Five Zetas, Including Two Naked Women Beheaded, Dismembered and Dissolved by CDG

Five Zetas, Including Two Naked Women Beheaded, Dismembered and Dissolved by CDG

I don’t know why Mundo Narco feels the need to go complete ape fucking shit with watermarks on their videos, but other than that, it’s a good one.

Just released video shows brutal simultaneous execution of five captured associates of the Zetas cartel by CDG (Cartel Del Golfo). Three captives appear to be women, two are executed naked. The other two were men.

After your traditional narco interrogation whereas the captors request the captives to state their name, their affiliation with a cartel and what their position was, each of the five is beheaded, dismembered and dissolved.

The woman allowed to wear clothes is chopped in the back of her neck with a huge axe. I think she could be glad for that cause that single blow likely killed her rather quickly. Man next to her with a t-shirt over his head is stabbed to the side of the neck and dropped. That stab definitely wasn’t fatal but was painful and tormenting, which was likely what the sicario intended.

One of the naked women is also shown a little mercy by having gotten her head swiftly chopped off with a huge machete. The other naked woman, like the first one was struck to the back of her neck with an axe. Again, that blow likely severed her spine, ending her misery quickly. The other male, like the first male was put through slow death by having had his throat slashed and then being dropped to slowly bleed out.

Obviously, because Mexicans have always been useless with beheadings, they completely ditched trying to behead any of these captives with a knife. Each was finished off either with the machete or with the axe. The same tools were used to dismember them and then – which I believe is the first time on video – their severed body parts thrown in a container with acid to have them dissolved. Torsos were too large to fit in.

I wondered if anyone was gonna have one more go at the snatches of those two naked women but alas…

Props to Best Gore member constantine1788 for the video:

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248 thoughts on “Five Zetas, Including Two Naked Women Beheaded, Dismembered and Dissolved by CDG”

      1. right! its all over drugs… you would think after 40 years the cartels would be one unified group but even the cartels fall prey to the same disloyalty, hate and lies that countries in the middle east share with each other.

          1. No way idiot al queda started beheadings before these guys and also they are trained to kill them selfs too so yeah Al queda would win they beat ruissa duh! well the freedom fighters did

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    1. Oh yeah lets all join the mexican cartel an get out bodies chopped for a few buck so we all gunna die an the bosses stay in there mansions getting fresh air with a cup of kool aid how cool is this job -__- lmfaooo

    2. they should cut their arms , legs before beheading them 馃槢 it would be much better 馃檪 but this video is still the most brutal scene that I’ve ever seen 馃檪 they’re all worthless lalala

  1. I hope the feminists are happy, because of their constant screaming about there not being enough women allowed into male dominated areas the Mexican Cartels are now having to meet a politically correct quota by executing women as well.

      1. In Singapore, criminals get whipped/caned butt-naked. First time a woman did, yeah, she was clothed (or maybe she was pardoned from it). Crazy how these drug killings have put some of these women to shame by humilating their dignity, stripping them naked (or revealing their boobs in one video’s case)

  2. I wonder how many times those senoritas got raped before they got Reaped.

    I adore their nakedness. It’s just great. What a Final Way to humiliate a woman before hacking her to pieces. The visual of it compliments all that talk of feminism around here yesterday.

    1. @gutsspilled there are many ways the #1 way is the media after those poor bastards are hacked away the CDG will throw the barrel in a street or somewhere and will leave a narco message on the barrel full of beef stew. then someone will call the cops then the news media will get involved and they will show the scene of the crime, when I was over there the photographers took pictures of the bodies then the message it was all over the news paper it was awesome ^_^ so the media will say *4 members of the zetas cartel were brutally dismembered and their corpses were dissolved in a barrel*or some shit like that, they will also post the narco message on the news paper I’m pretty sure the cartels aren’t stupid and might have second lives and they will blend in with the rest of society and might buy the news paper or watch the news. So there you go that’s how the message is delivered, cartel members aren’t going to go to websites and look at them like the rest of us do ..they have lives *fucked up* ones. The media is a fest way to spread your message around that’s why many people use it but sometimes they abuse it too -.- but whatever whoever said life was going to be perfect that’s just some type of fake faggot bullshit parents mind fucked their kids with, you get to a point of your life and question yourself and the world around you parents won’t always tell you the truth you will eventually end up finding out from other people and you will eventually end up realizing that this world is full of shit and society will end up taking a giant shit on you when you least expect it. -.-

  3. Anyone notice the axe man at 4:51 chopping into her ass crack. Probably thought it would make the job easier
    But the whole execution was extremely quick though. Usually can’t watch these type of executions but this one was so fast I didn’t have time to feel anything!

