Four Palestinians Executed by ISIS in the Yarmouk Refugee Camp in Damascus, Syria

Four Palestinians Executed by ISIS in the Yarmouk Refugee Camp in Damascus, Syria

ISIS has released a video from the Yarmouk refugee camp in the Syria’s capital city of Damascus. The video shows four men being interrogated, and executed – two by gunshot to the head, and two by beheading.

ISIS accused the Palestinians of being spies. The first man they said was a spy for Hamas, the second a spy for the Syrian government, and the third and fourth allegedly spied for the Sahawat (the “rebels”).

Judging by everything ISIS does, it would seem more appropriate to ascertain that the Palestinians were killed because it’s good for Israel. ISIS beheaded Palestinians from Yarmouk before.

Props to Best Gore member Amer the adventurerz for the video:

52 thoughts on “Four Palestinians Executed by ISIS in the Yarmouk Refugee Camp in Damascus, Syria”

      1. they tried being creative the cage drownings and neck bombs but seems like they just watch too many infidel hollywood movies and still pretty boring. and i agree the isis videos are boring as fuck now i rarely click on them. plus who are these videos aimed at? they are mostly just killing other arabs and no one gives one fuck.

          1. I think islamists only allow a man singing prayer type songs, so you hear the gay arabic male singing in al these videos.I think they are all just closet homos and that gay music and killing other arab men gives them boners.

    1. hhmm, I’ve never pretended to put myself in the guy’s shoes who is about to get killed, inmy mind i always pretend i’m the one doing the shooting and chopping, with a vivid imagination was pretty disturbing before but now is like whatever, i wonder if i could execute such task and be totally cool with it.

    1. Doesn’t seem to be the same high standard of editing normally done by the Islamic state does it?

      Maybe the editor from before has decided to come back to England and is now nicely settled back into his job at the office.

      1. He’s back home at Gascoigne Estate in East London (Barnes House). Got himself a job at the University of East London film school. He will pass knowledge gained from two years with ISIS to his students.

        1. Don’t get me started about radical muslims at Uni, fucking bastards, and they get away with it. No one ever wants to say shit, if someone is a member of a right wing party or anti gay they are in big trouble.

  1. I agree ISIS videos are getting abit boring and over edited but they are still one of the few media outfits releasing this kind of footage on a day to day basis. Recently they have really been trying hard especially with that last triple whammy!! Be appreciative and show some gratitude guys , you dont know a good thing until its gone!! 🙂

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