French Teacher Beheaded for Showing Students Cartoon of Prophet Mohammad

French Teacher Beheaded for Showing Students Cartoon of Prophet Mohammad

French Teacher Beheaded for Showing Students Cartoon of Prophet Mohammad

Earlier today – on October 16, 2020, a school teacher was beheaded in a street in Conflans Saint-Honorine, in the Yvelines department near Paris, France.

The teacher reportedly gave his students a lesson on freedom of speech and as part of his lecture, showed them a cartoon of Prophet Mohammad. A parent of one of the students from Chechnya then attacked the teacher and cut off his head.

The killer was later found and shot dead by police in Eragny-sur-Oise, in the Val-d’Oise department.

The message accompanying the image of the teacher’s severed hear reads:

In the name of Allah, the most merciful, the most merciful.

From Abdullah, the servant of Allah, to Macron, the leader of the infidels, I executed one of your hellhounds who dared to belittle Muhammad, calm your fellows before we inflict you a severe punishment…

Many thanks to Best Gore member @blunderbore for the pic and the translation.


Best Gore member @clarkia provided the following update:

The teacher, in the scope of the official program of french education, had to present a “freedom of speech and thinking” course to his class.

He decided to use the Charlie Hebdo’s caricatures of Mahomet in this course. However, he allowed any (muslims) students who could be offended by those caricatures, to leave the class before he would show them.

It was the second year he used the caricatures, no incidents were reported last year.

However this year, a parent was offended to learn that the caricatures were shown in class. That parent decided to post a video on social media to condemn this act, while leaving the teacher’s real name and the address of the school where he was working for everyone to see.

Soon after, an 18 years old Chechen born in Moscow, Russia beheaded the teacher.

Many thanks for the update @clarkia.

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          But myself and [i believe] royalflush are from Britain, and we both [it seems] have no memory of this?
          Would you be so kind as to elaborate on this incident? When it happened? where it happened? the names of the victims…and the perpetrator? ANY more info you can tell us that will jog our memories about this?
          Maybe [best would be if you could post some links to] newspaper reports? wiki page regarding this terrorist attack?
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          So, could you leave/post some links regarding this?
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      As a Muslim, I say that he who killed the teacher must be killed because this is terrible
      Our Prophet Muhammad was offended by the people of his time and was subjected to more bullying than the drawings drawn by the teacher
      Despite all this, the Prophet’s friends did nothing because they knew the truth of the religion, “the religion of tolerance.”
      Like any religion calls for tolerance
      But due to the lack of a good understanding of Islam these days, they believe that this is a heroic act, but on the contrary
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    3. @philoctetes does have a point.

      To even let such a dangerous rival group gain such a large foothold in your country is a huge sign of weakness in and of itself. The Chinese wouldn’t allow it that’s for fucking sure and the Eastern Europeans show them the door.

      The white west even adapts itself and its laws to not only accommodate but to promote and therein such the dick of Islam, even going so far as to make it a crime to criticise it.

      Muslim rape gangs that target white women and children are even allowed to act and operate with impunity because our police etc play the “ism” game and are afraid of being called racist or God forbid(gasp) “Islamaphobic” and when a white person does speak out against this shit they get charged with a “hate crime”.

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      I understand how upsetting this is to accept but burying your heads in the sand won’t help and it certainly won’t change anything.

      The white west is weak because it is so easily bent, twisted and molded by anyone and everyone except the natives living there of course and it needn’t be that way as one could easily grow a pair and push back.

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          I had a month and a half break, no doubt you wanted a permanent one. Sorry to disappoint you but that’s life.

          Those of opposing viewpoint will not disappear just because I do so get used to your positions being challenged and grow up.

          Anyway. You seem to be of the belief that one can only loathe one group at a time and that one’s focus must always fixate solely upon that individual group as opposed to analysing and evaluating the many and adding them to the list of groups that hurt you or aid you and in that assumption you are wrong. You are very wrong.

          What seems to be hard for your limited brain capacity to understand then is that one can have more than one enemy at any given time. My God your brain must explode knowing that I hate both the Jews and the blacks simultaneously.

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          3. @drstrangeglove

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            I would like to hear your views on the north African Berbers, the Persians, the Mongolians and the Ottomans etc given your dim-witted approach to this argument because all races have once upon a time done what you say you brain dead cunt.

        1. I had the strongest bench press in my university football team. Never took steroids. White men from Iceland are the strongest men on earth. No steroids involved.

          Black men run the fastest. White men are the strongest. Without any steroids involved.

