Gulf Cartel Capture and Kill Four Zeta Members

Gulf Cartel Capture and Kill Four Zeta Members

Members of the Gulf Cartel or “CDG” have captured four members of rival cartel, Los Zetas in Zacatecas. They state that CDG only respect the government and the people and dedicate the deaths of the “filthy Zetas” to Juan bandito Charro and Guacho Lizard.

They state the Zetas can run but cannot hide. They interrogate the men before cutting through the throat of a Zeta on the ground.

On a side note: My spanish is rusty as hell, so anyone who wants to give a full translation, it would be appreciated.

Props to MrsPink for our new Cartel vid.

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      1. Hats off to the first guy, he put up a fight to the end…I would be shitten myself knowing I was next if I was one of the other three…dull ass machete was a brutal death for them….I would of atleast ask them to sharpen the god damn thing watching the first guy being hacked up slowly…..thanks Pink and Obi

          1. Who would ever want to go to such a shit stain of a country. No wonder all the fucking spics are making a mad dash for the boarder. What a fucking worthless country.

    1. If I was his boss I’d cut his head off for being such a dick-in-the-mouth!!!! What a complete waste of skin !! Then what at the end of the video he just touches the other 3 guys and they fall over like they just got shot in the back of the head ? Holy fuck !! Well I guess when your making $2 a day , you get $2 worth of labor ?

    2. I assume Mexicans know what the internet is. With that being said could they please look up how to efficiently cut someone’s head of and not take 37 minutes… perhaps they could start a terrorist exchange program with ISIS. Those mother fuckers got beheading down to a sweet science.

      1. Let us not forget , these penche puta’s are los zetas. On the ground…they have been doing this to others, resistors and many good people, for years….all because they want control of the METH trade…..and as a former tweaker , I can tell you , their shit ain’t that good…..fuck los zetas !!!

  1. I’m sorry but I gotta say it you sat their for at least 5 or 6 minutes watching this [email protected]#K tard chop your homeboys head off and you just sit their and wait your turn not to mention (even though their hands were behind their backs) I counted 4 times the dumb ass was attempting to lop ole boys head off and his gun slung around his shoulder was right their by you dumb asses!!! Granted hard to get to with your hands behind your back but at least make an effort don’t just sit their and calmly wait your turn to die run kick fight MAKE THEM BEAN EATERS EARN THEIR MONEY !!! Sorry guys normally don’t comment much but this!!! Just couldn’t help myself!!!! Also gotta give another shout out to Mrs.Pink thank you for the content your the greatest as per usual!!!!

    1. not to mention that the guy is not alone. most of time during execution from cartel or zetas or whatever mexicano guys, they always have 12-15 guys around and always at least 4-5 guys with guns ready to fire.
      stay sit and wait your die or run and die is no more a difference anyway.

          1. @Boozer yes brudah things are well,working ect wasn’t on for a while for 2 reasons;broke my phone around Xmas and a bit after I had to do a little time for an something that happened the year before and when I got out fell off the wagon pretty hard but I’m OK now tho lol.missed it here but couldn’t come via library ect coz the monitoring and surveillance shit is tight

  2. That gun was swinging right next to them and there was enough strap for it to be turned around against its owner.
    I wouldn’t have hesitated … Last chance to fight, and if it didn’t work I’d be killed with a bullet in the firefight. Better than being beheaded with a machete that has the same cutting capability as my soft cock.

          1. Katanas are basicly iron bars with an handle… 😐 forged in mass with the same technique for a millenia, but little used in battle due to its weight, so it was used only as a last resort weapon. Dunno what people see about katanas that isnt seen in european made swords, that were constantly being upgraded to be less of a burden, more lighter and faster to use, unlike katanas.

          2. lol, do you have already use a claymore ? (an true one from 1404).. dat shit weight around 13Kg for more than 1,5m long. and old knight used it as main weapon. some damn skill in old age. add the armor of around 12-45kg and you got it. ready to fight thousand of ennemy knight with same shit on them XD. that would be fun to fight in this time. not like now with pew-pew

          3. I love katanas because they’re Japanese,and my cousins say we are descendants of samurais (I’m sure they’re pulling my leg) lol,but I like how they look and my favorite anime characters use them,I still picture myself wielding one and chopping heads πŸ˜†

