Flames of War 2 – ISIS Video with Beheadings, Immolation and Executions

Flames of War 2 - ISIS Video with Beheadings, Immolation and Executions

ISIS media wing Al Hayat released “Flames of War II“, a video featuring multiple beheadings with a knife and with a sword, immolation of a chained prisoner alive, and executions with a gun.

Per usual, the video comes with Hollywood grade editing, multiple angle footage and slow motion shots of the carnage.

Props to Best Gore member @A-Sick-Mind for the video:

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109 thoughts on “Flames of War 2 – ISIS Video with Beheadings, Immolation and Executions”

          1. No one is as violent as those of Islam are, so it is justified to fear Muslims. I do and will because they are a legitimate threat. Sorry. This whole video makes me ill, because they made it so fucking “professional” and Hollywood. Like this shit’s normal or okay. Fucking disgusting slag, these cunts and any braindead pig that defends Islam.

  1. The production value of these are great , although the directing often lacks. Its frustrating how they cut scenes short, over edit and dont leave a good shots linger a bit longer. But its a work in progress I guess.

      1. AHH Svarg’s triggered !! hahaha .. listen man, you know it and I know it.. people in this city look down on you as the beggar you are. you cunts literally never amount to anything no matter where you are, or how many hand outs you get.. you are a failed branch of the human race.

  2. Observations
    1. When they behead 5 or more in line at the same time, there should be a prize for who finishes first, like a pie eating contest.
    2. Second prize for neatest beheading.
    3. Long sword beheading done cleanly is the way to go. Look for the blood spurt that looks just like a tiny man with legs bent in the same position the victim was before the beheading.
    4. Burning alive…. fuck that!
    5. It’s chili night at my house.

  3. Come on isis, beheadings are so early 2000’s, maybe try something new like an acid shower or a venomous snake pit. Take example from the Romans and start using lions.
    Typical, sand rats can’t think of anything original, too busy thinking about cock

  4. so, these dudes do put together a fairly badass video.

    but, are they not slaughtering their own people???
    i won’t pretend to know a whole lot about isis but those dudes that are being beheaded look a whole lot like the dudes that are doing the beheadings.

    meh. no amount of awesome video making and music soundtrack will make this type of shit okay.

    (yes, i’m sad now i’m going to go weep into my goddamned cheerios)

    1. @xunseenx; They are killing anyone that they think does not support Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab’s particularly orthodox interpretation of Islamic teaching (Wahhabism).

      The probable underlying factors of being poorly educated and illiterate, mysogynistic, socially inept, closet homosexuals easily enticed into supporting ‘a cause’, with money and weapons channeled from middle eastern and western states, with a profound interest in destabilisation of the area.

      Weapons and munitions are big business, and western military forces are expensive. The use of both, in the ‘stabilisation’ of the region helps national economies (munitions tend to have a ‘best before date’), keeps the military employed, and a little bit of terrorism on home soils can ensure that governments can keep their populations scared; a scared population is much easier to control and accepting of repressive measures.

      Replacement of national leaders with a ‘greater understanding of western values’ and an effective land grab in the subsequent ‘stabilisation’ process ensures a continued supply of oil.

      Enjoy the Cheerios!

  5. I am sick of all this faggot shit. Not once, NOT ONCE, has there ever been any legit graphic beheading or bullet in brain of a female copping it, it’s always males. Sure, there have been very few female beheadings and shootings, all old archived footage and incredibly shitty ones, however nothing at all new ever arrives of females copping it and in extremely rare cases that we do get one, it’s totally fucking shit. Are all these fucks faggots or something? They only get off on killing men? And they never give a fuck about women? You would think they would get the fucking biggest raging hard ons getting women onto their stomachs and pulling back their heads and throating them. What… they don’t care about their severed esophagus and vocal cords? Only mens? Fucking faggots!!!!!! Like, enough is enough. If they are going to be biased with how they kill, then fuck their videos. No point even publishing them. It’s all faggot ass shit. I’m over it!!!!!!