          1. @J3zaB3L sorry my english is not that good and I didn’t understand one of your replay where you were talking about morphine injections… Was it a metaphore, lyrics of a song, or are you injecting yourself morphine intravenously twice a day for real ?

    1. Hey J, just thought I’d tell you and everyone else here that I picked up my ticket today (one way of course) and should be ariving there around 7pm Saturday. I can’t fucking wait to finaly meet you!

      1. I am a little worried about the fact that I will be bringing a large amount of prescription medication including narcotic pain and sleeping pills. I will have my script with me as well as a letter from my doctor so I should be okay.

          1. Enjoying yourself huh ? !

            I must admit I was shivering like fucking hell when I saw that awesome post too !
            Just like a kid getting a glimpse of his christmas presents…

            Damn, fuckin’ excited !

          2. I love it when women are treated the same way as guys. I may put them on pedestals sometimes, I have to recognize that equal treatment can only do justice to them.

  4. I hope they do those things in remote areas. Watching it I imagined someone just stumbling upon their filming session, that would be a shitty end of the day.

    Also watching them chop people to peaces made me think, how do these guys see their future, like do they think they will continue to chop people and than retire at some point? Surely they must know that a similar fate is very likely to meet them.

    1. I find it fascinating how a group off people can be so brutal and savage to fellow Human Beings.I can understand one psychopath,but time after time you see videos like these from Mexico with 5,6,7 people taking part in the savage and brutal attacks. To your average Joe It just does not come natural to participate in that kind off behavior,killing and dismembering fellow human beings.Even women are given the same brutal treatment.All done so matter of factly,like butchers butchering a cows.I know the Aztecs were good at this kind off stuff,modern day Mexicans are just as brutal.Are they simply born with out consciences ? is it a weird evolutionary anomaly that has left these little fuckers with weirdly wired brains leaving them with out the ability to show compassion and empathize with fellow human beings.Even the worst hardened Psychotic criminals the West has to offer would struggle to out do your average every day drug dealing Mexican.Seriously fucked up Country/people.

      1. @dogsdinner, their probably high as hell and know if they don’t follow orders, they can easily be in the recieving line themselves. I don’t envy anyone involved with the cartels. They probably all know the fate they are handing out now, also ultimately awaits them… sooner or later.

      2. I stop thinking about that after watching many of these narco executions. One similar thought ran trough my mind while watching them chop the bodies up, I tried to imagine myself in a similar situation but I am not the on to resort to violence and I kind of realized that showing any sort of weakness during these types of executions would probably get you killed as well. What I am trying to say I can’t really understand what goes trough their heads when doing it but I am pretty sure they don’t give a shit. I guess for them its their way of life, and I am pretty sure they don’t fear death as we do. Although I think best gore has helped me overcome fear of death at least just a little which kind of helps me with my mild depression, knowing that whatever happens we all meet the same end and shouldn’t worry about life’s little annoynces. Lol kind drift off there sorry about that 馃檪

        1. @it was me yeah sometimes drug cartels use drugs lets say cocaine to relax them down, I remember this one kid that was a narco hitman he was arrested and when he was interviewed he said that the rest of the guys pressured him into taking coke before they would dismember their victims. so yeah when you are high you won’t know what you are doing. @ivan I’m pretty sure the first time all of these narco members that are seen murdering the victims started out like us the first time they killed they felt guilty and probably had nightmares the night later but some kids are born into the life of narco hit men they might be taken by their dads to a secret location and be forced to watch them or are apart of beheading or dismembering they might feel guilty and know its wrong but after a while they will soon get used to it and wont feel a thing o.o there was this kid named *el mini 6* or *miny 6* he was taught by his father to be a cartel member-hit man the father would take him to remote places and teach him combat training technics but I’m guessing the poor bastard had shitty training because he took on two cops and was killed -.-here’s another example saddam Hussein I found that he would take his two sons to go see the prisoners get beaten and tortured he would also have his sons get beaten and tortured too so he can let’s say *man them up* @dogsdinner you have good points but when you see or are involved in these fucked up horrific situations you eventually get used to it this might sound crazy but it’s true, the human brain can take so much emotional trauma that they will eventually give in or lose their mind and go crazy, if you are apart of a cartel they will break you down and turn you into a hardcore murderer with no remorse.

