Gagged Man Tied to Chair Decapitated with Dull Knife, Sprays Blood Like Fountain

Gagged Man Tied to Chair Decapitated with Dull Knife, Sprays Blood Like Fountain

Gagged Man Tied to Chair Decapitated with Dull Knife, Sprays Blood Like Fountain

This happened in Brazil, and one of the killers mentions CV (Comando Vermelho), so the killing was clearly gang related. I do not have any more specific information, though.

The video shows a young looking man who’s gagged and tied to a chair. He’s alive, as he blinks his eyes, but barely flinches when his captors proceed to decapitate him with the dull knife they have.

Even though there’s not much to say about the sharpness of the cutting tool, the wielder finds the right spot to sever the spine with it easily, so the beheading concludes relatively fast. The victim performs a spectacularly gory version of a fountain, spurting blood like a champ. It’s probably the furthest spray of blood we’ve ever seen at Best Gore.

Props to Best Gore member @gorefest1971 for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. Ha! Good one! Just like the Hawaiian Punch drinking fountain in that movie ‘Mr. Deeds’ with Adam Sandler, not the old one in black and white….although the original is good, also. It’s like they knew where to cut on the back of the neck to get his head off that quick. I’m a seasoned vet with gore, but this one was gnarly as fuck. Kinda like the one where the Mexican cop and his son get slaughtered. That video was probably the most brutal vid I’ve ever seen….oh , and for sure, that guy was drugged. Anyone can see that. At least I hope….

      1. The father and son one was definitely the most brutal I’ve seen on here (and ive seen alot) but seriously do they drug some of these execution videos? They never fight back… And act like their not being brutally slain. I always thought its from loss of blood (from torture) that they black out. This kid clearly wasent bleeding from anywhere…from what we see at least.

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    1. It’s possible to be literally frozen with fear that’s how.
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  1. not even need to precise it was in brazil…

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    3 – the haircut….. the god damn haircut.. you’ll find that ONLY in brazil.

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  4. The victim was gagged and restrained and therefore could not struggle nor scream. His death was carried out by an experienced executioner who has obviously done this act before as his skill was shown in the video. Death comes in many forms and it depend on who does it to whom. Fate is strange is as death is. So is life.

    1. I dont think this is fait, sometimes this can happen because anything can happen. Its apparent that using caution and being aware of this sort of thing might prevent it. People will have to eventually realize that death thats unjust and carried out in a demonic way is not pleasing to the soul.

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