Five Zetas, Including Two Naked Women Beheaded, Dismembered and Dissolved by CDG

Five Zetas, Including Two Naked Women Beheaded, Dismembered and Dissolved by CDG

I don’t know why Mundo Narco feels the need to go complete ape fucking shit with watermarks on their videos, but other than that, it’s a good one.

Just released video shows brutal simultaneous execution of five captured associates of the Zetas cartel by CDG (Cartel Del Golfo). Three captives appear to be women, two are executed naked. The other two were men.

After your traditional narco interrogation whereas the captors request the captives to state their name, their affiliation with a cartel and what their position was, each of the five is beheaded, dismembered and dissolved.

The woman allowed to wear clothes is chopped in the back of her neck with a huge axe. I think she could be glad for that cause that single blow likely killed her rather quickly. Man next to her with a t-shirt over his head is stabbed to the side of the neck and dropped. That stab definitely wasn’t fatal but was painful and tormenting, which was likely what the sicario intended.

One of the naked women is also shown a little mercy by having gotten her head swiftly chopped off with a huge machete. The other naked woman, like the first one was struck to the back of her neck with an axe. Again, that blow likely severed her spine, ending her misery quickly. The other male, like the first male was put through slow death by having had his throat slashed and then being dropped to slowly bleed out.

Obviously, because Mexicans have always been useless with beheadings, they completely ditched trying to behead any of these captives with a knife. Each was finished off either with the machete or with the axe. The same tools were used to dismember them and then – which I believe is the first time on video – their severed body parts thrown in a container with acid to have them dissolved. Torsos were too large to fit in.

I wondered if anyone was gonna have one more go at the snatches of those two naked women but alas…

Props to Best Gore member constantine1788 for the video:

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  1. Cut!! this is begging somehow to be directed ..please..a little staging because what you get is ‘Blair Witch’ shaken camera syndrome everyone is chopping heads at the same time now 1 cameraman can’t film all beheadings at the same time without getting shaky!!!
    beheading in order.

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    1. Lol, I felt sorry for the guy, who had tonget his mate to help dismembering the naked sluts leg, but i really care about the women. I only wish they had all been women, but I don’t have my device turned up loud so I didn’t hear her. It is brutal but very, very satisfying to watch them get to work on these sluts. Plus with them being naked they probably had no idea what was going to happen which makes it very stimulating

  3. This is what I want to do to the spic trash in Cleveland that stole my 1979 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Brougham. If I find you, this is going to be your fucking low life family, But I’ll take my sweet time and my toys are dull just for this reason.

  4. This is fucking incredible! Love the idea of having them naked, I think having them blindfolded is a good touch, they haven’t got the faintest idea what’s coming so this just makes watching this more enjoyable. Love them being naked, wish the other girl was naked, too. Pretty brutal though, I would have hanged the girls personally and watched them dances but that’s just me. Mind I love it when he throws the girl to the floor and starts getting g to work on her and they disposing of their parts in the acid barrel. No one will ever know who they were hehehe. Hope they do more chicks, just make it better for us to see. But heyz respect and tha is for the video

  5. Sounded like a cellphone going off near the end. Probably someone selling timeshares in Acapulco.
    ‘Just a second’ Whack! ‘Yeah, go ahead’ Whack! “Sounds like a good deal to me…put me down for one near the beach.’ Whack!

  6. Tham that was brutal, I wonder why the paisas here in the U.S seem like pussy ass haters, I’m Mexican too but I was born here, nothing against my hard working mexicanas who keep it real, like my parents, but yeah the ones here like the one’s who I work with be doing the stupid two faced hypocritical shit talking behind your back, kinda embracing , no matter how good I treat them and respect them they still go on, seems to me like only the real motheefuckers stay down there

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