Grupo Sombra Interrogates and Decapitates Man for Extorting Taxi Drivers

Grupo Sombra Interrogates and Decapitates Man for Extorting Taxi Drivers

In the city of Panuco, state of Veracruz, Mexico, members of Grupo Sombra kidnapped, interrogated and decapitated a chubby man. According to the info I got, the group accused the man of extorting money from local taxi drivers, and punished him for it by death.

Here’s previous beheading by Grupo Sombra.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

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49 thoughts on “Grupo Sombra Interrogates and Decapitates Man for Extorting Taxi Drivers”

    1. Why are these victims so compliant… what is your name? say your name! He does.

      I’d would say some bullshit to them, it’s not like your going to be set free and left alone, shit we all know when there are hooded men with guns and machetes your fucking dead! So go out with some balls and fuck up their recording

      1. Yes nineinch…….you are right to some point….
        Now the last thing you want to do is to piss them off….
        Instead of cutting through your neck…..and the ordeal is over in a few seconds…..
        They can cut your dick….your ears……..your lips…..
        Your nose……..your balls…… of your hands……
        And both..ect….and while laughing at it…..and having
        Lunch……they can demand the newest member
        In the gang to slice you like a lime…….
        Death by a thousand cuts……!!!!!….can be a bitch
        Never get caught……and if one does……
        Never get them mad at you……. remember you are
        Tied up like a hog….
        And they WILL retaliate… make a point….
        Just to show you shit……because they can …..!!!!
        So gone in a few seconds………or in a few hours or days…..
        you are still the boss……
        Your choice……!!!

        1. @Phebus: Hey, ese, you are a great lyricist. What you wrote would make a wonderful song but I can’t think of the music genre to go with the lyrics. Cumbia beat? Salsa? Narco-corrido? Ballad 50-60 s style? Italian opera? Rap? or Country western?

          What were you thinking music-wise? Or, what musical genre do you suggest might best fit your poetic words?

      2. I think you are totally full of shit. People react differently to situations and “we” don’t know how we will act in any given situation until we are in it.
        I have often thought about how I would act in various scenarios in Best Gore and have studied the many ways people actually act.
        With all due respect, I think you would be so paralyzed with the fear of impending death that you would be totally compliant in answering question respectfully in hopes of avoiding pain and death for a few more seconds.
        I have seen many executions on Best Gore. Most victims do not give executioners a hard time like you say you would. Most executed people seem in frozen shock and passively alow themselves to be killed just like the guy in the video.
        Think again, amigo.

  1. this is two different videos spliced together… not to long ago a video was on here showing a fat guy getting his head chopped off in a bathroom….Just my first thought might be wrong….but seems fake as hell to me!!!!

  2. It’s always astonishing that once the human head is removed from the body, perspective changes in a way that the head can either look really small or super huge. This motherfucker’s head was bigger than most watermelons I see at the supermarket. Fucker had a sugar-cured ham for a head.

  3. Couldn’t play the video, bet it was a good one!

    Anyways, I love criminals killing criminals! So what did he do, extort a taxi driver that they extort? Whatta buncha fucking inbred, uncivilized animals!! This site is great for exposing this shit and too bad there are too many hand wringing, weak kneed cunts on this planet who wouldn’t watch because it’s horrific and violent. Well, you can try and ignore this shit but when it comes for you in the form of Islimeic vermin and violent illegals only then will you understand we need to eradicate these animals like pests! They are an invasive species!!

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