Guy Tries to Protect His Neck As Comando Vermelho Chops It with Machete

Guy Tries to Protect His Neck As Comando Vermelho Chops It with Machete

Guy Tries to Protect His Neck As Comando Vermelho Chops It with Machete

In Brazil, members of Comando Vermelho (Red Command) kidnapped a young guy and took him to a backwoods to behead him there with a machete.

The machete doesn’t seem particularly sharp, so the process of beheading took a lot of chopping at the neck, turning it into a bloody mess. The victim tried to protect his neck against the blows with his hands, so those got chopped to pieces too.

Overall a very crude, neverending and bloody beheading.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

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124 thoughts on “Guy Tries to Protect His Neck As Comando Vermelho Chops It with Machete”

    1. That was the ultimate message they were sending out to the rivals. Not only will we kill you but we will take your flip-flops too.
      I bet a “man” there would rather have his junk cut off than to be without or robbed of his flip-flops.

  1. I think brazilian criminals are getting some inspiration from these mexican cartels videos online. But brazilian gangs are far away from the level of brutality and professionalism of mexican cartels. Brazilian gangs seem to be made up of extremely low IQ individuals.

  2. Why are all these gang assassination so crude nowaday, what happened to the classy gun shot to the head, the tying his leg to a brick and throwing him to the occean, car bombing, house bombing, what happened to those, come on step up your game guys.

  3. Now i’m guessing these cartel groups have quite a bit of cash stashed away for a rainy day so i wish they’d dip into their rainy day funds and buy a fucking decent camera so we can all enjoy their gory shit in full high definition……

  4. We can all learn a lesson from here if we are persistent and we stick to it and commit to what we want .we too can chop heads of ;as a metaphor to do anything that we want in our lives .isn’t it beautiful ,see how he didn’t stop trying to get the guys head off no matter how many times the other guy kept on trying to use his hands ,his arms to block from getting decapitated but the guy with the machete had a plan he’s stuck with it now we need to be more like him and stick to our plans in our goals ,life is amazing

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  5. Activate my account after many years without being able to comment here, and what I just saw is fucking beautiful, I hate to see a person suffer but if you are a thief and you do not have any contribution to humanity you deserve this! enjoy every TAK TAK TAK pleasure

  6. It is in my humblest opinion that I believe we should teach the Mexicans and Brazilians the art of cinematography, mood lighting, maybe give them some quality recording equipment and then they can conjure up some reality Tarantino…

  7. Bruhsil is a stinky shithole. Full of filthy favelas and even filthier subhumans. 75% of their population is starving, yet they want to have fucking carnival parades to see them boobies shaking and watch football all day, instead of working like Europeans do. Useless Brazilian subhumans. This country isn’t contributing anything to the world. Even tiny Malta is contributing more to world economy than this cesspool of a country.

  8. jesus h, these guys outta be ashamed of themselves to even send this in. watch a mexican cartel video first, next time. mexicans don’t tend to do botched jobs like this. poor guys screams, geez. 🙁

  9. It makes me wonder how they decide who gets what execution. So DaSilva A gets a bullet while DaSilva B gets his head hacked off. Do you think they might have a Wheel ‘o’ Execution in a hovel somewhere?

    “Yeah, boss, Pablo was seen stealing money from the weekly take to buy new flip flops for his donkey. What do you want us to do?”

    Spin the Wheel’o’Execution!!!

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    “It’s murder his whole family and his donkey too, leaving him ’til last!”

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  11. if he is gonna block his neck with his hands and is gonna die in a grusome way anyways might as well get up and run or something. Do a jackie chan drop kick or something and die in glory instead of a pussy. They don’t do anything they just lay there like they are democrats screaming racist. I had a guy point a gun at me in my store to hand over my money. I shot him under my store table several times and killed him while handing him the money with one hand and shooting with the other under the table. Cops said I was stupid i should of just gave him the money he could of killed me. I said no i am not risking him take my money tie me up and take me home and make a best gore vid out of me and die like a pussy. At least i would go out without my tail between my legs like these assholes. Thank god i wasn’t raised by a mangina but a father who spent 2 tours in vietnam and got several medals for bravery.

    1. I completely agree I never get why they just sit there. They only have two options:

      1. Sit there and let them chop off your head with a blunt machete

      2. Make a run for it and get shot

      I’d pick option 2 anyday

  12. I tellya what. If i get reincarnated born in Brazil i will sneak through the jungles and the plains all the way into the USA. Why stay around there. Jeez what a shithole country poor fucker. He didn’t look like a murderer i could see into his eyes.

  13. It was just recently i found out about this website, and i kinda lil’ bit shocked that out there was, one cruel world to live.

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