Guy in Motorcycle Helmet Films Casualties of Jail Riot in Rio Grande do Norte

Guy in Motorcycle Helmet Films Casualties of Jail Riot in Rio Grande do Norte

Author of this video claims that these are the casualties of jail riot in Alcaçuz prison in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. If you look at the shadow he’s casting, you can see that he’s wearing a motorcycle helmet. Unless it’s a riot gear helmet, then I don’t know what exactly the scoop is.

The video shows several corpses of men lying on sandy ground. At least one is decapitated, others have their bodies littered with stab wounds, and have twigs or rods sticking out of them. Sound of a helicopter flying overhead can be heard throughout the video.

So far, the official death count from Alcaçuz prison is 27.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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44 thoughts on “Guy in Motorcycle Helmet Films Casualties of Jail Riot in Rio Grande do Norte”

      1. What would be the point of setting up weapon detectors in a prison? Unless a guard hands a loaded gun to an inmate, which would be stupid in the first place because he could get his brains blown out on the spot, there would be no way for them to get their hands on one.

        Your insult was wasted, but I think its ironic that you feel the need to censor yourself on a website that shows people being decapitated, stabbed, burned, drowned, and shot.

          1. At least That Nigger Guy is funny from time to time, you’re just boring. Even your attempt at sarcasm was lame.

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        1. Visitors sometimes bring weapons to prisoners, like they did in Manaus prior to the rebellions/riots, so a metal detector may be necessary. Moreover, guards end up being threatened into compliance and accepting bribes as to turn a blind eye to smmugled goods, such as cellphones and perhaps, I wouldn’t be surprised, even guns, as the gangs can threaten the guards in and out of prison, even without guns…

          1. I wonder what drives a person to become a guard in such a place at all, or to become a police officer in places like Caruaru. They must get paid pretty good money, having to put up with all the drug and gang violence.

          2. Guys are u seriously questioning any insanity that goes on there?? The other day the second video w the heart on the plate. They had fucking barbaric Artillery. I could have sworn I saw a ball and chain in one guys hand. That was enough for me. They have antique weapons now too. No need to argue. It’s a no holds bar zoo. This isn’t home made shanks. Weeeeee are talking about swords and FUCKING axes and trannies w axes and the list goes on. Hey they’re a huge part of our site.

      2. @piratejim I actually thought censorship joke was funny. And not even because I’m taking a jab at cadejito. But honestly most prisons do have metal detectors and they’re super strict. You have to take off all your jewelry and put it in a locker. They check all through your shoes and write down how much cash you have on you. I used to visit a friend in prison every weekend. it was weird. I’m not exactly the prison type, lol. But good experience in a way. Of course,this was American prison.

        1. Yo I’m worried about these guys laying out there. They better put on sunblock 50!!! The guy w screw driver sticking out of him is gonna have one serious tan line. Wtf sticking out of his mouth. Fucking wire like 22 feet long. Can just imagine how it got there. THESE Brazilians are seriously Fucking as savage as they come!!! If I needed an army I choose these sick fucks

          1. @shadarus. I went back to take a closer look. Looks like a jail made shank. I see the grip wrapped. Could get it LOOKING like all 3 a screw driver, soddering or a jail yard shank. What’s the wire coming out of his mouth. Thought it was n arrow. Wouldn’t put anything. Passed them.

    1. lmao I know! let donate Iphones7s to them and in return they have to send in the footage they get.. How can it be so violent there, people in America talk about “fuck the government.” haha they would all be stabbed to death, raped and/or tortured if it wasnt for the system.

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