Four Women, Including La Guera Loca Decapitated and Dismembered by Los Zetas

Four Women, Including La Guera Loca Decapitated and Dismembered by Los Zetas

It’s Mundo Narco with their watermark overload again. But other than that, the video is pretty significant because one of the executed women is the infamous Crazy Blonde, aka La Guera Loca who became notorious for beheading a captured Zeta and peeling off his face with box cutter. Zetas got their retribution, it would seem.

Los Zetas captured four women who confessed (for whatever it’s worth) to working for El Cartel del Golfo (The Gulf Cartel), the primary rival of Los Zetas. The execution takes place in an open field. The women kneel in the dirt as a group of masked, heavily armed gunmen stand in threatening poses behind them. Three of four women have their breasts exposed. One of them appears to be an aged and a little heavier woman so she got to keep her top on. La Guera Loca, also known as Comandante Guera is the woman with the nicest breasts, wearing a pink top – on the far right.

After your typical Narco interrogation, in which the women stated their names, who they were affiliated with and what their job was, the Zetas proceeded with decapitation and dismemberment. Obviously, because after years of showing the world how utterly useless Mexicans are when it comes to beheadings with a knife, out of complete embarrassment they no longer use knives and instead stick with axes and huge machetes. So beheadings are more about chopping the heads off, rather than cutting them off as it used to be.

During the interrogation, the women admitted to being affiliated in some capacity with José Guadalupe López aka “El Ostión” (The Oyster). Young girl on the left said she was his niece. Woman second from the right was a halcona (a hawk, aka a lookout). Comandante Guera said her name was Yesenia Pacheco Rodríguez and said she was with “Commander Gallo”, a member of CDG in Altamira.

The old woman got the fastest treatment and was beheaded quickly with the axe. The one furthest left had her throat sliced and left to suffer for a bit, but was then also swiftly finished with the axe. La Guera Loca was left to suffer the longest. She had her throat cut with that huge machete and left alone while the sicarios were dealing with other women but still – thanks to the use of axes and machetes, each of the women was finished off rather quickly compared to what it used to be. The Zetas then proceeded with the traditional Narco dismemberment.

Brutal video, can’t believe Zetas got La Guera Loca:

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299 thoughts on “Four Women, Including La Guera Loca Decapitated and Dismembered by Los Zetas”

    1. Loca should consider herself lucky, no pun intended. For what she did, she got off easy. They should have peeled her face while she’s alive, chop her limbs and then behead her. I can never do these barbaric acts to another human , but she chosed her path and was barbaric in her method of execution. She should know her faith is 10 times worse if capture .

      1. Yep, I’m surprised that everything was over so quickly.

        Personally, to quote ‘The Chronicles of Riddick’; ‘I might have gone a different way’.

        Same old Mexican chop and lop; they need to become more creative; four women and a bunch of guys with knives and an axe (you could see Mr axe man stoking up his fire) and all they can do is expose three pairs of tits.

        For ‘La Guera Loca’, I would have had something, really special planned; maybe a Mexican hog roast with guacamole, black beans and salsa ….. And a band.

    2. Seriously…..did La Guera Loca think she was gonna live a long happy life?? I bet you that every asshole you see standing in the backgrounds of all these videos will be starring in their own decapitation videos. Just give it time.

      1. Fuckin rights man. I used to pity the bitches that they killed, but now when you see these vids of them performing decapitations themselves, I say fuck’em. The knife don’t discriminate and neither should we.

      2. PS: That guy can really fuckin swing an axe. Think i’ve seen him before on the Lumberjack Challenge. They should give him a bigger axe…by the looks of his form and swing technique, I’m confident that he could knock someones block of in a single blow. Good work axeman.

    1. That’s because Everyone hates the Zetas. The other cartels are a bunch of scumbags who bring nothing but violence to their towns. But the Zetas, now those fuckers are the scummiest bunches of Ass holes to ever exist. Those scummy ass holes are virtually hated by every other cartel! They have zero respect!

    1. No, these guys have no clue about dismembering other than swinging an axe with brutal force into the bodies.

      A good butcher can dismember a person with a sharp knife faster than any of the guys in this video.

      It’s back to school for those guys. Well they already to that to sell the smack to the kiddies. My bad.

  1. yes, Yes, YES! Ah, just when I thought the cartels were getting soft, they make yet another great four WOMAN, decap and dismember video. This is why you can never check bestgore enough. The perfect nightcap for a long day! Always makes my first world problems seem insignificant and gets my mind back on track. By the way, is it just me? or does it seem like there has been a massive 6 monther fall out and replacement all the sudden. Eh, oh well. Each time a few good members stick around.

