Guilty by Association, Members of Rival Gang in Brazil Beheaded with Dull Blade

Guilty by Association, Members of Rival Gang in Brazil Beheaded with Dull Blade

Happy, Happy, Gore-lo-ween to all Best Gore members!

This brutal footage was filmed on a baked potato camera. There is a brief dialogue spoken in Bra’ziw Portuguese before rolled B-footage that quotes, “We are revenging the murder of our little sisters.”

Gang members affiliated with the murderers of the two girls stabbed in neck and face were caught by opposing drug faction and served a cold tall glass of revenge. The never ending cycle of death will never cease in Brazil and other uncivilized lands around the Globe. The Devil does indeed find work for idle hands; as a result, the rest of us get drenched with lucrative supply of gore.

This revenge killing reminds me, death is an invisible ever-present shadow. It reminds me as well, we do indeed reap what we sow.

Special thanks to Best Gore member @masterplan for a blunt, cut-to-the-point translation of video:

The guys [killers] were arrested. I think the revenge isn’t necessarily on the perpetrators, but on the rival organization. It doesn’t really matter… his head was chopped off with a machete more dull than a butter knife. 🙂

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      1. IF they were the actual killers of those two girls, I’d stab their eyes and neck and faces the same way, and as many times as they did. These beheadings were NOT 50% equal to justice. But, IF they were the real culprits, I’m still very happy.

      2. Yes, too bad they didn’t made them suffer more – cut their limbs slowly, skin alive, stick a water pipe up their ass, and then insert a barbed wire inside to it would rip their insides, all the while injecting adrenalin so they wouldn’t pass out. Then, maybe cauterize the wounds and perform the first medical attention to keep them alive long enough so they would die of starvation, while maggots are building up inside their rotting flesh.

        Something like that.

    1. They should take out the Jesus stature in Rio and replace it with Lucifers. For as far as we can tell god has forsaken that shithole and has long closed his eyes and abondoned the Greatest of the Flipflopistani Republics.

      1. … but Jesus Is Satan! … just In Disguise! … why else would heaven be spelt with a small ‘h’ all through the Bible, and not Heaven! with a capital ‘H’ … when the say heaven, they really mean Hell! and not the Sky above! …

    1. I think these victims where associated with the murderers of the girls. They wanted revenge and these 2 unfortunately took the punishment for the perpetrators. I think the perpetrators will eventually be brutally killed in those Brazilian prisons and hopefully filmed.

  1. Ola Cabronnnnn!!! 🙂
    Fuck Man,,, i thought that i was getting a Flashback from my 80’s acid trips with that Fucken Strobe-Light at the beginning, lol.

    And if your wondering if that’s what happened ta me,,, well maybe partly, bwa, ha, ha! 😉

      1. @El Calamardo
        Does The Word Calamardo mean Like “Marde” a slang word for “Merde” In French Meaning Shit, lol.?? Or,,, does it mean that Calamari Is Shit?? Cause i hate that shit too.

        I Don’t get what you mean by rhubarb brother, cause i am an old dude and therefore i am not up to date with all the new younger slango, sort of speak, lol. Care to enlighten me?? 😉

        1. Nah, I was just slightly under the spell of the devil’s spinach lolz. It made sense at the time to me.

          “Calamardo” is Squidward’s name in the latino dub of SpongeBob. I just picked it because some dude featured in BG was nicked that as well and I found it hilarious.

          But your guess is pretty good, heh. Gordon Ramsay could use that term to deem sea food that is shit.

          1. @El Calamardo

            It’s all good B G Bro! And actually,,, it makes quite a bit more sense than my analogy , and it’s funnier cause Gord Da-Chef, could very well use that term he, he! 😉

  2. lmfao @seraphim-serenata
    I love how you say “uncivilized lands” as if the world outsite the 1st world powers are wastelands full of savages and barbarian hordes where only the smartest fittest and those with the biggest sticks or in this flip flop case the biggest machete get to live! I’d be cool if decaying 5th world shitholes offer Gore Safaris where we’d get to go to slums of Mumbai to the Favelas of Bra’ziw to witness as savages murder each other! But my question is will the supply of gore be endless? This is such a precious resource!

  3. Quality over quantity. Took BG long enough to post this, but having a more clear back story to the video is something that’s just as important as the vid itself.

    Because I thought these were the killers…huh. Guess these guys must’ve helped kidnap them or something, because they went straight to business. And I believe with a dull blade in purpose, ouch.

  4. Their tools of death were seriously blunt .All they need to do after multiple chops is to sit down and drink some energy drinks and sharpen the edges of those rusty machetes and carry out other such kills with ease and aplomb because the gorriors are up close and fixated to the point of giving no fucking points if the show goes this bad.
    I am not impressed !

  5. I really do hope that the US military has enough fucking balls to cut down all these flip flop wearing cocksucking pieces of donkey shit parasites when they try to breach our southern boarder because this is the type of fucking savage bullshit they breed.

    And yes, I know they’re Brazilian – you fucking smart ass dipshit – but would you really give a fuck about the type of rodent you’re killing when they all carry some highly infectious strain of HIV, rabies, or ebola?

    Didn’t think so. Feel free to suck my dick from the back, you piece of shit worm.

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