Guy Dismembered Alive in Forest

Guy Dismembered Alive in Forest

Guy Dismembered Alive in Forest

The video is of a man bound and half naked, on the floor of the forest. He seems very calm and collected while his feet are being hacked off by a machete. However losing an arm or two is where he crumbles, letting his fate sink in..

I feel for the bastard but it made me laugh when he started kicking his “not feet”..

It takes the chopper a good length of time to remove the first arm. At the end, he “takes ten” (well actually it’s 15 at this point, including the toes) and let’s another, more eager, guy finish off the last limb. I’d be willing to bet money that they decapitated him shortly after.

the screaming reminds me of the chubby dude Dismembered Alive, featured on the top 9 best 2018 videos. The dismembering part reminds me of the Man No Longer Able to swim [one of favorite titles to come up with]

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong:

Brandi ®

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    1. To be fair he seemed pretty chill during the whole dilemma.
      He either was drugged to hell and back or he’s just the most laid back person on this planet.

      And laying back is the only thing you can do when you have no limbs 😉

      1. I have a theory. Note how he does not feel pain when they cut off his legs. Sure it could be shock or endorphins released to numb his pain.

        I also reckon these cutthroats have a high proportion of really ill fucks amongst them ie physically sick and not just sociopathy . There is at least one disorder that allows you to feel no pain. Ie syringomelia . So they become good butchers of others and also they are badasses on the receiving end.

        What do you believe?



        1. Beats me, I’m ready to kill when I stub my toe. I think you’re correct about the endorphins, and accepting fate. Syringomelia
          I doubt, that causes other symptoms.
          Notice though how he reacted to the shoulder being cut. There’s a whole trunk of nerves feeding the arm that run through the arm pit, plus that was mostly slicing vs chopping (remember the fat negro, cutting the shoulder lit him up too).
          One more thing. Look up humunculus, this shows the distribution of sensory nerves in the body.
          Other than that it beats the hell out of me. I’m open to ideas also.
          Btw: where is doc undy? Still sucking cock in a Thai jail? I think he’s a neurologist and should have better insight.

          1. Yeah, and Bruce Lee. Its just an area where nerves split off in the abdomin. Getting a blow below the sternum can “stun” these nerves causing the diaphragm to spasm, “getting the wind knocked out of you” nothing mystical.

          2. That’s not what humonucleus was. It was very very different from that. And “looking for nemesis” you say you remember humonucleus fellow from school? Are you talking about someone in some video speaking about this very event on camera in the future?

        2. In Brazil I noticed there were many mentally disturbed people, I met a few Mexicans there’s something about Mexican males that bugs me maybe it’s their indigenous blood but the one I met had that indigenous look in his eyes (psychopath / no emotion untrustworthy)

          1. I would not be surprised. They did still perform human sacrifices like it was changing underwear up until Iberian Conquest. Have you seen Mel Gibson’s movie Apocalypto? I love that movie. Also read Garry Jenning’s Book “Aztec ” (old now). Both ficrion but not too far from the truth regarding the savagery and bloodlust of the natives of the Americas.

          2. Indeed, yes I’ve seen Apocalypto , very good film and that is exactly how they treat each other today, they don’t blink when cutting off arms and legs of their victims etc. Only a psychopath could do that…

          3. These people are brutal, soul-less, barbaric animals that should be kept away from the U.S., we have enough violence, we dont need to see a rise in machete hackings too. These people can kill each other, they are just fucking up the gene pool by killing normal people and leaving the subhuman degenerate savages to reproduce, so they are just screwing their own cultures and people. Less than human ignorant bastards.

      1. it’s funny I didn’t quite catch it but at some point, he’s complaining about how much it hurts and the camera guy makes a comment like “just imagine how (name) and (name) must have felt” or something like that.

    2. Very nice, the sniveling agonizing pleading music. But there’s no where to go. Welcome to earth, motherfucker, and curse .
      the bleeding whore that shit you out.
      Where was jesus? Pretty much out by the second arm, lucky for him.