          4. Claymores or Great Swords (whatever you wished to call them) were dedicated two-handed swords, but they had its purpose, i was never ment to be an all-round weapon like the katana, because the katana is a weapon that wants to be everything, and fails to be anything. Also, claymores weighted about 3.50 Kg at max… not 13 Kg. 😐 And like any double-handed swords it was ment to be used as battlefield weapons, and not by convinience with a quick-draw scabbard like katanas did. They were ment to break into formations and not for 1 vs 1 combat, although they could be used as a short spear by grabbing the area between the first set of quillons and the second set (the pointy parts in the middle of the blade… yes those were quillons and not ment to hit people with it) and thrust with the sword. I dont know where you got that from “knights using claymores as main weapons” but if you saw that in a movie, lets say… movies dont reflect what reality is concerned. 😐

  3. YAY..!, the cartels back., you’re always welcome here mr. cartel producer sir.., isis go to hell., sooo are the last three stooges going to star in their next feature presentation.., or will they play dead.., join us as we find out next week boys n gores.

  4. The cartels are back finally! No messing around with the gore,no bullshit ISIS music and a 10 minute Allah akbar goat fucking speech about Islam, the poor fucks who got caught surly knew the outcome when caught that’s the risk they take. I prefer to get my 5 stars from McDonald’s by asking fat twat if they wanna supersize there meal !

  5. I don’t know who I think are the meanest bastards, the cartels or IS? Imagine if any of the cartels were Muslim or if IS tried to take-over towns run by a cartel instead of civilians? Islam is spreading like a cancer, (through Africa, fully throughout Indonesia) imagine Mexico or South America as mainly Muslim countries.

    1. It was also a pretty shitty beheading. You know you’ve gone and fucked up the video when the person is literally lying their stopping you from cutting into their neck with their limp hand.

          1. gezza, I’ve never made the mistake of drinking and fucking because it’s too fucking chich? and many sheeple do it, in fact I don’t drink at all.

            I’m still curious about this girl though.

          1. @gezza, ?? why call me a fuck face? your user pic is not you, is it? You think I’m a man too, don’t ya. I’m pretty sure there were female ‘Tassie tigers’ too. And “go suck my mum’s nipple” well my mum died young, I’m a mum though but I’m not going to try suck my own! πŸ˜‰

    1. he fuckin terrified me.his incompitance and sheer couldn’t give a fuck how long it takes me attitude was terrifying

      those 3 sitting there watching what is about to happen to them

      why don’t they stand up and run /flying head but. anything to speed the process

  6. The last two swings didn’t look so bad. Yet they fell like they got hit me a machete tie to the front of a 110mph semi-truck. Trying to play dead? I don’t know. But I wasn’t impressed. The first guy though that would suck to watch this knowing it’s coming. They always just sit and take it. I’d like to think I’d try to spring to my feet and run even if I only got 7 inches lol. Too bad. Adios amigos.

      1. Straight up the nose into the brain! Last I heard snuff is murder(s) that are recorded for watching later. Quite eye opening that I am now one of the ones watching later! In the name of science! πŸ˜‰

  7. I know there is more to this videos than we can see, I’m sure these poor fuckers were chopped up, cooked and served as carnitas to kidnapped centroamerican inmigrants. The reason they use dull knives to kill enemies is to prolong the suffering because as you can see, no sicario worth his salt ever begs for his life. The cartel operate in small cells that barely know of each other that’s why when they are interrogated they spill the beans, so to speak, but whatever info they provide to the enemy is actually worthless.

  8. Like always: ?Muerte a los chivatos! But the fat guy failed poorly in performing as a executioner. Nonetheless, every time I see a dead Brazilian or a Mexican, I can’t help but think we are one step closer to an AIDS-free world.

  9. I wonder why the guy didn’t grab the machete and make a fight out of it. His hands were in front. He would have gotten shot for sure but he would have died with some dignity. Hell he might have even taken out that dude.

  10. That’s the most brutal one I’ve seen in a good while. Mostly because of the shit technique and shoddy equipment – the literal minutes between when he first started wacking to when the kid finally stopped moving – the grabbing the blade long after I would’ve hoped shock and the drop in cranial blood pressure and blood loss would have induced unconsciousness and rendered him insensate. Weren’t any wet gurgling noises though, so there’s that I guess lol.

  11. Cant watch the video cause i know what to expect from watching it. Can someone tell me why they do this to them ? I know mexican cartel is a drug business. But these execution videos leave more questions than answers.

  12. I assume Mexicans know what the internet is. With that being said could they please look up how to efficiently cut someone’s head of and not take 37 minutes… perhaps they could start a terrorist exchange program with ISIS. Those mother fuckers got beheading down to a sweet science.

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