  2. I may be mistaken but is this a Mundo Narco video?, I get the feeling that it is, they really should try to make it easier to tell.

    Anyhow, It is about time these cartels moved out of the past and into the future, women have equal rights these days, the feminist movement didn’t fight all these years for nothing, if getting chopped to pieces is good enough for a man then it is good enough for a woman.

  3. The real horror for me in these videos is just imaging what your own state of mind would be whilst on your knees waiting the inevitable. . They all seem to take it far more in their stride than I imagine I would.. if I was in a narco gang I would make fucking sure my first priority would be a pocket full of cyanide caps with me at ALL times

    1. Maybe cyanide pills are banned in Mexico because it just makes torture useless :D.
      Anyway on topic, I also wonder what is the state of mind of those about to behead and chop them into pieces. From the looks and sounds of it, they seam to enjoy it, but I would guess that does not really come with genetics. It must have taken a few beheadings for them to get used to doing it. And that is how probably the victims take it. Most of them are not innocent and are a part of cartels, so beheadings are not foreign to them. So I guess they accept their fate and take it…

      1. Cyanide can be made easily all it takes is the know how and enough common sense not to die in the process of making it. If I was doing what these brave idiots are doing I would seriously look into investing some of my illegal earnings on high quality home made cyanide, to tell you the truth I’d look into alot of other “cloak and dagger” type things…things that would be very useful in this type of business. I’ve always said if your going to do something like this (be an assassin) you should do it 100% and that means covering every angle to keep your ass from ending up like these fools.

    2. I would have one of those poison gas filled teeth like Duke Altreides in the book Dune. When they get close to torture me I would bite it and blow gas over them taking them with me. Just leaving the person with the camera alive to carry on filming. Enjoy!

  4. I’ve always questioned how ?calm? some of the victims are in these videos. Like they are being ?sacrificed? for a much higher cause – similar to their Aztecs/Mayan ancestors during the Pre-Columbian era.

    ? ? Or these women were drugged prior to the decapitation. Whether these women were involved with the criminal organization or not, they probably have families, kids, siblings.

    I am so blessed to be living here in the U.S. – it’s not a perfect society but much safer than Latin America!

    1. You want a good machete get a Bolo. They’re a lot better than your standard machetes. They average more power per blow due to the blades curve and they’re also very compact, hell you can even throw the damn thing try doing that with a standard machete.

          1. I remember when there used to be quite a few ‘fap’ comments going on, don’t seem to see it that much these days though. Don’t know about you guys but for me the allure of those titties soon disappeared when the arms and legs started coming off.

  5. I just woke up.. first thing I did is checking BG.. I have never imaginer that la guera loca would be captured one day, I just wished if she was executed alone, a fully awake beheading like in Manuel Mendez Leyva’s video.

    1. Yeah I prefer single executions, too much going on in these multi-beheading vids, I’m like a kid with ADD in a sweet shop watching these ones. Good reference to the Leyva vid too, one of my favourites that one.

  6. It kinda pisses me off they didn’t make a peep. I like the beheadings where they scream and cry while the knife is making progress. Not a word. Not a sound. Silence. Disappointed.

      1. ThaDRIP You have to take into account that women have a higher thresh hold to pain then men but i know what your saying not a pep out of them fuck these women were tough but you live by the sword you die by sword.

  7. Man.. I’m glad there’s a whole ‘nother Country between me and them.

    What’s messed up is El Paso is the safest (or one of) big city in America with more than 500k Pop, and it’s right on the border with Mexico.

    Most of the people are Mexican, too (85%).

    Just weird how that works. I guess borders really do matter after all.

  8. I think the next level of cartel grusomeness (is that even a word)..anyways.. it will be someone hung upside down…..naked….. one of them big tree saws resting in their ass crack where their balls/cunt start…then 2 big strong cartel guys saw the person in half …from ass crack right down to the top of the head….that wud be awesome to see….. wow !!!!!!!!!!

  9. I’m always amazed at how calm and collected these people appear to be, knowing full well what is coming next………. I can’t begin to imagine how I would be reacting, but I reckon there would be a lot of vomit and piss involved!!

      1. That’s just it, they wouldn’t light you up they’d know that would be too quick of a death. They would TORTURE you first or cut you ala manuel leyva mendez, perhaps even start beheading you on the backside of your neck to teach you a lesson. Like in the middle east, once the camera is rolling, lights out motherfucker!