  1. SS
    You are the man
    The doubters were talking shit with some of the self harm videos
    We loyal ones always know your a “butcher’s cut” when it comes to top quality REALITY

    Thanks Bro; you RULE

    In terms of El Chapo being incarcerated now for ETERNITY; the Game of Thrones Cartel power balance will….I predict …give us more like this!!!! Fight for that Piñata you dumb fuckers! Just keep the mobile phone cams going!!!

    This Vid is right up there with •Hitman Gets Dismemberment •

    Top Marks!!!

    1. Hell Yeah buddy!! I love the brutal shit the ‘Best’ too!! Too bad we don’t have more this year.. can’t even make top 9 feature for 2019 yet 🙁

      There will be no more self harm cuttings… Only those inflicted without consent 😉 HA!!

      Send in videos lurkers or surface dwellers if you have a great BEST GORE video!!

        1. Are you saying the same beaner recorded that one, or that the beaner in this video getting de-limbed did? That video hasn’t been viewable in a really long time. I used to wack myself silly to that one nine times a day, ten on Sunday. Good times.

      1. “There will be no more self harm cuttings… ”

        Thank God! Fuck that teen angst attention slut shit, no one wants to see it anyways except for a couple freaks on here. Us normal folk are all about the hacked off limbs, beheadings and funny as fuck executions. Remember that dude they ran over with the Mustang? RoFL!!!

  2. These brown fuckers are just poor evil cunts. I bet most of them wear their crucifix around their necks ! American liberals would love to let this kind of garbage in our country! You know as long as they didn’t have to live next store to their soon to vote democRAT filth. Fuck the wall line the border up with miles of land mines and job applications.

    1. Do not worry, these guys do not go to the US, they stay in the mountains hidden in caves and when they go down to the cities it is only to die in some confrontation against the army. In fact this video is old, everyone must be dead

      1. I think you’re right the dude hacking the zeta betrayer
        Looks like the cdn hitman who got dismembered while alive by another group of zetas which means the one’s in this video are probably cdn members

    1. Bean land? Don’t you remember Reginald Denny? Dindus beat that man to the brink of death with a brick for absolutely no fucking reason at all and laughed and danced while they did it. AFAIC shit like this is the numero uno reason while 30 round mags should always be available. They always hunt in packs

          1. I feel you brother, I never wore a jockstrap in high school, just a peanut shell with a rubber band.

            BTW, have you ever noticed that most guys that brag about having big dicks, have small ones. When you have decent equipment, you don’t need to.

            I really think we need a dick pic competition on this site. Obviously, all of the female members will have to submit their nude pics in order to prime us for the contest.

            Ladies, please send your pics to [email protected]

            Thank you.

          1. I’ve been checking my email like Charlie Brown waiting at his mailbox for a valentine. No nude pics, yet. There must be a problem with gmail.

            BTW, ladies, I’m an ass man.

            Thank you.

  3. I think the victim here thought that there were agreed upon terms where just the feet go, but real struggle and panic set in when they started chunking out that arm at the shoulder! Like holyfuck what you gonna do with both arms cut off at shoulder…. I can write you a book filled with all the shit you can’t do!

      1. Slapping his head against a keyboard untill concussed would probably be a good rendition of his life anyways and you dont need arms for that…Good thing he will never be able to operate a hydraulic press…. For the better I imagine.

  4. I think when they try to cut off his right arm he gets up set because he regretted not using all his stars at Starbucks on his last drink, it is quite a dilemma sometimes, should I use them for a fancy over the top drink or just bank them. I feel your pain buddy.

  5. It has always amazed me how people in these videos so calmly and almost eagerly face their torture/beheadings etc. Why aren’t they fighting to the death even before they are tied up? The worst that could happen is you die anyway and take one or two of the fuckers along with you. The best that could happen is you kill them all and walk away.

    1. Yah, but 1) Beaners have a slave mentality, and 2) Those butchers probably know who your family is, and if you give them more trouble than you’re worth, they’ll go after them. There was a video posted here where what appears to be a father and son are excused. The father is beheaded as the kid screams in horror, and then they turn on him! The kid flayed alive and gets his still-beating heart carved out.

