Tied Up Man Beheaded in Brazilian Jungle, Neck Chopped by Machete Mists Blood

Decapitation, By Way of Machete

Decapitation, By Way of Machete

Story Time With Uncle Dan: Decapitation, By Way of Machete

I like my beheadings, like I like my pizza, south of the border style.

This video, takes us to the jungles of a shit hole country, somewhere below the US border. A bound man is carried by two men and dropped on the jungle floor. The executioner, gets straight to work, and work he did. He needs to work out or work on his technique, he took more wacks than Lizzie Borden.

My only beef with this video, is the camera angle. Apparently, the guy recording, doesn’t want to get blood on his shoes, so we have to watch, from the nosebleed seats. Remember us, the viewers, can we see?

The language, has a Latin flavor but doesn’t sound Spanish. Maybe Portuguese/ Brazilian

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

My name is Dan, I’m an uncle and I like to tell stories ©

98 thoughts on “Tied Up Man Beheaded in Brazilian Jungle, Neck Chopped by Machete Mists Blood”

    1. Man, that was brutal as fuck !
      The Machette guy (who doesn’t tweet) couldn’t wait to get started.
      He was digging it so much.
      And .. like so many killings, they managed to save his T-shirt from the squirts of tomato sauce/ketchup.
      Could probably even wash those jeans up too!
      No harm done, he got a good look at the forest floor, and may have even spied a centipede or two.
      I don’t think he’ll be a gansta next life.
      Fuck him !

      1. This was hard to watch… I’m vegetarian and have been one since the age of 6- all I see in this video is predator vs prey. Animalistic. We are all just glorified monkeys, some of us with weapons. I can’t even squash a fly without having guilt… :/ not joking

        1. Agreed .. We are indeed all just glorified monkeys.
          BG shows us that we are no different to rats, after all.
          Biting, raping, killing & dismembering each other, mindlessly.
          That’s why me & Vile want humans deleted, so that one day this planet can grow back to what it should be, with some kind of harmony.
          Even though, due to ‘rules of nature’ it’s always gonna be a cruel place.
          For instance, the bear eats your face while you are alive, the hyena starts eating you alive, starting at the cock n balls, in both cases they don’t kill you first like a big cat.

  1. Translation :: Damn that was hard. Other guy. Yes, you suck at this. First guy. Well, I did ask you to sharpen it last night. Other guy. Fuck it,. Let’s go fuck some whores and cut their heads off too. First guy. Sounds great. I need practice.

  2. There should be a Best Gore “SHOP” link at the top of the site where we can go and purchase custom made PBA sanctioned bowling balls made out of all the severed heads we’ve come to know on these delightful videos.

  3. the one thing I think is, if these people who film this shit are willing to film a murder, why aren’t they willing to develope the encourage to deliver good material, this cameraman looks like he isn’t really in the mood to film, maybe done to often, they should do workjobs for filming murder in those favelas

  4. Why are brown people such worthless fucking savages?

    You don’t see this shit in white nations unless done by a brown subhuman.

    Is this what brown people do for fun? It’s like all their savage Aztec human sacrifice behavior is engrained into their DNA.

  5. Very enjoyable watching. That lovely wet chopping sound just gave me such a hard on. Just wish we had a close up shot of his face as the machete started its work.
    Been to Brazil several times. Beautiful country and amazingly sexy women. Never knew this shit was going on so often in the bush. Now that’s entertainment for tourists. Just more young women please.
    As much as I enjoy seeing nigger men being given the chop, I would so much more enjoy the sight of young women being butchered. Slowly.

  6. What a f*cking idiots. They needed like 50-60 hits to cut off that head.

    Is it so hard to sharpen and polish the blade? I saw once time a video where two guys beheaded another with TWO HITS … JUST TWO

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