Gallery of Exclusive Photos of Hurricane Maria Aftermath in Dominica

Gallery of Exclusive Photos of Hurricane Maria Aftermath in Dominica

No wall of text this time around 🙂

Here’s a gallery of a few more stills I took in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria before being evacuated out of Dominica. I had no way to recharge the batteries, so I couldn’t go out snapping pics left and right. This is basically all I was able to get in 6 days there.

Thanks to everyone for support and encouragement in these difficult times. For those who missed it, here are the previous posts which contain a more detailed account of how I survived Category 5 Hurricane Maria in Dominica:

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I’m sharing these pictures exclusively with you, the awesome readers of Best Gore. Enjoy:

For comparison purposes, this is what uninhabited hills of Dominica used to look like. Dominica used to be dubbed “The Nature Isle of the Caribbean“, thanks to its expansive and untouched rainforests, with 60% of the country’s landmass being primary rainforests protected by the government as national parks and forest reserves. So much for that:

This Is What Dominica Used to Look Like Before Hurricane Maria

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22 thoughts on “Gallery of Exclusive Photos of Hurricane Maria Aftermath in Dominica”

  1. I was expecting the ground to be split in half with bodies being thrown into trees and Jesus to be getting a blowjob from the local whore. Not to be cynical or nothing

    I wonder if it’d be possible to have a chiyack in strong winds of water? Like the wizard of Oz

  2. It’s breathtaking how effortlessly nature can eliminate man’s greatest achievements when it gets extreme. I wonder how many of these we’ll need to see on mainland America before the scumbag politicians stop sucking the cocks of their oil and industry masters and admit that climate change might be something we have influence over.

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience and the story, I haven’t heard anything about this place in the “regular” news. That devastation looks pretty horrific. I’ve gone thru a few hurricanes, but nothing bigger than a Cat 2 and I was pretty impressed. Especially with the transformers blowing up with a nice blue green explosion of color. It’s true you don’t usually appreciate what you have until you lose it. Like electricity and and air conditioning. Gosh most of us have really gone soft.

  4. I’ve enjoyed “the walls” of text. While the husband was busy working on an electrical issue with the house, I read each Part to him. He found it interesting as well. He was unlucky enough to be in Baja Cali, Mexico when the earthquake hit down there. He’s fine though. However, having just witnessed that event, he found hearing your story of another form of mother nature’s wrath to be very intriguing.

  5. Really interesting pictures. Thanks. I have a friend on Puerto Rico. She has lost everything. Her house has gone. All I know is that she’s alive but it seems the devastation there is similar to what Dominica has suffered. This is a massive catastrophe that the world seems to be largely ignoring.

    Where did you evacuate to?

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