      1. Oh I absolutely loved that video, second favorite video of all time, right under the one where a man hacked his wife in the face and you could see her bubbling from breathing and hear her moans haha, right above the video of that dude who jumped off of that super tall building and like 3 seconds later you could hear the smack of his body from like 2 blacks away.. oh good times… Goooood times, I don’t think they have that one on here any more 🙁

        1. God I hope you’re right Rexxx, Because This fucking shit is brutal turned that guy into a charnel house! Oh by the way accidentally cancel your friendship scrolling through, I would never knowingly do that to a fellow gore friend. Oh yeah and love the new Wet T-shirt profile pic

      2. They want to the usa mayb. Spics. I’m reading a Spanish/spic book about it. Those immigrants got murdered in the bush if they don’t pay the cartels or just criminals. Los Zetas must be the most famous cartel. It’s from Oscar Martinez.

  6. When the machete wielding sicario swings his blade, he does it with such force blade gets stuck in the bone like a tree. I cringed when he twisted the blade back and forth to release it.

    Also, at 1:56 they laugh and say to the victim, ¡Era Broma wey era broma todo bien! (“It’s just a joke wey its a joke it’s all good”)

    1. Agreed; depending on the angle of the cut up through the axilla (armpit) the blade is going to sever the lower trunks of the brachial plexus as it extends down behind the clavicle, or the median, ulna and radial nerve individually; that’s instant SEVERE pain.

      It’s also possible that this amateur surgeon will have cut into the uppermost extension of the pleura to add in a wonderful sense of suffocation resulting from a pneumothorax.

  7. One day we will get a complete video of a whole dismemberment.
    After saying that, this one is almost as good as the hot naked guy with a hard-on getting the same treatment who had his legs off at the knees & arms off at the shoulders.

  8. Not that I am advocating that these sick fucks take this action. But I tend to look at things logically. Clearly the goal of these dismemberments is not primarily to kill. I mean if killing them was the goal then there are more expedient ways. So therefore the goal must be to make the victim suffer. If making them suffer is the goal, then why not use a series of tourniquets above the knees and elbows and the upper thigh/groin and upper arm/shoulder areas and then dismember one joint at a time. I mean if making them suffer is the goal, then make it last longer than a mentos. But again, I am not advocating that. It’s like I am observing lazy sociopathy.

    1. Well let’s examine. The executioners work for the cartel but they are organized in the United Cocaine Smugglers, Head Crackers and Taco Vendors Union.
      As union members they have negotiated a 1 hour lunch break and no mandatory overtime.
      As cartel employees, they are charged with brutally slaying 15 slobs per day.
      This gives them about 30 minutes per slob assuming that thier victims are already captured and lined up.
      Here’s the bottleneck. If they have to go out and find the assholes, thier productivity is greatly diminished and they risk losing thier cinco de mayo party in the break room.
      Knowing how lazy union workers generally are, I think they record one torture video every day for el cartel boss to view and then just shoot the others in the head and take the rest of the day off.

      1. No, It is only the information provided by El Blog del Narco

        El Blog del Narco presents the most terrifying video of the narcos, where they cut his two feet, and when they cut his full arm they make fun of him while forcing him to say “Arriba los Zetas”.

        One of the most brutal videos I’ve seen, dismembering people is made so extreme for the mere fact of the victim’s suffering, some brutal videos published by los Zetas where they mercilessly kill their former member for traitor , the man cries while still cutting his limbs and bleeding, “Morena” would nickname the victim since in the video you hear – “are you already sleeping Morena?” the video almost reaching 3 minutes is cut

      1. A lot of olde tyme Gore freaks will remember that narco blog *crazy media site filled with to the brim… and also b0g or the YNC I also saw uncut video of this and quite a few other ones sometimes I’m surprised when I see a 8 or 9 year old video posted here as if it just happened yesterday.