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    4. That has to be the dumbest shit I’ve read all month. In a world where people walk around unarmed, how are you gonna defend yourself against a knife? and for all you know he might even have ambushed him from behind its nothing about being physically weak or not you imbecile.

    5. id say blacks are the weakest. Nature keeps coming up with new ways to kill them. They havent come up with a way round it yet.

      As for Muzzies, theyll just die off like the plague they are.

    1. cautious its not worth it..the reprisal is same as this chump..hajis have eyes everywhere ..the system will bring them to your front door,just follow the media ..lots of loosers about who looking for a cause,they easy meat for the agency…few allah snackbars grow a beard ,pledge to isis..bus ticket to your house ,work ..then the trial starts or to avoid ,stay silent..keep your head..dave.

      1. Muzzies might be the symptom that has to be addressed at extermination level, but deeper problem is Ashkenazi Jew Western-European subversion. They would now have to eradicate a whole generation of white cucks brainwashed by NWO Jew click. That’s a herculean task.

        Europe is gone. Kill the whole thing with fire and rebuild from scratch with white uncucked majority. Adlolph Hitler is looking like a Nostradamus day by day. I’m more and more impressed how every prediction and “stereotype” is coming to fruition he warned about. God fucking dammit.

  2. no fucking way,after that charlie hebdo shooting …they walked ak 47 in hand with a list of names into that office and executed the editors and such…this guy should have better judgement being a teacher..the knife seemed sharp enough, it cut right thru the cotton shirt…say what you like in private conversation but play with fire at your peril..just because the jewtard media took the piss out of jesus ,ie jesus christ superstar without a moan ,dosnt give carte blanch to insult any religion…do so at your peril..its 2020 who is that man on the bus staring at you sporting a beard with camel in tow..they come in all shapes,sizes,colour…you have been warned ,best leave the hajis ,for the gun sporting yanks..they can defend it..

    1. If western countries grew some balls and fought back, we could teach the Muslims a lesson! However, the times we live in seem to demand we be politically correct and practice restraint for under developed hajjis who worship pedophiles and treat non Muslims like crap! Maybe it’s time we took off the restraints and unleashed hell on them until they crawl into a hole and die !!! Teach them that we are stronger, smarter, and much more modern than they are!

      1. The only reason white men are not taking action is because the cucked government won’t let us. If the government gave the go ahead, that we would be untouchable, it would be easy as pie. White people don’t want to destroy their lives or end up in prison for life.

  3. He lost his mind? Or head! Over what? A cartoon drawing!
    Scratches my still attached head!
    Hard to believe these people are constantly coming to us in the west with their hands open begging!
    They are trying to walk, run, jump, float, boat, swim, and drown their way across the Mediterranean and land border crossings to get to the west to live…yet they cannot assimilate or learn about our western freedoms of thought or protest.
    What do they do at that slightest perceived injustice or insult?
    Chop heads, stab, blow up, and cause mayhem!
    All in the name of Allah and Mohammad ?
    If we got upset at every perceived insult and injustice they did to us, the Middle East would be known as either “the Middle Glass or Middle Inferno” because it doesn’t matter how much they pray to Allah every day-he can’t stop a ten megaton warhead from leveling their lands and turning all that sand into glass!
    Their is no negotiating with terrorist-so they say- so we can’t negotiate with an Arab!
    What should we do? Make more electric cars and find alternative energy?
    Then they go broke! Dates, almonds, and coffee won’t make them rich! Look at South America! So much agricultural investments but they are broke and in flip flops for eternity!
    Yes, they can still get their knives and behead us- however we don’t need to restrain our responses anymore!
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    Of their leaders that acting like harre Krishna , they started long ago to pay for their mistakes since World war II..
    ” atutalure missye teacher, hope you’ll have fun there……”..

      1. Exactly !! They become a 5 stars who’re house / zoo for apes that are so evill more than those who are waiting for them in hell
        They are fucking French children on streets, and a father of nice girl , cant let her go out home unless this id is a rich neighborhood the secured by armed guards, government gives a social security sallery for years to allmost each one of them , and they said thanks by bring more muslim women that will have at least 4 children , so social security will pay more..
        You know what’s funny as hell???????
        French people are making riots allso because government want to rise age of retirement and reduce conditions…..
        And what makes that stupid is that they don’t stop to think why….
        All finance of franch went out for their good hospitality…
        They took care to a Trojan horse
        That reproduced itself endlessly..
        We can see that at the Congress
        Their government is affected by them…
        They are afraid , its to late…
        Only thing they can do , and i say as an Israeli, they should do as Hitler , in one day and on , massively get them out to sea with no return, and those who will try to resist, must be destroyed on spot..
        French took out the jews who were part of community , working paying taxes , quiet, smart.. They , and Hitler burned the wrong side, its the time to pey back…
        But they are cowardly son’s of an army of cowards, couse now after that teacher was butchered on street in the name of religion that nver sopouse to be there, no body get out to make riots and kill each Muslim for pay back….
        They become a national faggots house of planet, i never seen a country that had been destroyed and consumed to the so end as France…..
        The luxury zoo for evill apes that daily supplied with new who’res and finance made in France….
        No wonder why their automobile industry become so pathetic …

