Genocide Against Guarani-Kaiowa People in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil

Genocide Against Guarani-Kaiowa People in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil

Brazil is not only about flip flops, Da Silvas and murder in progress on every damn street corner. Brazil is also about an ongoing and systematic genocide against the indigenous peoples.

Guarani-Kaiowa have lived in the remote jungles of Nhande Ru Marangatu in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso do Sul for centuries and due to the remoteness, remained uncontacted until the 1800’s. But as the economy of Brazil grows, so do greed and callousness of the newfound rich.

Pristine forests of Nhande Ru Marangatu are an important source of shelter and nourishment for the Guarani-Kaiowa but they also represent easy income for men with power. By simply coming and cutting down the trees, the men in power can secure themselves with extraordinary income. Reclaimed land can then be used as soy plantation as there’s currently good money in it too. All one would need to take control of this huge chunk of money is to get rid of the Guarani-Kaiowa people.

Needless to say, as their habitable area gets fragmented and shrunk, the Guarani-Kaiowa are no longer able to sustain themselves by fishing, hunting and farming as they used to for centuries. To make matters worse, they are continuously forced to watch their family members slaughtered, their livelihood destroyed and their children enslaved. Those who stand up for their way of life are murdered, those who submit are displaced and forced to work on plantations for pennies.

One of the big guys responsible for ongoing genocide against the Guarani-Kaiowa is one of the world’s most famous rainforest destroyers. Billionaire Blairo Maggi was a governor of Mato Grosso and is an owner of the André Maggi Group – the world’s largest soybean producer. Blairo Maggi earned himself a moniker “Chainsaw” for his dedication to cut down as much of the Amazon rainforest as possible.

During his governance of Mato Grosso, an already alarming rate at which the deforestation of the Amazon continued was increased by 40%. Along with other high post Brazilians, Blairo Maggi has the foremost interest in elimination of Guarani-Kaiowa so he can use their fertile land for more soybean production (while enslaving the indigenous people to work on his plantations for peanuts).

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      Also, “…pushed to the brink of suicide.”? Looks like it went beyond the brink to committing the act and offing himself!

          1. @Luna…glad you were smirking and snickering! It’s so hard knowing for sure if a comment is serious or in fun. Next time do a winky! 😉

  1. That “Matto Grosso do Sul” was mostly part of the little country of Paraguay, that around 1860 was governed by a crazy eccentric banana dictator called Fransico Solano Lopez (the guy that provided inspiration to Garc?a Marquez’s general Buenosd?as from 100 years of solitude). Most Paraguayans call themselves ‘guaranies’ , and the guaran? is their official language along with spanish. But back in 1864 we had this guy Solano Lopez, he had managed to create a “closed economy” that was thriving, with german imported ingenieers and mercenaries, the guy mounted a quite impressive metalurgical heavy industry, and was in many ways more advanced that their bigger neigbhoors (Brazil and Argentina). But the BRITISH EMPIRE wasn?t just going to take that shit, that’s they wanted countries that bought THEIR manufactured goods, not countries that tried being self-sufficient and have their own industry, so they began actively lobbying against Paraguay with their neighboors. To make things worse worse, Paraguay was pursuing an aggressive foreign policiy, aimed at gaining a port at the strategically key River Plate, in order to have a point from where to import-export the stuff needed to fuel their industrialization efforts, at the expense of little country Uruguay. When Solano Lopez asked to the Argentines military access to go conquering somo Uruguayan ports in 1864, Argentine president Mitre denied passage. By that time, the british had already secured brazilian goodwill to invade and lay waste on Paraguay, should hostilities begin, and were supplying them with arms and money. And then, Solano Lopez decided to just invade Argentina and go through argentinian territory to Uruguay. With that fateful decision, the so called “Triple Alliance War” (for Brazil-Argentina-Uruguay vs. Paraguay) started. It was -proportionally- the bloodiest war in the history of the Americas, and second only to the US Civil War in the total body count. As the best of the paraguayan army was tied up in argentine territory, Brazilians started mass-assaulting the german-designed fortress networks on Paraguay territory (the brazilian National Guard has about as many people than Paraguayan total population). Finally, the Argentinian army wiped out the paraguayan-german trained army at Corrientes and it was a “let’s assault Paraguay from all angles” carnage that ended with Paraguayan male population becoming almost extint (as Solano Lopez was totally mad and unwilling to surrender). In the end, they lost most of their adult male population, half of their territory (at that time the Matto Grosso do Sul was coveted for its rich exotic woods) and got razed almost to the ground by brazilians, staying as one of the shittiest countries of the region to this day. After the war, they had to issue a “poligamy law” were each male was allowed to marry several females, in order to reconstruct their population…

    1. Tha war was some 150 years ago, so no much to do there. Unlike Brazil, Argentina ended up having some bad conscious issues after the war (even when Solano Lopez started it by invading Corrientes), with liberal-conservative constitution drafter Alberdi writing a book (the Crime of War) denouncing it as genocide. The Argentinian commander even refused to occupy Asunci?n, camping its army outside, in order to do not take part and get the Arg. flag ‘dirty’ with the massacre that the brazilians were conducting. Some decades later, argentinian governments ended up giving back some territory, flags captured during the campaign and some reparations. Brazilians, on the other hand, were always much into the “empire-building” crap to be bothered about, at least, saying “sorry”.

    2. Found a map the other day (online) of all the places that the British Empire has encroached upon or beat into submission throughout history. Those places were in red. The areas that they hadn’t invaded were in blue. There was like two tiny blue dots in a sea of blood red… and yet they wanna get all holier-than-thou on the rest of the world. LMFAO. The British have a very selective memory where their history is concerned.

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    40% of the Forrest? over how much time?
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  3. Just nuke half of China, and the forests will be safe, Maggi will be bankrupt, and Argentina president kirchner and his corrupt monkeys will be defaulting the national debt for the second time in 11 years…and all of them sticking these fucking soybean crops into their fat asses…anyway, this china-consumer-good-bubble is going to blow to shit anytime soon, earth will be relieved

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