Half Head Decapitation of Speeding Driver

Half Head Decapitation of Speeding Driver

We have already had one Half Head Decapitated Driver on Best Gore but that one was either ejected from his car or it was a pedestrian who got hit. This fellow right here was in a speeding vehicle but given that he’s on passenger’s seat, he may not have been driving. He’s the one who paid for it, though. Half of his head was decapitated and landed right on his lap. What a souvenir to keep. Even his cock doesn’t approve of being kissed my man’s mouth.

The wider shot of the car suggests that there was yet another person on the rear seat who got mangled but most photos focus on half decapitated dude. Must have been a gore fan who took these picture. Screw weak gore, let me take pics of what counts. The mysterious man in the rear is left for guessing.

The car must have hit something that didn’t give way and had sharp enough edges. Car’s body has been sliced smoothly and so was this guy’s skull. He didn’t suffer much. Death found him on impact, which was presumably quick, given speed of the vehicle.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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17 thoughts on “Half Head Decapitation of Speeding Driver”

  1. Could be a fishing line suicide? Tie fishing line to a pole and look the other end around your head then drive off (after removing rear window or using a cabrio). When line becomes taught it will cut cleanly through the head like that instantly.

  2. It happened couple of years ago. I believe in Honduras or some other Latin country. Tow truck was picking VW beetle on the side of the road and that unfortunate driver run in the back of it. Driver survived, but his brothers, yeah right that were his brothers, apparently died.

  3. OH YEAH those Nikki C. pictures are on here. I just saw them the other day. It is WELL worth looking for them and the weirdest “decapitation” images I have ever seen. Her head looks like it was cut in half vertically and a clean cut, you can see the inside of her sinus and its just bizarre as fuck. And yes there are 2 decapitated guys in this picture.

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