          1. As i see, Europe is finished….
            Next is going to be America, the United States….
            It allready happen with lot of preying to alka ceremonies, they see and check how far they can go for now…
            And guess what…
            Americans are in a deep sleep… Foolish as France did before…

          1. @juicygem
            Only One Girl calls me “Canada Dre” and that’s my beloved & one and only Juicy.
            Oh my God,,, It’s Really You hun. Man i missed you, and i think of you often, wondering how & where you’ve been. Nice to see your so pretty, and smiley face again. 🙂

            So tell me Girl how have you been, and what’s new and exiting in your life my darling Best-Gore Sister??

          2. @thedre I’m Good love!! Lost 153 pounds- finally got divorced! Work full time and have my own place and shit! Doing EVERYTHING on my own and never been happier! I knew if I said Canada Dre- you’d KNOW! ❤ I’ve missed my gore fam!!

    1. Maybe he was a butcher or lived in a farm, i lived in a farm and my neighbor could behead a pig in just seconds with a common kitchen knife, doing that to a human surely is easier.
      This is why of all religions i like Christianism and Buddhism, they have their defects but it´s all about compassion while religions like Islam only teach about the extermination of the enemy, and for a Muslim an enemy is practically anyone who doesn´t think like him.

      1. @Mariano
        Very well said my good B G Brother, as i would never have though of that. And myself being a past Deer Hunter have beheaded at least 60 to 70 Deer’s in my lifetime, and the last 50 or so was done in like 15 to 20 seconds, by bending the head backwards in order to find the perfect, or sweet spot between vertebrates to cut it off quickly.

    2. Well he was a piece of shit Chechen turncoat who became a Moslem. All of 18 years old. Hmm?

      I wonder when the pig arrived in France and under which circumstances. I bet France took the pig in as asylum because those ” band bad russians were making him fear for his life”. So France graciously gave him solace to go there so he could lord it over all the French until he wanted to prove who is boss in their country; by chopping a head or two. Fucking raya/ dhimmi ,fucks! Boo hoo. Fucking useless stupid Nato vassal cunts. I include my own country in that group as well.

        1. You are right . Also they now have little choice as they are bossed around by the US and Germany ,Zio Nato. Also ,the fat cats wanted cheap labour regardless of the consequences.

          I try to be fair though. The first generation of moslems to France was almost all loyal and secular. It is their children and grandchildren and these new rapefugees that are the problem.

          This fuck Chechen was two when he came to France to escape these “bad bad Russians”. So he is to all extents a Frenchman. Yet,being a fanatic moslem is incompatible to being a secular European and Frenchman. He was known to police for crime the whole time. Perfect target for patriots to have beaten up or “heartattacked”.

          Fit in ,die or get the
          Fuck out!

  5. Verbalement,c’est quoi cette France. mais c’est a chaque fois qu’il Ilya un incident terrorisme on en a l’habitude de faire une marche ds la ville pour des mort des mots rien de plus le prochain acte terroriste on dira que c’est pas évident de marché avec du 38 si on chausse du 44

  6. Ce professeur a fait quelque chose d’assez malsain, blessant et discriminatoire, il a sorti les quelques élèves musulmans de sa classe pour montrer des caricatures sur leur prophète aux élèves non musulmans.

  7. “There is a prophecy in the heathen East about the Christian West, which, when rendered into comprehensible English, reads thus: “When the conquerors of all the ancient nations are in their turn conquered by an army of black dragons begotten by their sins and born of decay, then the hour of liberation for the former will strike.” Easy to see who are the “black dragons.” And these will in their turn see their power arrested and forcibly put to an end by the liberated legions. Then, perhaps, there will be a new invasion of an Atilla from the far East. One day the millions of China and Mongolia, heathen and Mussulman, furnished with every murderous weapon invented by civilization, and forced upon the Celestial of the East, by the infernal spirit of trade and love of lucre of the West, drilled, moreover, to perfection by Christian man-slayers–will pour into and invade decaying Europe like an irrepressible torrent. This will be the result of the work of the Jesuits, who will be its first victims, let us hope.”
    June, 1888

  8. I bet he thought he was a real smart guy and all smug and shit when he was using the cartoon.. I bet he changed his mind and wanted to take it all back when the blade was about 1/4 the way through his neck. Stupid fucker.

