German Hostage Jurgen Kantner Beheaded by Abu Sayyaf in Philippines

German Hostage Jurgen Kantner Beheaded by Abu Sayyaf in Philippines

Philippine Islamic militants Abu Sayyaf have beheaded 70 year old German hostage Jurgen Kantner, after the 30 million pesos (US$600,000) ransom failed to be paid by Sunday, February 26, 2017.

Jurgen Kanter had been abducted from his yacht named the Rockall while sailing off the coast of the Philippines last year. His wife Sabine Merz was shot dead, and the yacht with her corpse on board found drifting out to sea.

Oddly enough, this is the second time Jurgen Kanter and his wife were kidnapped. In 2008, the couple was held for ransom for 52 days after being kidnapped in Somalia. That time they were freed after a huge ransom was purportedly paid. Looks like they never learned a lesson!

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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212 thoughts on “German Hostage Jurgen Kantner Beheaded by Abu Sayyaf in Philippines”

    1. I agree. Abu Sayyaf are just wannabes. Even Boko Haram in Africa is smarter than them.
      Keeping such an old dying man and hoping to get 600K? If they were so smart, they would have kept his wife instead – or even better the couple. A 70ish year old man who’s wife you’ve already killed has nothing to lose. He’s likely suicidal just waiting for you to finish the job.

      He also likely has no one to give you a penny.

      Furthermore, stupid cameraman. Bestgore should consider offering some beheading tutorials and gore-filming lessons so we have a new job for the ISIS professionals who’re almost defeated in Syria and Iraq

    1. many countries out there is very nice to visit , it is just these pigs who use Islam and allah akbar to do crimes all day that ruin everything. Still similar things in the name of the queen or a king has been done in the paste but now it is all politics and such. I’m straw manning you somewhat but whatever >.<

      1. Reminds me of the thousands of fuckwits who still visit rag-head shitholes for some cheap sun. Several years ago, tourists were murdered at the Bardot Museum in Tunisia. Couple of years later, more Europeans were shot there on the beach.

        What is it with these dumbasses. Lots of safe places in the world where you can fry yourself on the beach if you want to without running the risk of bumping into local Snackbar! fanatics. People are so dumb.

        1. @bunkermentality, safest places Zimbabwe despite been in mess, Malawi, Zambia, Lesotho and Tanzania. There, as long as you are white you will be treated like a god. Most people who have been these places never regretted their adventure. In North Africa even non muslim afro blacks (niggers) are potential targets.

          1. @African Angel….Agree. I like southern Africa, my aunt lives in Pietermaritzburg. SA can be OK in places, but places like Joburg are the wild west. Been to Lesotho, Mozambique and Swazi. Mostly treated very well there. Would like to go to Botswana as it seems to have its shit together. North Africa and muzzieland is no go for me.

      1. They prob have Islam for dummies in their back packs. This guy was old and I have a heart for the elder. Not the cockbar elders. I don’t know I’ll be cruising in the hamptons and jersey shore this summer. We do have great snack bars. Maybe I’ll get a Couple virgins. Titties and more titties. Alive titties. Realistic titties. Alah suck farts

  1. “US $600,000 ransom…”
    “…had been abducted from his yacht… His wife Sabine Merz was shot dead, and the yacht with her corpse on board found drifting out to sea.”

    Well, I’m hardly an expert on the going price for a used yacht on the black market… but unless he had a complete POS I’d have stuck him and wifey in a lifeboat and sold the yacht. Less trouble and pretty good money, I’d imagine.

  2. US$600k wasn’t that enough shit relatives can fail to pay to save somebody’s ass.

    In most so called developed countries they don’t pay ransom as this will encourage more abductions. Have been following this story ever since the old dude was captured. Too bad no one came to rescue him.

    1. this story has me intrigued. I am going to read up on it, see if I can figure out who paid first ransom. I’m curious if his family let him die because they just weren’t about to pay another ransom..
      again? (eyeroll)

  3. The plans I was making to travel the world are slowly being crossed off for continents not just countries I shall not visit, I’m down to a few local towns I think Im safe to go sample their culture and not lose my head


    1. @PissTank ………Well, I can tell you that Western Europe is somewhere to cross off your list. Poland, Czech and much of Eastern Europe is still fine. I go to Prague/CZ a lot and can go a whole week without seeing one single snackbar! parasite anywhere. Amazing really for a European capital city. The place is virtually 100% Caucasian, as is the rest of CZ. And surprise, surprise – no terror attacks and the place is very calm and safe. There’s hope yet!

  4. HA! No goverment is going to spent that much cash on a civilian. We are worth NOTHING in their eyes. New tax payers are being born every second, they can live without this old fart. Why the fuck go there in the first place if you have been abducted before?? dumb motherfucker.

  5. As a German I kek’d hard.

    First it’s unbelievable how stupid our government is. Pay those fuckers? I would burn the forest down were they used to live/hide.

    Second fuck those “hostages” – they didn’t receive any better. They know what they are doing – they know that they spend their Hollidays in fucked up countries. Kidnapped twice? How can someone be so fucking dump…

    I’m out… drinking a cold bear and enjoy the night in my new fucking baby doll – with two “refugee welcome” less in our country.


  6. Fuck all you people with your “he should’ve learned his lesson” crap. He could’ve said Fuck freedom, I won’t go where I want to go. — But he did go and shit turned horrible. But he didn’t allow these assholes to derail his dreams. He didn’t let fear stop him from living while he had the chance. The day you lock yourselves in your houses and don’t venture where your hearts want to go, you’re dead already. Good on him for doing what he wanted. His chance was a fail but he took the chance. I like that.

