Friend Beheads Friend in Mandya, India, Ill-Gotten Words Spoke about Mother

Friend Beheads Friend in Mandya, India, Ill-Gotten Words Spoke about Mother

A 28-year-old man in Mandya, an Indian state of Karnataka, beheaded his friend and surrendered to the police along with the severed head on Saturday, The Hindu reported. The man, Pashupathi, has been arrested.

“We are investigating the incident, but the accused and the victim, Girish, were good friends,” said Mandya Superintendent of Police Shivaprakash Devaraj, according to The News Minute. Devaraj said Pashupathi walked into the police station in Malavalli in blood-soaked clothes with the severed head around 10:15 am on Saturday.

According to the police, Pashupathi and Girish lived in nearby Chikkabagilu village. “He [Pashupathi] informed the police officials that Girish spoke ill of his mother, which triggered a fight between the two,” Devaraj said.

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          1. I reckon you nailed it and the best friend had nailed the mom and got caught . This bullshit about the friend saying bad words about mom is just a face -saving measure!

            I love how these Indian crims take themselves to the police station handing over all the evidence. Pity this Indi culture doesn’t get adopted by America. Oh wait! Scrub that!.. … it would mean American cops will only get fatter and not get to cap innocents on their drive -arounds.bahaha


      1. Same for me now. Only ever had one person my whole life i called a “friend” until he was murdered. Now i just have acquaintances who i chat to occasionally if down the pub. I’m quite a loner to be honest and love it. Don’t have to answer to anyone. Most friends are fake fucks anyway. But those who do want to make friends, choose them carefully.

        1. Personally I’ve always hated people. Perhaps it had something to do with growing up in a big city where there is a high rate of crime that is constantly getting worse. I’ve also never really had a friend that I could trust… most of them got heavily into drugs and would steal from their own mother. People always seem to want something from you and then when you need them they disappear on you. People in general really suck imo…and yes that includes me cuz I’m a people too.

          1. Oh the classic disappearing act when you need something. I’m sure we’ve all experienced that. I’m not a huge fan of people either. Much prefer my own company and try to avoid the earth’s biggest virus if possible.

          2. Friends are just acquaintances that tick enough boxes to be considered socialising material.

            Friendships are often fleeting and the individual friend interchangeable from one stage to the next as life goes by. I suppose when you get down to it all friendships really are is a mutually beneficial arrangement between like minded people for the purpose of avoiding isolation and loneliness and at other times a form of protection and also a means to an end for the purpose of gain.

            At the end of the day though we are all born alone, experience life individually as a lone person and will eventually die that way as well. Everything else, be it friendships; passions; worldly desires etc its all just filler material really. A bit like the popcorn you eat whilst waiting for the movie to end.

            It is what it is I guess. Enjoy it whilst it’s there.

          3. Yep I’ll join the BG no friends club for similar reasons. Only intouch when they want something. After so long, time to move on. If I want to socialise I know most people in local pub. Not friends as such but have good banter and a good laugh. Unfortunately it costs a fortune because beer is expensive in UK. Most pubs have been turned into mosques and those rare local pubs that are still going have to charge more to earn a living and keep it open.

  1. 10 minutes after his arrest, the killer friend realized that his dead friend was correct about his mother.
    “You know, she does grow snatch hair all the way up her back. My bad.”

  2. Cops didnt even have weapons or a baton, guess they rely on the morality compass from people to turn themselves in once they committed a crime.

    Dont tell that guy any ” yo mama so fat jokes”.

      1. Sphincterpiston-
        Dude I don’t think you realize what a complete asshat and low IQ’d fucking moron you really are, I read some of your posts and even tho you are getting royally stomped on you continue to keep opening your mouth and inserting foot! SERIOUSLY- when do you finally show some humility and stop? You aren’t only an embarrassment to yourself but your entire family! Give it a break kiddo, I don’t think you have many friends in this life that’s for sure.

  3. Well officer, he was trying to get inside my “head” talking about my mother, so I just lost my “head” and went “head to head” with him and things came to a “head” then he tried to “head” out but I got “a-head” of him as he tried to “head” out and next thing I knew was he lost his “head” and here I am “head-ing” to the police station to try and get “a-head” of this so when I “head” to court I might “head” off a longer sentence.

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