German Hostage Jurgen Kantner Beheaded by Abu Sayyaf in Philippines

German Hostage Jurgen Kantner Beheaded by Abu Sayyaf in Philippines

Philippine Islamic militants Abu Sayyaf have beheaded 70 year old German hostage Jurgen Kantner, after the 30 million pesos (US$600,000) ransom failed to be paid by Sunday, February 26, 2017.

Jurgen Kanter had been abducted from his yacht named the Rockall while sailing off the coast of the Philippines last year. His wife Sabine Merz was shot dead, and the yacht with her corpse on board found drifting out to sea.

Oddly enough, this is the second time Jurgen Kanter and his wife were kidnapped. In 2008, the couple was held for ransom for 52 days after being kidnapped in Somalia. That time they were freed after a huge ransom was purportedly paid. Looks like they never learned a lesson!

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212 thoughts on “German Hostage Jurgen Kantner Beheaded by Abu Sayyaf in Philippines”

  1. Fucking dumb cunts.
    Shouldn’t of fucking asked for six hundred thousand fucking dollars in the first fucking place!
    Who the fuck would pay that fucking much hahah.
    Now the fucking dumb cunts have no fucking money and a fucking murder to be fucking paranoid about.
    Fucking unless cunts hahah.

  2. Im from germany And i have no Problems with beheadings But this Video was to much for me The Poor old man its harder to See when he Speaks your Language. I Hope one day i can do The Same with These goat fuckers

  3. Poor man was just cruising
    on his beloved boat
    following his life’s passion.
    Suddenly these cursed terrorists
    kidnap him and behead him.
    They should have spared him
    on account of his age and harmlessness. I wish the army would finish off this little group
    in response to this crime.

  4. Disgusting savages,they should give their captives a fighting chance. Give the oldman a knife and fight him .You’d see who gets beheaded,bunch of soft weak wankers,that’s why they have to tie them up before killing them.

  5. Look at the expression on his face after the beheading.
    At least I don’t have to pay that 200,000 mortgage off.
    He didn’t cry like a sissy. Pretty peaceful death if you ask me.
    But shit, imagine going out like that hearing “Alot snackbar” while everything fades to black
    You can even see his eyes move all around!
    Where are the scientists.
    Quick, call NASA!

    This is what selfishness and not being content does.
    They value money over life.
    They look pretty well off with a big blade like that, why didn’t they invest that money in a couple of seeds and plant them.
    Have a farm and become self sufficient.
    What’s the use in gaining cash, you lose it faster than you make it.
    Everything is in a constant state of change.
    Break the system, go live in a van!

  6. what to say, he seeked the death and found it. this careless guy and his partner ,probably former leftist teachers of the refugee wälkam faction, who believe all people are nice, were already kidnapped for the second time. at the first time the government paid off half a million ransom money (tax money), the second time did not, which was absolutely the right descision. he was in the claws of some islamic terrorist savages, he would have been killed in any case , even if the government paid the money. my pity is within limits.

  7. I always wonder if these are edited or fake as there is no blood here at all. This is just an observation but you cut the carotid artery and the pressure, especially from scared man’s fast heart beat would be immense yet his head and forest floor is totally clean: suspicious to me. I reckon he waw probably shot and then decapitated and this is cleverly edited.

  8. The video is not authentic, there is no blood, you can see the guy sawing at air just by the chin with no cut happening “Kantner makes his Ahhh haaaa haaa haaa sound and then a hand or a face obscures Kantner’s face. He was not beheaded whilst alive. This is staged for terror propaganda. They probably said play along or we really will havk your head off instead of giving you the mercy of a bullet.

  9. As we have been trying to warn some of our idiot pleasure boaters over here, stay the fuck away from the northern Philippine Islands! Hard to feel sorry for him especially since this was his second trip into financial hostage land. I think I’ll take a zodiac and do a solo cruise around the ‘Horn! Sounds like a good idea, right? (Cape Horn)

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