Four Young People Die After Crashing Into Tree in Quilmes, Argentina

Four Young People Die After Crashing Into Tree in Quilmes, Argentina

Four Young People Die After Crashing Into Tree in Quilmes, Argentina

Four young people died and two others were injured in the early hours of Sunday November 3, 2019, after the car in which they were traveling apparently lost control and crashed into a palm tree. The accident happened between Los Andes and Fierro streets, meters from the Don Bosco station on the Roca line in Quilmes, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In the car, a Renault Clío, four men and two women were traveling. The driver and one of the passengers died on the spot. Another passenger lost his life on the way to the Iriarte hospital and the last fatality died in that health center.

A surviving man is in serious condition and a woman is stable, according to the police. The police also confirmed that there were bottles of alcoholic beverages in the car, but are waiting for autopsies to find out whether the driver was drunk.

The aftermath video:

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    1. I am from Argentina, cops here barely do anything to preven traffic accidents, but still we have a lot, I was never involved in one and I hope I never will. From small crashes to those kind of crashes, probably happen every day, I think the best way to prevent them is educating the citizens instead of putting those stupid dui checkpoints

  7. GOD DAMN THAT IS A SAD SIGHT TO SEE! They must have been going very fast. I’m guessing 100 MPH if not FASTER! Obviously, at their high rate of speed, for some reason, the driver totally lost control and went off the road slamming right into that thick palm tree. The impact was obviously SEVERE because they are all so pushed forward, mashed forward. I think that the girl in the back will probably survive as she is showing the most sings of life, and MAYBE the dude in the white jacket because he appears to be breathing still. MESSED UP!

  8. OK. Packing a car with SIX people is kinda dangerous.
    It is one of the fundamental laws of Physics for a moving object, or a stopping object:
    Force = Mass x Acceleration.

    In plain English, if the car is heavy with people (a lot of mass), just make sure you have powerful brakes (force). Or don’t drive too fast!

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  12. They were teenagers, and they had what they deserved, for driving at high speed, and drunk. they had bitten in a curve the yellow cement cord that separates the direction of the streets and crashed into a palm tree. There´s another video recorded by a security camera where this can be seen. A hard lesson to learn, and late.

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