  10. Check you all out my gore-fam! You guys were busy! I went to sleep early one night and bam! A beheading and dismemberment! I lol because I’ve been called a “guera loca” (crazy white girl) a few times myself! Anyhow, even with this soft heart of mine, I love a good beheading! Nice to see they’re keeping it gender neutral too! 😉 Funny that I can even recognize the narco’s voices! Happy Tuesday my blood thirsty peeps! 🙂

        1. That’s a good point. It’s a shame I can only see a tiny version of the pic 🙁 I’ve often wondered how you can see people’s faces when all I see is a tiny flesh coloured pixel. Meh, maybe I’ll figure out at some point lol.

          1. I can make that out but I’ve seen you compliment someone’s appearance based on their avatar pic and thought “How the hell can she tell based on that tiny pic?!” lol.

          2. @Pauly-guess kinda dependson what you’re viewing the site with. I can’t see pics as big as a laptop or pc, but they’re decent from my galaxy. I can see your cute face just fine! 🙂

    1. Same here, knowing you’re going to die and it’s being recorded must be horrible. I’ve had the feeling being close to death so many times but always pray no one sees me die, I’m just a weirdo…

  11. I’m going to have to stop reading the comments under beheadings. The pro-beheading peeps are really disturbing me. Would you want to see some one you love go through that? If they visited certain areas, were captured, and forced to pretend they were enemies to be used as examples, it could happen. I wish we were more focused on how to stop it than trying to see more of them.

    1. I don’t know. I get your way of thinking and all but what you’re seeing is done! The people they’re beheading are affiliated with trash. You play- you pay kinda thing. If it were my loved one, hopefully they would’ve taken my advice and got the fuck up out of dodge before they lost their head! This is different than if it were innocent people.. just my 2 cents..

    2. The kinda life these people live and the things they’ve done, they know they might die in this fashion. They deserve what they’re getting because they knew what they were getting into and because they’ve done the same things to others and most of all they deserve this because they were dumb enough to get caught. If these people were innocents it would be a different story but they’re not they’re killers themselves so don’t for one second try to compare them to innocent people cause they’re not they’re fucking scum and died accordingly.

    3. Soon all of the Zetas will be dead at the hands of the Sinaloa and CDG and then you will have your wish because the wellspring of bloody gore vids in which we “pro-beheading peeps” so enjoy indulging in will have all but dried up. ‘Twill be a sad sad day indeed. 🙁 Oh well….I guess we’ll always have the Middle East. lol 🙂

  12. Viva la mehico,good to see some bitches getting the chop! as of late vids like this was like rocking horse shit…..looking forward to the retaliation vid to follow!

  13. La Guera Loca was kind of a cult phenomenon, the savage that she was. In the beginning watching her do her work and learning on the job(at night) made me want to kill her. Now she’s dead by someone else and the mystery of me possibly killing this savage whore is over.:(

  14. Which one is the gurerra loca actually ? I don’t ecognize her.

    By the way, the voice of the dude holding the camera sounded like the guy in the other zetas vs CDG video, the one with three boys in the cornfield, with the screaming.

  15. Just want to thank La Guera Loca for trying to rid the earth of ZETA scum. And bringing another dimention to BG by cutting off the face of a man, after being beheaded, to send a message to other drug addict cartel savages.(like it did that)

  16. I seriously doubt that’s really La Guera Loca. Remember this is the 2ND time shes supposedly been killed. 1st time shed been “confirmed” to have been killed in a shootout, I know some of you guys have to remember. Los Zetas are the type to bullshit about who they really get anyways. Two thumbs up for the narco violence though…

    1. To ?J?

      I totally agree with you on this one. I remember there was a rumor regarding her death somewhere in Tamaulipas in mid-2012 ? Likewise, there have been many rumors regarding ?El Chapo? Guzman being captured or killed, which we now know were totally false. I’m a huge buff following the narco wars and most people here on BestGore may not know that Los Zetas are suffering big blows within their group:
      1. Los Zetas are in constant battle between the Gulf Cartel in Monterrey, Nuevo Laredo, Reynosa, Veracruz, etc.
      2. Recent arrest by Mexico?s Navy of Eduardo Trevi?o Trevi?o (yes, that?s his name), who is the cousin or nephew of ?Z40? (Miguel Angel Trevi?o, top commander of Los Zetas)
      3. The fall of the of ?Lazcano” and “El Taliban”
      4. Z40?s brother (Jos? Trevi?o Morales) living here in Texas, was convicted of money laundering through horse-bred racing

      So this recent video with the (4) decapitated women is really nothing. They may have been just low-bottom feeders or “halcones” or they were innocent citizens kidnapped just for this video. Rumor has it that Los Zetas are in alliance/in talks with the Juarez Cartel and the BLO (Beltran Leyva) to fight the CDS (Sinaloa Cartel) for the drug corridors in Durango, Chihuahua, Zacatecas.

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