  9. The west is teaching white men to be soft soy boys. Black guys listen to gangster rap. Muslims are taught about jihad. Whites are taught about micro aggressions and sensitivity training.

    Whites are being trained to be soft. The other races are being trained to be hard.

    White men have to stop listening to faggots and women.

    1. Correct. Democracy must take a back seat when in the process of fighting back barbarians. France should expressly suspend all democratic processes for terrorists like this. How many times have Moslems done this in France and gotten away with it? Shot by police? Ha. Cotton candy. His body parts should be collected by gendarmes and publicly fed to pigs on TV. Macron comes out and says ,this ends today. Any fucker that doesnt like it can fuck off or die. You harm the state , you die and your assets are forfeit too. You need to be strong. The problem is will France be strong or act the eternal vassal of Us /Zio/Nato as usual . Erdogan flashes France’s warships with radars to shoot and gets away with it and they are allies. Who needs allies like these Turk Moslem dogs?

      Vlad Tepes the Romanian impaled thousands of Turks to teach them a lesson . For those that cry ,impalement was a torture invented and used mostly by Turks(key moslems of the time ) till then. Fuck you …you reap what you sow.

  10. “In the name of Allah, the most merciful” what a hypocrite. If this muslim is so devout why didn’t he follow Allah’s example then rather than lop off the head of someone he disagreed with? How the fuck is that merciful? And they wonder why people are suspicious of Asians? Too damn right we are!

    1. you seem like one of them lone ranger asswipe retards going to murder muslims only to end up shooting up the local sikh temple ..after the shooting you roam looking for lone targets and shoot the local 7 11 store keeper who is indian hindu…asians your so retarded ,arabs jews are related by abrahamic bloodline. the enemy works in unison..not indians silly tommy…the jews pay and the hajis make your day..

        1. for sure the sikhs took up the sword to fight against the muslim surge in india..250,000 were beheaded in 4 months…convert or die..that was only 200 years back…these people understand strength..weak are the muslim the muslim agenda is run by the jewish cabal…they are the original puppet masters..the number one muslims enemy is the sikh faith..we unite the weak into a unmovable to die fighting for the weak ,not cowering in the fight has gone global…its beyond borders ,revenge is the only way..take the snakes head..the cabal..maybe then we can unite as one humanity..until then…shit happens..

  11. The problem is Islam.

    It’s got nothing to offer the human race except extreme tribalism, a cult of death philosophy that promotes pedophiles and subjugates women to the maximum. Mix this with low intelligence and you get the scum subhuman that perpetuated that sick crime. It’s dehumanises us all when you cut another human being head off and take their life in your sick bloodied hands. (Over nothing too)

    You could take this Muslim alive and bring him to a farm where for months,,you have been stuffing a life size dressed human dummy with raw meat, then tying the dummy to a fence and letting in 20 big starving pigs to eat it. Amazing how quickly the pigs will rush in and start ripping through the cloths to savage the meat.

    They will go through it, bones and all in 15 mins.

    You could play a recording of a man screaming all through feeding time. Heck, as soon as the recording starts up, watch those big heavy hungery pigs come running, their big heavy jaws chattering in anticipation of raw meat.

    Wouldn’t matter how much he screamed, it would signal dinner time to the savages.

    Imagine sitting that Muslim fuck down in the interview room and telling him, NO solicitor for you. You have forfeited the right to be treated like a human being. You will be taken from this place to a place of execution. You will be tied to a post and you are condemned to be eaten by the dogs of Hell.

    That would get him wondering. WTF?

    This is an excellent punishment for Muslims because of their irrational fear of pork and pigs. He will be delighted to know that he will not only be eaten by the devils dogs, but he will also Never be buried facing Mecca.

    The pigs will be running around facing all manner of directions, as they eventually shit out his Muslim scum, which, he should also be told in advance, will be directly collected and re-fed to another new bunch of starving pigs. (They will eat it)

    So eaten twice by swine. Lovely end for an Allah snack bar lover.

    Sounds great…..

