FSA Child Soldier Beheads an Unarmed Civilian with a Sword

FSA Child Soldier Beheads an Unarmed Civilian with a Sword

Boston.com reported that the Kenyan administration has supported the Syrian rebels with an excess of $200 Million US. Meanwhile, Hillary the Obtuse promised to have the financial support for the terrorists increased. And what do the rebels do with the money? Kidnap civilians who do not support their genocide and mercilessly execute them. To show they mean business, they won’t hesitate to force children into beheading the captives.

This video shows one of the FSA child soldiers decapitating an unarmed prisoner by hacking his head off with a sword. The rebels placed the civilian’s head on a brick and gave the child a sword he couldn’t even wield properly. As a results, the blows, albeit painful and paralyzing, failed to severe the head. The video however delivered the message it was intended to deliver – utter humiliation of non supporters by having a grown man completely submitted and at the mercy of a child.

Today I browsed the interweb and noticed how the knowledge of the situation in Syria has changed. I remember when I was the only one, the outcast at whom everybody pointed a finger for daring to say that the rebels were no freedom fighters. Best Gore – the first for the truth, but look at the state of the affairs now… vast majority of internet users already know who the real bad guys in Syria are and blogs are shifting from bashing on Bashar al Assad to bashing on the rebels. People have come to, because all they needed to do was open up their eyes. You can’t hide the truth forever. Although Zionists owned mainstream media and their puppet politicians still parrot the same bullshit about the Syrian government being the evil regime, something only a complete and helpless sheep would still believe.

Check out the disturbing video of a Syrian child soldier beheading a prisoner of war with a sword below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. I like the slogan for live leak – “Not for shock but documentation of crimes”. For sure most of the people think that these sites suck as wikileaks and liveleak are there to expose what the other media regards as disgusting, disturbance or even shocking video.

    Of all the uncensored bestgore is the best I’ve seen so far because it digs deeper than the others by giving a full detailed report when the info is available.

  2. Cue the unintelligent ‘nuke em’ all comments. I know it’s hard to think, but the situation is more complex. The small protests earlier this year would have been quelled and there would have been no civil war, if it wasn’t for the US and Europe supporting the Islamist scum. If Assad uses chemical weapons and NATO intervenes, you’re looking at another ‘Iraq’ or ‘Afghanistan’.

    Politics isn’t about justice and righteousness, it’s about power. The US doesn’t want someone who stands up to US influence.

    I have strong sympathy for the soldiers, who have stayed loyal to deal with this evil.

  3. It’s amazing what a difference in geography will do for a kid. This fella could’ve been a lumberjack in training in the northwestern US or a Bruce Lee wannabe in some Chinapanese traveling street performer brigade but instead he was dealt the Syrian card, which in most cases in the middle east is the suicide king.

        1. @wicked, that guy was a master at his trade, one swing, and your head was on the ground….these morons, letting a kid have a go at it, make me sick. Guess they don’t have any type of Child Protective Sevices over there… 🙁

          1. @KrisKarnage, I was just being sarcastic. What kind of “people” (term used loosely in this instance) would acually let a child cut off a mans head? Imagine what they’d do if CPS did show up!

        2. Along with several I’ve seen in the desert where the head fuckin rolls into a basket from ONE swipe. Hatori hanzo……seppuku is finished with a beheading blow from a kitana to rid suffering of said samurai. If it couldn’t handle it in one blow how would it be mercy?

  4. I want to thank you today Mark for the reason being I’ve been called dead inside for looking at this site by my partner. Condescended and mocked as I don’t read a paper or watch the news. Whilst he’s clever at quoting politics and knows his MSM bullshit he’s tweeted today that the Free Syrian Army may be terrorists. No shit, basically what I’ve been saying for months then reading and watching Best Gore. Never again will I accept insults for wanting to educate myself on the true facts and not bury my head in the sand. Thank you.

  5. Took me back to the days when i would sit out in my backyard, on my lawn chair, in nothing but my Corona swiming shorts watching my mother behead some fucking chikens. Pluck, gutt, butcher them and finaly make some caldo. While i would take some hits from the bong. The good ol days.

  6. Hello, bestgore society.
    I’m here to defend Islam, not corrupt muslims.
    I will assure you that islam is the religion of peace, love and justice.
    Ask me any questions, give me valid claims: not “Blood Thirsty Muslim Shit.”

    1. …but doesn’t the koran say, in many passages and many times over, that all true islamists should kill all non-believers? I don’t see how this can ever be considered a peaceful religion from any view point.

  7. a while back there was that video in uganda or gambia where a bunch of darkies were crowing around two people trying to kill them but stripping them naked, mutilating their genitals and setting them on fire, then other instance with a crowd of fucked up people like this one, i just think:

    I wish I was there hiding in the hedge or stumbling upon them whilst holding some C4 or a hand grenade maybe even a flame thrower and just taking all the fuckers out in one go.

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