent backwards and lived! Had she done a thousand kegal exercises a day her vag would have absorbed 80% of the damage, moped 18% and her tampon 2% of the damage and she would have just had a bloody nose and bruised lips!

  5. I never broke my nose, but the times I got hit on it, it hurts like hell and immediately a taste of blood in the mouth, but no blood at all, just to give the idea of how much it hurts to be hit anywhere in the face. She probably suffered a lot before dying. Poor bitch.

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