Gang War in Port-au-Prince, Haiti – Head of Decapitated Rival Fed Own Penis

Gang War in Port-au-Prince, Haiti - Head of Decapitated Rival Fed Own Penis

Gang War in Port-au-Prince, Haiti - Head of Decapitated Rival Fed Own Penis

This is the latest from war of gangs that is going on in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Best Gore member @thermo1690 notes:

This is how gangsters in Haiti operate. They are in direct competition with Brazilian savages and Mexican cartel members when it comes to Barbarism, cruelty and Cannibalism.

The video shows gangsters around a severed head with the former owner’s amputated penis shoved in its mouth. Severed feet accompany the scene. A man holding a severed arm pulls out the penis and pulls back its foreskin. There’s a lot of wailing that sounds female going on in the video.

Props to Best Gore member @thermo1690 for this one:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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136 thoughts on “Gang War in Port-au-Prince, Haiti – Head of Decapitated Rival Fed Own Penis”

    1. Apparently this is common in the grottos of Nigeria. I’m not so sure about it’s entertainment value though. Some will look at this and see the peak of female empowerment… all I see is a barbecue even Homer fucking Simpson himself would’ve RSVP to.

    2. A cousin of mine, a member of the Argentine army, went to Port-au-Prince in 2006 in the humanitarian crisis there. According to what he said it was like living in a living hell, he knew many places, but that was the worst of all, the people of that country literally starve and are very aggressive according to what he tells

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          1. STFU you white pink skinned animal. Your ethnicity has committed the worst atrocities throughout history. A Leopard can’t change their spots neither can your ethnicity .

          2. STFU you white pink skinned animal. Your ethnicity has committed the worst atrocities throughout history. A Leopard can’t change their spots neither can your ethnicity…

          3. STFU you white pink skinned animal. Your ethnicity has committed the worst atrocities throughout history. A Leopard can’t change their spots neither can your ethnicity. Fucking idiot.

    1. No, unfortunately if gonorrhea is picked up a second time within the space of 40 months it is normally fatal. The bi-lateral compacted area at the rear of the abdominal wall becomes inflamed (non symptom) resulting in a spread to the pancreatic mass and onward. Unfortunately at that stage there is no invasive surgical procedure to evacuate the site and death usually occurs within x2 weeks. Hope this helps.

    2. Why not get HIV twice maybe you will get immune to it? Gonorrhea can be cured .. but the amount of people .. younger one specially who give zero fuck about STD fucking their life away .. fucked up world

    3. it did not work for me. I got gonorrhea 7 times in my life. The last 2 times were in a period of less than a month. I lied to the doctor that the antibiotics were not working, when in fact i had fucked vaginas without condom again just after the course of antibiotics ended. I started using condoms regularly because of gonorrhea. HIV was never a worry to me , cause im hetero and do not buttfuck. But gonorrhea sucks and i couldnt stand anymore the burning piss sensation and having to get doctor appointments for antibiotics.

          1. “If you feel like playing with a dick, then play with your own,” is what they used to say back in my day when things like unit-cohesion still mattered.

          1. Ron “The Hedgehog” Jeremy did it back in the 80’s. Fun fact of the weekend.

  1. This is kinda disturbing… and I don’t mean haha-distubring like when Dennis Rodman became our ambassador for nuclear warfare. But he has the genetics of a Ugandan warrior so Trevon get the Flex Tape. Or, is it some strange coincidence that this is how Danny Glover spends a Saturday night with friends. Remember the 70’s, it was a special time in history where no one gave a fuck. Smoking in hospitals, untamed pubes and sexually harassing midgets at the workplace. No problems. Nothing was sacred. If the 1980’s taught me something, it’s that ANYthing goes as long as there’s a killer soundtrack behind you. Except these niggers. Not even the renaissance of crack cocaine will be held liable for this shit.

  2. Who giving these fucks weapons .. thre is another guy with what appears to be an m16 rifle .. what kind of fucked up country is that. Nothing out of the ordinary in these fucking currupt Caribbean nation’s filled with politicians who gives zero fuck about the people but their pocket… These low life motherfuckers steal all the wealth of these poor countries launder money and run these poor countries to the ground.. what do you have as a result? Exactly what u see in the video .. fucking shit holes

          1. I’m Danish, Swedish and a touch German, but I actually live in the US. I’ve never been to Europe, would love to check Greece out! Are you Greek? And I’m not sure about Northern Europe or how commen it is in the rest of the world to be circumcised, in the US it seems to be very common. And as you’ve said it doesn’t sound very common in Greece. I don’t think the rest of the world finds it necessary. But I’m sure glad I don’t have a sleeping bag on my Johnson! Not trying to pry, but did you do something to your hair? Looks hot!

          2. Interesting combination!I was born and raised in Poland and i’ve been living in Greece for the past 15 years.If you ever come to Europe you NEED to visit Hellas 🙂 Beautiful country,you won’t be disappointed. As far as i know circumcision is not that popular in Europe,and to be honest i had no idea it is so common in the US.I thought it was confined to Jews and Muslims. Curcumicised penis looks better but i have no strong feelings either way. Why thank you! 🙂 Yes,i’ve been experimenting with my hair lately,it was pink before.

