Four Men Beheaded by Los Zetas in Mexico

Four Men Beheaded by Los Zetas in Mexico

These four men allegedly pissed off one of the Mexican drug lords after they unleashed a massacre at the Bar Juanas in Torreon. 8 people died and 19 others were injured during the slaughter, 10 of them seriously.

Los Zetas caught the alleged murderers and beheaded all four of them leaving them nicely arranged on the hood of a truck with a message which reads something like this (Spanish speaking friends, please do provide proper translation):

This is the last straw, we captured and executed the murderers from our bars. Execution carried out by Los Zetas.

The beheaded four were identified as:

Paul Michell Spain Diaz – 18 years of age
Abraham Eduardo Alvarado Hernandez – 20
Aldair Jaramillo Juan Montes – 19
Guillermo Mendez Cristian de la Fuente – 18

They ain’t messing around in Mexico. Thanks to dedicated Best Gore reader Melo from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico for the pointer.

Gallery of high-res pictures of four men beheaded by Los Zetas in Torreon, Mexico is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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47 thoughts on “Four Men Beheaded by Los Zetas in Mexico”

  1. Waassup Best Gore!!! This rocks!!



    I can’t see the last letters, but is so fucking understandable…

    The Zetas refers to the last letter from the alphabet… The “Z’s”


    1. This is for Kubow7 and everybody, Los Zetas aren’t any good vigilante shit, they do the same, all drug cartels are the same!! they all murder in the “hood” of the other cartel, and then they kill the people that do it and proclaim themselves heroes, which is a total lie.

      Mexican Police can’t do shit about it, the militia is the one that is trying to deal with the vermin, you may wonder why this hasn’t been eradicated…
      Let me put it in this way… If USA tries to stop them, they will probablly laugh and kill the soldiers, why? because they are too many and with a lot of money, the “soldiers” involved with the drug are estimated to be around 500,000 people, a fearful army, probably with same or more money than USA’s army has.
      One of the drug-lord’s was even in forbes as one of the richest man on earth, and that is just estimated wealth since they do not pay taxes or report everything they got, each drug cartel is easily richer than the “richest” man on earth’s company. Drug sells more than Microsoft by far.

      For this evil force that is growing stronger everyday you should thank every drug user, yep! if you consume “mariguana” you are supporting them. All the drug that you consume are from Mexican drug cartels, well most of it.

      This needs to be fought wiht intelligence, make the drugs legal for about 100 years or so, so the drugcartels become business men instead of an army, then when they are soft and you know where every drug plantation is, you fucking close the shit up. That way the paramilitia(organized crime) will be way weaker.

      1. You are very insightfull and correct in many ways. The exeption is on how you explain the Mexican military (U.S. joint effort perhaps) would handle this problem the policia has shown can not. They would not go in as force as you stated, but are in fact waging this war as special forces unit with small strategic advances on the adversary to break them down. Here is an interesting link exemplifying such efforts:

  2. Well, Eddie was right, so the webmaster too. the last words in the message was “DEBARES, ATTE Z” (sic.) (I saw it in a Mexican Newspaper) Therefore, the message said “ULTIMA LETRA CAPTURA Y EJECUTA ASESINOS DE BARES ATTE. Z” (sic.) and completing the Eddie’s translation would be “THE LAST LETTER, CAPTURES AND EXECUTES BAR’S MURDERERS, SINCERELY, THE Z”.

    “The zetas” are a former elite platoon from the Mexican Army. They’re well trained for extreme combat with the enemy (Mexican “Rambos”). Now they’re deserters working for some drug lords. They include troopers, corporals,sergeants, etc. The another drug lord seems to be hiring poor teenagers. Well, the result was obvious.

    1. Yep you are right, But the Zetas are the least of the worries man… they are the weakest link now, thanks to the Mexican Army, two of the biggest leaders(brains) and co-founders of “Los Zetas” have been captured. “El Flander” and “El Hummer”, I think it would be for the best that they are executed, but they haven’t done that yet. Geez, If I was president after Calder?n(our current president) I would keep on doing his work, Maybe you think he is just another beaner, but no, he trully is a hero, risking his life for the country.

      He should have won the nobel prize for the integrity, instead of Obama for being a Black president in the USA.

      I don’t know what Calder?n is planning after leaving the presidency, but I sure hope he go and hide somewhere in the world, or stay in the top of the militia, beacause if not… he will be killed.

    1. Wait until you see the latest, we use your legs as bumpers and your guts for extra spicy touch, it is quite fancy.
      Custom made, If you wish we could put above your car the head of your mother in law, just chilling.

  3. Wow, Zetas totally rock till you meet them in person. They can slice and dice like no other. They should have a contest with the Islamic freaks to see who can do a beheading the quickest. Winner goes home with their head still attached. Well, anyways looks like another day in the hood. Zetas doing what law enforcement can’t or won’t do; track down criminals and killers. Totally amazing.

    1. HAha that made me laugh man, well, Thing is Islamic freaks kill for a stupid reason… Religion. Drug cartels kill for another stupid reason… Money, haha But I think Islamic freaks would win, they have been doing this shit since Jesuschrist was born, haha. Tho Drug cartels are way more efficient on their tasks and goals… by far. They have dominated M?xico and USA, somewhat silently, They are already in 5 or 6 European countries, dealing with their mafia. If nobody helps to stop them it will be a matter of time until they rule everything, you must think I am exaggerating… well I am not.