    1. I believe they are all titty babies and for some reason have kindred feelings for the opposite sex and hold them in highest regards; even if they prefer them to be covered up, just how women in the USA used to be (in a way) before pussy took over and you know the rest…. But yeah, would totally be down for seeing equal death-portunity …

      PS: I would love to see a freshly beheaded female getting pissed on the head and or neck afterwards 😉

    1. They achieved one thing in the Middle-East over the past three millenia: turning Fertile Crescent, the cradle of civilization, into sterile deserts. The Tigris and Euphrates were reduced to streams, biodiversity shrinked, agriculture went down the drain and soils ended up forming dirty salt crust. Fucking things up. #sandniggers

  6. Fucking apple snackbars! God curse these dogs. God let them be buried with a sandal dipped in pigfat atop their heads whilst facing away from mecca. In addition, make their grave site a licensed brothel corner for prostitutes to legally ply their trade.

    These apple snackbars and their zio u’merrikan sponsors are hell on earth and need to be exterminated.

    Hollywood – style video indeed.why not! Afterall they are being supported with all the resources of u’mma’merika .


    It takes many years of practice to remove a head with one stroke of a broadsword. Executioners in saud still fuck it up. This is proof that the swordsman is almost certainly an official executioner from saud with their blessing!

    1. Didn’t bother myself booking a plane for enjoying Morocco’s charms. Just booked a train ticket to Brussels. Smelly kebab joints on every street corner and dressed-up baboons all around looking for social interaction with law enforcement authorities. Such enrichment.

  7. The Isis speaker at the end talks shit about prevailing but he’s already somewhere rotten as well with a bullet in his head or chest. Big deal, he was winning over 3 soldiers for 3 days. His or their IQ is as low as the opposite of their thirst for blood – zombie snicker bars

  8. I’d cut them 1000 times & throw them in a kiddy pool full of alcohol.

    Then rip each finger nail and toe nail with plyers .

    Then super glue their lips together .

    Stick q tips in their ears and clap them in .

    Then take both their eyeballs out to get my mangekyo sharingan .

    And finally sit them down in front of a Baseball Throwing Machine and watch them get their face smashed by all the in coming baseballs

  9. Damn, that was pretty epic. That drool part, the rolling heads, all of it. That guy in the trench execution part sort of reminded me of the sniper from Team Fortress 2.

    I honestly don’t think we should celebrate their “defeat” so soon. People see stuff like this and these guys become legends. They will be even more dangerous now without territory, as their focus will have shifted. The only solution I see is equating their brand of right-wing ideology with weakness the same way our Western right-wing ideologies have been equated with weakness (example white supremacism).

  10. Fuck it, the IS had its chance and they fucked up, they lost too much land and they’re not hip anymore. Furthermore, their videos are fucking boring and predictable, too bad IS! This could have been something, guess the American funds ran out, who fucking knows.

  11. Why do those dudes keep surrendering to those butchers? If they know what awaits them, why don’t they go down fighting instead? I’d rather do down fighting instead of being butchered like some hog. They need to have the Japanese mentality of WWII.

  12. ISIS are just a bunch of stupid cunts with blood cravings. When they lose the war soon, their heads will be either rolling around or sitting on spikes throughout the whole middle east. People will piss on their graves, and large portion of them will be used as a specimen for research on IQ deficiency in colleges. Their stupid belief in this ‘god of hell and chaos’ will be studied inside out until everyone understands what goes on inside of the mind of a little shitball ISIS fighter. They will be regarded as the biggest group of frauds the world has ever known. We all know damn well that their killing is nothing more than blood lust. They should know that they’re just making a bunch of bullshit excuses for what they’re doing. Their fate will be a funny one. All of this butchery and shit, the day later, they’ll be screaming for their mommies and begging for mercy as they get their dicks sawed off and buttholes fucked by a donkey.

  13. Oh dear, I feel sorry for these people now. I laughed my way through the first half and then my attention wandered. There’s just a handful of them and they’re trying to give the impression they’re a fighting force. They just look weak! Everyone knows they’re on their way out now. But innovative videos to leave the world that will go down in history. My comment might be read by someone in 2087. Hello, person in 2087. I’m dead now, but I can tell you we knew at this stage in 2017 that there was gonna be a massive war and most people would die. We weren’t that horrified, actually. We just masturbated and watched the next episode of our Netflix bingewatch series. Nothing changes, 2087 person.

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