    But I suppose since we are civilised we shouldn’t lower ourselves to the scum Islamic level. A drop on the gallows on the end of a long rope will have to do.

    But it would be so tempting to let the 4 legged pig pack have at that two legged pig.

  12. It is easy to blame this on Muslims and Islam. Only simple minded brain washed people would do this.

    Look at the state of the world. People are sick of their governments and the fascist measures they take during this scamdemic. People would like to storm government buildings and throw them right out of their seat on their elite butt. People are sick of this scamdemic and the role of the governments. Some politicians already have bean threatened and intimidated. The way most of them are acting, they obviously know its all fake. They fail themselves to observe the measures they impose on their people. Big sign!

    So when it becomes a little to dangerous for them, let’s create a diversion and get the centuries old enemy out of the closet: let’s blame the Muslims, Jews, minorities, etc. The same old trick. It is simply to distract us from the growing discontent among the people and to unite us all again around a common enemy, which is actually no enemy at all, because most Muslims live in peace and hurt nobody. Hire a Lee Harvey Oswald kind a guy, a loser, a nobody and stage the whole thing, like it being an act of terrorism. It’s so easy and it fools the common man every time.

    Btw, the French are one of the most hypocritical people ever. They slaughtered thousands of people all over the world (especially in North Africa during colonial times), and cry like a baby when the same happens to them in their own country. Hypocrites!

    1. Moslems slaughtered Christians way before French even arrived in Africa. Try reading history of the world prior to the Colonisation of Africa. It is fashionable to say that Moslems massacre because the Europeans colonised moslem lands. I dont think so. If one learns you will see Moslems colonised and invaded Euro lands FIRST and that most colonisation was only taking back lands that were Christian and /or Euro. North Africa? Euro and Christian before Moslems ever arrived there. Middle East ? Euro and Christian before Moslems ever arrived there.

      Also clear and present danger from Zioislam and distaste with present govs can occur at the same time. One doesn’t have to flow from the other .

    1. So you can mock other religious beliefs but can’t show Swastika symbols or talk about Zionists in classes for example? So much for freedom of speech when you literally target once specific ethnicity or group.. This some next-level hypocrite shit, it’s at its peak atm which means their downfall is nearing.

  13. why don’t the countries where there is freedom of thought expel muslims or prevent muslims from entering ?! In my opinion, the leaders of such countries are stupider than muslims because Islam is poisonous to humanity.

    1. Yep ,18 year old Chechen filth rapefugee born in Moscow and given asylum in France “because he feared for his life ” from those “bad bad Russkies.”
      Well i guesss these French need to stop being sucked -in by Mozzies or playing the junkcollectors for NatoUSzios then ,right? They should have sent him off to the US to be the third Boston Bomber or he could live in the leafy suburbs of Washington maybe?

  14. Troublesome Moslems in France or anywhere can get fucked. If I can put up with piss christ and listening to Talmud tracts of Jesus boiling in a pot of shit and cum then they can put up with cartoons of mohammed.
    They knew what France was like when they came to France. If they didn’t like it they can stay out and should have. If they dont like it now ,they can fuck off or die. France and the West /Christian /Euro nations are built on Rationalism ,Humanism and Greco Roman civilization . All the things Moslems hate. So why come to our countries? To just live “high on the hog “off our labours like the koran tells them to?

    For those that don’t know , The Koran tells all moslems that they are the lords of the nations and can steal ,rape ,murder from or do to any non-muslim as it is their right. Wake up!

    Why do you think the Spanish and Balkans fought them and still do for so many centuries to kick them out? Only for fucken nato mutti merkel zio USa to bring back rapefugees. Why would they want to do that ? Think!!

    1. I thought well done what the Muslim did with that shitty Frances, making fun of.
      Is freedom of expression violating the values ​​of others? That was what the headless teacher taught his students. What the Muslim did was wrong, but I do not condemn him.

      1. I am sorry but I disagree with you. I do condemn him for all the reasons I mentioned above. He was in France from a young child. He has to grow up as a Frenchman ,the French do not have to grow up as moslems.Even as an adult going to France he has to fit in,the French do not have to accomodate him.France gave him asylum! They took his famiky in and gave them food ,work and shelter! When have you seen a Moslem country take in Christian refugees and look after them as the Europeans have looked after Moslems?

        If they dont like living in a secular country, they should fuck off and go back to Shitholistan.
        The problem is Jihadimoslems think they rule the world and are better than us even if they live in squalor and have achieved nothing ever.

        Anything,they ever achieved was because they came into contact with Greek and Hindu learning.

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