  5. yesterday i watched some movie called “savages”, damn good stars, If I do not know whats hapening in the real life like this flick or a lot of anothers, that movie would be great, i think. but now, this movie looks so naive to me, give these guys in this video 20million $, and they will roll an awesome movie, heh 馃檪

  6. Mexicans are almost incompetent when it comes to beheading.(Adds to the entertainment value i suppose). I noticed One off the women’s nipples were still nice and hard at 4.42 as she was in the process off being quatereized, how the fuck he kept swinging and axe looking at those nipples is beyond me.Destroying a nice ripe female body is sacrilegious,

  7. It looks like they have the metal barrel on hot coals, I am also going to bet that it is a lye solution. Lye (sodium hydroxide) is used industrially to dissolve slaughterhouse waste and as a cheaper alternative to cremation. Lye is used in the manufacture of methamphetamine, but most solid drain cleaners are made of sodium hydroxide. I am surprised they didn’t use a propane burner, since they are easier to deal with than a wood fire.

    1. I’ve watched the video several times, and at various volumes. I’m not sure that there is anything in the barrel as you can hear a definite metallic thunk as the head or bony end of a limb goes in at the early stages of the video, rather than the expected splash if filled with hydroxide (potassium hydroxide is more effective at dissolution than sodium) or acid. Also, no solution appears to splash/run over the rim as the limbs fill up the container. I suspect that this was done for effect especially as the torsos could not be accommodated by the barrel. It reminds me of films like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, buckets of limbs. Definitely makes a statement.

    1. I agree with you. Many here with their comments are just people having a little fun behind the keyboards. I am sure none of them would want the same fate, and on top of that broadcasted over the internet.

  8. I just tried to open to ask if they could take all their advertising off the screen as it gets in the way of the action and to ask if they get up to anything with the women before they whack them; unfortunately, the site appears not to exist.

  9. These Mexicans are brutal. This is not about evil armed men butchering but rather about a culture as a group willing to do the most satanical to another human being based on the orders of another weak human, their “leader”.
    I propose 3 major nuclear bombs to fall in Mexico’s cities but that in itself would be “brutal” for some here coming to see the unthinkable, like me. I pray for their souls.

  10. However, even in death the one woman was able to put down her killer. As he swung and missed, or swung with little effect, you could almost hear her saying “That’s not it. No, a little to the left. Is this your first time? You seem a lttle nervous, not going at this like you really enjoy it. Well, I’m glad you’ve finished, and are all exhausted. That doesn’t leave me in a good spot, now does it?”

  11. Now that was pro ! There seemed to be a couple of highly proficient axe men In the group ! Sometimes with these videos you get the feeling that the killers are actually enjoying it . I felt a different vibe from this one . Like they knew they had a job to do and did it as humanely as you can ( with an axe and knife ) .

    Good show chaps

    Hey by the way ! I’m new

  12. Awww… Well, I guess they won’t be on the sequel!

    If I was going to do a video. I would want to film from the very beginning. . (Kidnapping, tortures, possibly rapes….etc)
    But that’s just me.
    3 out of 5 stars. And I’m being really fucking nice!

  13. The video was meant for lecture about procedures of terrorist / criminal or enemy disposal…It?s standar issue for mercenaries no torture just a quick and decent death in exchange for info…no promises of a decent burial though that?s why the water mark this video its expected to be seen as a reasson why goverment should crush narcs and how easy for a group with a vendetta (like this case) operate with almost no trainnig…more is to come, after all this was to happen anyways (these guys were hired by relatives of slaughtered “innocent” people guided by the starring crew of this vid) so why no film it and get some advantage out of it …like goverment propaganda to justify a coming massacre to make a mexican Patron or encouragment for more vigilante groups…Nasty

  14. I don’t get it why these dense psychos even know how to make watermarks, but are incapable making HD vidz.

    “Zeta, Puta, CDG, PCP or what ever… if you really feel the need to kill people then darn bring it in HD!”

    btw: Someone should tell them that what they are doing is like perpetual motion. ^^

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