          3. I figured it wasn’t that common in Europe but in the US it’s pretty common, I have heard it called the Jew S A before, So maybe that’s why it’s so common in the US. I am very fortunate to not have to deal with the cleaning and other things, One of my friends wasn’t circumcised and he dealt with yeast infections and I know they say uncircumcised men get more feeling but I don’t think I could handle anymore feeling already a two pump chump as it is! I like that you’re mixing it up but the pink hair and the bird flip was pretty bad ass too!

          4. A guy with a yeast infection? That’s kinda rare.usually women get it.maybe your friend was a really filthy fellow or he fucked a filthy lady? 😉 I honestly don’t believe that circumcision has anything to do with it.thinking that way I should’ve gotten my labia cut off too(can’t even imagine mutilating my pussy like that!!)

            Anyway, what’s the story behind your pic? 🙂

          5. Well you are spot on on the unclean part, It seems like in the US the people that don’t have their kids circumcised is more of a spiritual thing, his parents Where hippies and he turned out to be a hippy and also didn’t circumcise his kids, So that explains the dirty unclean part. Also I imagine in Europe that society teaches people there how to clean and deal with having a foreskin. And about the profile picture, Haha its a pretty good story. My girlfriend is getting of the age where she needs to be getting mammograms and all the other checkups, so she got scheduled for a mammogram and was super scared about it. I told her it was no big deal and better to be safe than sorry. She said that if it sounded like a walk in the park than guy’s should have to get there dicks flattened to check for penile cancer, so when she was going in for the upointment I had the cheeky idea to flatten my dick and send her the pic, so I had this plexiglass contraption i used for a metal flashing bender and squished the hell out of it! she thought it was hilarious! It hurt like a son of a bitch, as I got it down to a couple of milameters the tip started to squeeze out of the end of it and at one point there was blood oozing out of it, totally worth it to see her laugh. So I liked her term manogram, and figured it would be appropriate for best gore and others mite get a kick out of it. Is that a pic of you in the background, if so very nice, would love to see more

          6. I’m in stitches here!! You’re crazy!i love this story.i thought you found the pic on the internet, wasn’t expecting it was actually yours!its awesome 🙂
            Yes, it is a pic of me. hey, stop thinking these dirty thoughts, we just met lol

          7. I’m always glad to put a smile on people’s, and I’m glad you got a kick out of it! It was super painful, and I was a little worried about it not popping back out and being stuck with a large skin tag for a dick! And thinking everyone
            is going to say “there goes old platypus dick. After about a day it was back to normal with alot of brusing. And your rite i need to pump the breaks on the complements, anyway nice to meet another awesome person on bg, see you in the next round of hilarious comments!

    1. comfortable, hell i think it’s run to the mill commonplace for these blood thirsty savages. And now they can have themselves one hell of a weeny roast, he’s probably thinking of the protein! It’s not every day you get to eat that good in the hood

  3. Any woman who would willfully allow herself to be penetrated with a neggroid’s penis is a self-hating whore with absolutely no dignity whatsoever.
    A woman that has self respect and loves herself would never fuck a nigger.

  4. Okay so since we’re talking about penises…

    Seeing a penis like this one sure makes me appreciate how beautifully veiny and low maintenance clean my penis is.
    Can just imagine how disgusting and smelly having that much foreskin can be if you don’t clean that shit at least once a day or after sex, eeeewww.
    Gotta love having a full time exposed head even when on limp mode.

    1. Bernando Santo ,you have a ” Christian ” Iberian -sounding name. Yet you say you are circumcised. Almost all Christian Iberians or Latin Americans have a foreskin. So you are Jewish then? ; )

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  5. He asked for Coq au Vin for his last meal, they misheard him and thought he said Cock of Man.

    I had serious doubts about the guy holding the dead man’s cock (see? It even sounds wrong.) There was no need to pull the foreskin back, that was just gratuitous. And, as all men know, if you shake it more than twice, you’re playing with it.

  6. Niggers have yet to civilize themselves in their own country, and yet some Caucasians feel it prudent to give them power and influence in western civilisations. I don’t understand.

    1. They will never civilise. To low IQ and fucked up mentality fueled with superstition. Self-hating whites so called left-wing liberal, champaigne commies and marxists known as antifa are using coloureds as their pets against people of own race.

      1. Maybe they should stop. I’m all for people solving their own damn problems. If you’re stupid enough to have 16 crotch droppings you can’t afford, why should anyone else pay for them. Try taking Swift’s ‘A Modest Proposal’ to heart.

  7. Well gore brothers and sister hope y’all safe and enjoyed watching them
    Homosexual penis cutters and grabbers I’m sure they are mad and have many suppressed homo felling but on a serious note can you guys follow me on tiktok : bunniemeows2 thanks

    1. That is a very good point, Nem.
      In fact as I watched this clip, I was cringing at the concept of someone playing with one’s dismembered small head, after decapitating one’s big head.

      Now that you mention it, these dickheads may be incompetent beyond belief.

        1. Good grief, yeah. 😉
          I’d hate to be the guy that gets “allocated” someone’s micropenis by accident after having both my heads hacked off by some twat. HAHA!
          Fuck man, being dead is bad enough, but with these chowderheads, anything is poss.

  8. Any yet all the nogs in the USA keep talking about how bad slavery was for them (meaning relatives of theirs that died at least 75-100 years before any of today’s nogs were born). Go back to Africa now, beyotches, and see how much better you’d have it there.

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