  4. “The guys are kinda cute. WHAT A WASTE! They should have just shot them. Mutilating cute guys IS INJUSTICE”

    Judging from the steady influx of gore originating from Mexico, we can all conclude that justice + Mexico = division by 0.

    1. you have to understand that M?xico’s drug cartel probelm is stronger, It has infeceted USA already, the strongest country of all, Drug Cartel, wether you want to believe it or not controls the USA border with M?xico, on both sides. Not even USA can do something about, now tell me, what can you country do?(if you are not from USA) cause if you are from USA the answer is obvious, nothing.

  5. Mexico is always featured in this site especially in category of killing. Shit! I don’t wanna live there. I dont judge Mexico but I think Law officials are fail to address this issue. I know Mexico is a great country with good destinations to visit but its law enforcements that make me feel sick.

    1. You are right, it is a country for brave, or stupid people, however you want to call it. We not only have good destinations to visit, also most of the people is really nice. And also Intelligent. In M?xico most of the college student have 3 languages, Something that college student from other countries fail to achieve.
      M?xico is a growing country which needs to be disinfected.
      But I can not leave M?xico, I love my people and my city.
      I am confident that in a future Mexicans will talk about this age and they won’t believe that it was once like this.

      M?xico will rise because our mentality is changing radically. But we need strength and help to fight this vermin. Help From our big bro, the USA.

      Tough times we live in, not only M?xico, There are countries which are far worse than us, and it is not something to brag, but something to be sad about, For example South Africa, in 2006 50,000 people were killed by guns, and some of them I am sure were inocent fathers, mother daughters, sons, It is quite sad how the world is ruled right now.

      I think it is not only M?xico who needs help, but all the world in General, not even first world countries can escape the murders rape or terrorism.

      I think we should send all the bad people to an island. and put armed boats all around, so they kill themselves.
      Psh, the thing is to arrest them.

      1. I have read many news articles over the past 2 years stating how Mexico has many resources. For example metals, minerals, and vast shale oil deposits yet to be tapped. Mexico won’t see their wealth potential from these resources because their infrastructure is weak to exploit them, unlike the U.S.A. I hope one day our southern neighbor will rise above narco corruption.

  6. HI guys. I’m a big fan of this fine web and sometimes i post in the forums, but this is the first time i post here. 🙂

    Anyway, that shit happened like 10 minutes away from my house :p
    And the bar where they killed those people is like 5 min away from my school.

    Believe me, “Z” don’t rock. I dont give a fuck about their narco wars. The problem is that you can’t have a nice car, house or business without getting kidnapped, robbed and beheaded.

  7. I agree with the majority of what you are saying. i as well reside in one of the worst places in Mexico and i can say that the influence is only growing larger but, i do have to disagree on one thing with you. The mexican people (A large part, not all) don’t seem to bother, you read in the news mayors and governors asking felipe calderon to stop putting pressure on the narco’s and not only them but, most people agree with them…people don’t seem to “flinch” anymore as used too these past 5 years have been real hard. the most of people being killed are people involved in the drug trade. what the country needs in my opinion is a “purge” external and internal of the judicial system(Let’s face it..its a fucking joke). Mexico would be such a better place if we had a much stronger Middle class..but the people who have the money don’t share enough of it and the ones who are poor are starving. at least in the states “poor” is at least having some at lot of luxuries (water,car,electricity etc). Mexico needs more assistance, no one would like to admit it. people say (mostly North Americans) that mexico should solve its own problems..but the fact of the matter is the money is coming from the north (United states) and is the country that has so little gun control laws that the mexican drug cartels can buy high powered assault rifles etc. You have to admit..the citizens of the united states abuse their amendments and the rights. You tell me when there is a situation where you need an ak-47?? i highly doubt you need one of those to go duck hunting. Yes mexico has a higher grade of education in many subjects (Biology,Chemistry,Mathematics,physics) but, only to the few who can afford such education. And trust me..just because some schools offer 3 languages doesn’t mean that every student actually will learn any of it. Nuff said…

    1. Duck hunting with an AK? Not so much, but a nice elk or buffalo, sure! Not to mention the zombie apoloclypse 😉

      .. However, I can give you one GREAT answer as to why we choose to own multiple firearms, including the AK.

      Best and #1 reason: BECAUSE WE CAN. We are Americans and have the right to bear arms as granted by our Constitution. Many have died to preserve these rights, many more will die to continue to preserve them.

      You don’t have to like it, and I hope you don’t.. it will remind you not to come visit me with negative intentions.

      Second best reason for owning said firearm(s): To kill swine and zombies. Many of these swine and zombies come in the form of ugly human shapes which would like to make a victim out of me. I choose otherwise.

      I love America and I like being a citizen and I like my right to defend myself using something other than a kitchen knife or car.

  8. U people dont understand these people meen buisness if ur rich here or deal with drugs and u screw with these guys they will come to ur house and kill and ur family i know because my friend and his family have been captured. Its been a couple weeks already and they havent came back.;(

  9. Its a nice try…there is no real artistry to it. IMHO.
    What they need to do is skin the faces and then pose them.
    I like vlad the Impalers work, and I feel in this day and age,
    something like H R Giger and vlad the impaler could terrify the opposition, and retain the artistry and integrity of guerilla warfare…not impressed.

  10. Beheading these very hot and handsome guys was such a waste, you know. I would have made sweet love with each and every one of these boys. Oh well, at least they were only decapitated. Any further mutilation is would’ve been unacceptable.

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