The Great Cornholio Decapitation of Man with Duct Taped Face

The Great Cornholio Decapitation of Man with Duct Taped Face

The Great Cornholio Decapitation of Man with Duct Taped Face

Not much backinfo about the great cornholio decapitation. The scared man is briefly interrogated, then stomped while lying on the floor with face duct taped. Finally, he’s beheaded, even though the duct tape mask has probably long restricted the flow of air into his body.

Got to like how the killers use a bag for the head so when it’s severed, it’s already bagged.

Props to Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata for the video:

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63 thoughts on “The Great Cornholio Decapitation of Man with Duct Taped Face”

  1. Would’ve been nice to see him suffocating from the duct tape anyways…no squirming, no wriggling, no flailing… nothing. Not even bloody for fuck sake. What’s this world coming to anyways when law abiding citizens like ourselves are deprived of good old fashioned Gore? Holy crap…. found myself rambling there…. GREAT VIDEO 😉

    1. no no you’re correct I like a good beheading as the next person but this, One misses the screams and as the knife goes in deeper the screens turn to gurgling and wheezing sounds as the lungs are still trying to do their best…

      Yes I agree..

  2. That was a very neat and tidy beheading, almost like they didn’t want to make a mess. gays should never do beheadings. His voice was probably really high pitched.

      1. A good detective would view this as a bit of a give away. In that it must be in their house. Now all they have to do is look for two married gays with a very tidy house. Can you think of any other things they’d be looking for sookie?

          1. yes that’s it, that’s what i was thinking. Well done, empty duct tape. You’re a better detective than you think sookie @xsookiex i think we should go and catch these two gay headchoppers sookie ..oh i just thought, bondage, they’re probably into bondage

  3. Hi. Come on Mexican drug people you can do better then this. I mean for real, duct tape? I have an idea for a killing. Barry some one up to their neck in the dirt, then poor honey on their head, and then pour a bunch of ants on top. Or, gut someone and then place his feces in their mouth to the point they choke.

  4. Give that man a Princess Patty burrito/ warm taco served on a broken Brazilian plate! That poor fucker just knew that Lucky Sanchez was gonna be sticking his festering Mexican Jizz Cock into his eye sockets while his head was still drippy and warm. No wonder he did the Darth shit.
    The duct tape is Lucky Sanchez’s way of ensuring that none of his underlings have rubbed their cocks in the eye sockets before him. He gets to unwrap the head like it was Christmas and fuck those virginal sockets, the eyeballs bursting and popping like the delicate hymen of a sweet Durango Virgin fanny-farting on a Spring Breeze across the Pampas.
    It makes me want to cry a little.

  5. I have the feeling these morons didn’t realize he was going to die by asphyxiation with all that duct tape, tried to revive him by jumping on his chest, and finally gave up and beheaded the already dead man.

  6. The person they beheaded was already dead. There was no need to hide his face so it is possible they didn’t kill the guy in the video….but somebody else. OR they killed him too soon but were instructed to execute him via beheading and wanted to conceal the fact he was already dead with tape.

  7. UPDATE:
    Gulf Cartel Member Interrogated, Drowned, Stomped On and Beheaded

    Only a few moments of the interrogation are shown and the drowning isn’t shown at all. But some of the stomping and all of the beheading are

    – – – – – – –
    At the end of the long version, however, it says the following: (Translated by Google Translate)
    Keep sending more of these assholes fucking whores Torreon.

    attn: Poster Northeast

    This also will happen to the west of Cabrera and momos

    Coahuila is the people

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