    If you didn’t jerk off on 9/11, the terrorists win — Louis CK

    1. Utter bollocks. He could have lived out his so called “Dreams”, by sailing in countless other areas.
      He got what he deserved, especially given his previous brush with kidnappers.
      He deserves zero sympathy for his utter folly.

    2. But the point is that he was fucking stupid. Just as stupid as when he was captured by Somali pirates. He went to a dangerous area and made absolutely no preparations for in case things went south. It’s hard to feel very sorry for people that stubbornly refuse to acknowledge reality.

    3. Well, my friends, you can choose to live that way. He did not. I didn’t say he deserved sympathy for it either. I said that I applaud someone who did what he wanted to do. Sometimes the biggest “fuck you” is to go where you shouldn’t even if they threaten you or try to control you with fear. The picture is much bigger than this one man. It’s your attitudes that bothered me. When groups or the government start setting limits and keeping you afraid to go here or do this, their foothold turns into an all out siege of the mountain. I think this man is just a good example of the rebellion we need in the States or other countries where your freedom is being chipped away at a bit at a time. We see people scared silent all the time. Yeah, Mr. Germany here gambled and lost. So did a lot of people in the past who made the first move towards whatever freedom they were supposed to fear but that’s how a revolution starts. I’m sick of being afraid of this or that group or saying the wrong thing or laws that have no purpose but to shut you up or keep you from going where you want to go. I applaud people that blow through the Arizona border check that’s 60 miles north of the border. Freedom of travel in this country makes those check points illegal – but everybody stops. They comply so easily. What’s next? So you guys can call me stupid or whatever but I’d rather be called stupid than afraid. And Haydolf, it’s the emotional brain? Damn right and that’s what drives the spirit of people who’ve ever done anything great.

      *puts soapbox back in hall closet*

        1. For some people the fear is what makes it exciting and some just dont let fear get in the way of what they want but if you run into something you’re scared of being prepared for the consequences simple

        2. @Gnat You wouldn’t really have anything to fear. Maybe to dread as you would already know the outcome.

          Why don’t you personally just not do things you think are bad ideas and let people like Mr Germany take their chances.

          Fear stifles intelligence …

          1. You’re right… I’ll watch Jurgen experience his fuck up not once but twice and I’ll learn from this…
            This is called wisdom…

            Fear stifles intelligence?…

            Getting your fucking head cut off stifles intelligence…

          1. i wasnt attacking you personally plaster i was just observing that a female might see it as less of a risk to go back to the place like that because of their emotional logic -i.e: the beautiful scenery might tempt a female to think of that first instead of the risk of head cutter jihadi’s

      1. I agree with certain statements you are making, but in reality your kinda calling for a civil war. fight the ones that take away our freedom and fill us with fear. I agree, i’m sick of Having my freedoms taken and Australia is a total nanny state, nothing like US, you guys still get to do stuff there. But I mention civil war because in history that is really the only way those large changes are made, and Coups, much the same really.

  7. Even though his head was chopped off, Jurgen Kanter had the last laugh. Or the last look, eyeing his murderers and denoting silently, “Ha! I’m still not dead yet, assholes! Yeah that’s right I’m looking at every one of you fucks! You failed to stop me existing, but I still came out AHEAD!”

  8. He fucked around with the bull, twice, and got the horns, twice. This time though, his luck ran out completely.
    No sympathy for wanton risk takers like this guy, none whatsoever. The ocean covers two thirds of the planet, but this utter knob head chose to sail way too close to the wind as it were.

  9. The way they were snackbarring in this video, especially at 1:10 to 1:15 onwards was the ugliest, non-human sounding shit I have ever heard. It literally sounded like Donald Duck for fuck sake!

  10. Fucking Islamic dogs! Fuck them all! Putrid pieces of shit! An elderly couple minding their own fucking business living the last days of their fucking lives and they go do that the fucking scum dogs. Kis em rubek you sons of bitches

  11. Abduct me once, shame on you. Abduct me twice…shame on me. He of all people should’ve been aware of hot spots to be avoided. By all means go, but go where the Muslim extremists aren’t ’cause you just might end up dead and for the second time in this case.

          1. I don’t always drink Dos Equis… but when I do… I piss it out and drink it again…

            I’m kidding… except for that one time in ’81… πŸ˜•

            At least it was cold…

  12. This guy took complete advantage, or at least tried to, by traveling “Again” to a dangerous Country after what happened in Somalia, and The German Government bailing is ass out once already!
    Or maybe he did not know how dangerous The Philippine was. If he would have checked-out B-G, or the more Sheeple friendly Miscopy, lol first, their lives could have been spared.

    1. @thedre true indeed bro ! they deliberately threw caution to the wind and paid with their miserable lives .
      Who the fuck would endanger their lives knowing from their first instance how narrowly death had brushed them just by a hair whisker .
      As if the other places were doomed or banned for them.
      The couple was being over adventurous where first the lady took a bullet and here is this old lad having been done to death the way these beasts love doing .
      These bastards won’t give peace a chance ever .

    1. Have a Little self respect man and start using your head.

      Many people from the islam beliving countrys are very poorly informed about the rest of the World and so they belive all that their leader says because thats their only source of information..

      Right now thats exactly how you americans are behaving and yet you have the means of informing yourselfs so easy while they can not.

      So you tell me who is more stupid..

      1. Sorry but though I am on friendly terms with some Muslims I would never trust them. If their Imams told them to cut my throat they would I am sure. The Koran is the raving of a medieval desert savage. It is no religion of peace.

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