      2. That they published it on El Blog del Narco a year ago, does not mean that it happened a year ago. I saw this video on many gore sites (all deleted or unusable) and El Blog del Narco is the last place to play, even that page also lost many videos that I have never seen again

      1. Canada poses no threat. Why would anyone consider a wall?
        As a liberal, your leaders adgenda is both nefarious and counter intuitive.
        What do average, everyday, ground floor liberals gain from supporting those who would invite the whole of S. American to just slither on in to the U.S.? These millions of beanbacks will drive wages down while causing taxes to skyrocket. Everyone will be subject to the negative aspects of thier self-serving mass human relocation program. There might be a “Libtard Card” in the mail that will exempt you and other liberals from the consequences of your actions, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.
        Personally, I’d much rather see these videos coming from Los Filtho than from next door.

        1. You don’t actually believe in all that liberal vs Conservative bullshit, do you? Canada isn’t a threat? What world do you live in? The illegal Maple syrup trade is far more dangerous than the drug trade. Open your eyes, nerf herder.

          1. Were it not for illegal maple syrup I’d never lure the big girls into my house. I could live without hockey though. And what’s up with Canadian Bacon? It’s just ham. Mooseses suck. Reindeer suck. Snowmobiles suck.
            You may be right about Canada.

  9. I try my best to not be racist. I really do. But these types of videos really convince me otherwise. Please show me where in Europe (or colonies of Europe) this type of sick, demented shit happens over, and over, and over again. Norway? Sweden? Scotland? Denmark? Germany?

    1. There is indeed a huge civilizational gap between Europe and countries whose race are of european ancestry and the rest of the world . I would also count Japan and Korea as highly civilized. Most other countries in the world are still stuck in a very low level of civilization. As a history lover though, i cannot fail to observe that extreme violence was common in Europe up until a few centuries ago. For example, if you read about the second voyage of the portuguese navigator Vasco da Gama to India, the way the portuguese dealt with their enemies was at the same level of violence as these mexican narcos. The violence during the european wars of religion was also appalling.

  10. I feel like I’ve seen this video before, but yes it’s still one of the most brutal dismemberment I’ve seen while they’re still alive, but I wouldn’t doubt it if he was drugged he took the feet removable like a boss.

  11. If u catch me I get dismembered, if I catch YOU, then you get dismembered.

    MAN, if I was in the narco business I’d keep a nice well designed cyanide pill capsule in my teeth just in case I get captured.

  12. Fuck all those cartels. sick bastards. What can you you expect with government that is full of corruption. evil motherfuckers. Mexico needs to be wiped out fucking shithole like the rest of south america. What, wipe the whole america. Nothing good gets out of there. The whole america is like the middle east. third world shithole

          1. @hopingfornemesis
            Probably because of the way I write. I can be prim and proper and I can talk like a dickhead. I switch styles depending on who I am talking to. That guy who fucked a dead child, when I talk to him I talk in his language. I speak English in family gatherings. Remember that photo I enlarged because that idiot “Best gore is full of idiots” thought I was only 5’3″ 110 lbs? I remember now it is actually our reunion for the new year and not the prom but I was 17 back then. I was speaking English during that time. When in the streets I can blend with people and talk their language.

    1. Why are all your comments the same? Wow. I’ve noticed that’s all you ever say about vids here… like it’s a fucking contest. Just because you’ve seen it doesn’t mean we have, and we don’t care that you’ve seen it already. Give yourself a round of applause.

    2. Why are all your comments the same? Wow. I’ve noticed that’s all you ever say about vids here… like it’s a fucking contest. Just because you’ve seen it doesn’t mean we have, and we don’t care that you’ve seen it already. Give yourself a round of applause.

    1. I can hear them saying Morena over and over again. And then they keep calling him a joke and a fucking idiot. Or maybe saying that they he took them for a joke. Then he keeps saying please of course but the guys like nah nah hell no you left our Gang the Zetas to go to another one and did something treacherous probably killed one of his former gang members. magbe even raped the woman from his former gang maybe her name was Morena. he keeps saying will take your feet off first then your head.
      And then theres the fact that they are all just laughing in the background.
      This is one of my favorites.

  13. Way to go you dirty fat mexicrap bastard! mutilated alive, cried like a retarded little pig, one of the worst ways to go, probably he deserved it, wonder how many dicks he sucked while captive, because he looks like a faggot

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