Best 2019 Gore! – Man Hacked to Death then Beheaded – Brazil

Best 2019 Gore! - Man Hacked to Death then Beheaded - Brazil

HD Audio, HD Video, Need I say more? Probably not, but I will a little anyway.

Somewhere in Brazil, a man gets brutally hacked to death for our viewing pleasure. He unwittingly wins the coveted title of Best Gore 2019, and as of now will be undisputed.

As I recall: If you are born from dirt, live in dirt, then you will die in dirt!

By the looks of his pants, he must have been in that hole for a while and just had to relieve himself.

Blue strap flip-flops 🙁

From the top of my undead heart and mind to the bottoms of my sole, thank you Honkey Kong!

Mad Props to keen Best Gore member @honkeykong for the cum inducing video:

NEMESIO-KONG-SERAPHIM Enterprise Productions®

210 thoughts on “Best 2019 Gore! – Man Hacked to Death then Beheaded – Brazil”

    1. You would think they would be embarrassed to even upload this. I’ll sharpen a spoon for them to do the job properly, then they can eat my ass with it. After that I’ll show them true suffering when I’m done with my tacos smothered in verde sauce.

        1. exactly my thoughts… it was painful to watch how he slaughtered that person who did not resisted in any way whatsoever… its like he was given a paralyzing drug, he couldnt move but he felt ewerything,, and barely even raised his voice… he did not even scream for help,, this video looks so staged…

    2. COUS-COUSSSS *Puta-Madre*,, Cous-Cousssssssssss!
      *Putin De Merde* en Francais
      *Whoring Shit* in English
      *too can choo* 69er in Chinese, W.T.F. Does Dat Have To Do With The Others Above,,, Nothing! 😉

          1. @Susan
            You’re welcome my good B G Sister, as i am only speaking the truth as you are very pretty. I Hope that your Husband tells you how pretty you are, and if not,,, Show him my message, lol. 🙂

            Cheers Girl,

          2. @thedre
            You are a brave man my dear friend!!
            The guy upstairs have plans for you, that is certain!! I admire your courage!!! Bravo!! Everything is gonna be fine…
            I don’t talk to much about me but let me tell you something: i have a brain tumor and endometriosis also, and sometimes is dificult … but i’m strong and i can deal with it!!
            Sometimes life sucks, but that’s life right!!
            Be happy and well my dear friend!!!

        1. @sus77

          My ex had endometriosis too. It caused her to have ovarian cysts, which in turn caused her hormones to go crazy. The messed up hormone levels caused her to get horrible migraines. Did they find the brain tumor with a CT scan or MRI? If not, it might be migraines caused by the endometriosis. My ex’s were debilitating. Extreme pain. She would have to go to the emergency room and get sedated when it got real bad. I am by no means doubting that you have a brain tumor btw. Just throwing out my ex’s experience in hopes it might help or provide an alternate explanation. I know she felt like she had a brain tumor at times because her head felt like it was going to explode. Good luck. It would suck to see a brain tumor take your sexy ass out 😉

          1. @dinduhunter
            Hi!! How are you?? I hope you are fine!!
            Yeah, it sucks, really!!
            I found out in 2012 the brain tumor with the MRI!! Since i do radiothérapie !! The endometriosis, i found out in 2013!! I had 2 chirurgies, the last one on 24 October !! I think there is a connection yes!! The doctors says no!! It’s very painful !!
            Sometimes i stay at home and dont go out for days 🙁
            But that’s life, I try to be strong!! Sometimes life sucks right?!?! Have a nice day and thank you for your words my friend!!

        2. Posso dizer o mesmo . Criei a conta recentemente, mas sou visitante assíduo á bastantes aninhos, mas em todos estes anos nunca tinha reparado na existência de um pt por aqui. Tem um excelente dia. beijinho grande

          1. @fredo6
            Eu tb!! 🙂
            Ja consultava o site ha imensos anos até que decidi criar uma conta ha cerca de 1 ano atrás!!
            De certeza que tem mtos Portugueses por aqui mas ninguém nunca fala 🙂
            Obrigado por falares!!
            Não que seja um site para « chatar » mas é sempre bom ver tugas por aqui 🙂
            Beijinho mtooo grandeeee

    3. Seriously, we should start a charity called “Sharpeners for Shitholes”, send these poor fuckers a few real knife sharpeners and teach them how to use them, it’s just not humane bashing someone with a dull iron bar. Won’t you help?

  1. Now that was pretty gory. He used the dullest blade there ever was and could have sold to a sold out standing room only show if they wanted to. Unfortunately, no bathroom break for the participant or the jobber until show was over.

    1. I Cannot help but laugh, when it cuts in right at the end of the beheading with the guy completely out of breath and the head so caked in sand, it still takes him 1/2 hour to cut the remaining 1 inch of skin. Man That Fucker worked hard for that beheading Ya Think??lol??

          1. Nice to see you doing better, and not be too bothered by all the things that can drive one mad 😉

            As is always say, positive input will always give you more in return 😀

          2. @GNeveNL
            Thanks Brother, us talking again is just another reason for myself to think positive in itself, cause it bothered me quite a bit wanting to say hi every time that i saw your name.
            🙂 So HI Brother, lol. 🙂 Back to my idiot happy self is a better alternative eh? lol.

        1. There you are,,, for the life of me, i could not remember your user name when i was talking to Denis lasty weejken at the souop kitchen. But he does not want no long distance type of Boy-Toy just to fuck. He said that he now too old for that stuff, lol. So of course we bugged him all day calling him an old man, lol. ;), and shit
          . So Good Luck with your Man-hunt B G Bro! 🙂

          1. no you said ud let me see wat he looks like if hes uper cute maybe america would be the best place for me n my babies , american men on the whole r the better type of men bigger feet taller more dominant , dint he like my pics? not even of bunniboi(Rufus)?

    1. More like a compotte au pomme de terre instead. Pomme de terre means an Earth Apple which is a potato, lol, true this. Now *THAT IS GAY* Compotte is like a “puree” so i’m saying that he is more like a Potato puree, lol, if that makes any sense. 😉

      Yur probably Thinking like W.T.F. ??? lol, lol, which i love, as it makes yours truly laugh. 🙂

  2. btw, did they beheaded him like 3 weeks later ?

    wtf he didnt lose any blood from his neck during that beheading. the neck is clean, and the dirt under it is also clean like if the blood was already coagulated for weeks ,wtf…

  3. Ok My B G Brother @honkeykong I Will let you cut my tongue off, if you just Tell Me Once,& For All
    Da-Fuck You Gettin All That Stuff Man, Like Holy-Shat Meself Twice Tis-Morrrnin, YOU-ROCK!!!!
    Oh yea, and B.T.W. I dunno wanna dunno anymore me likes me tongue too much, For eat Ze-Pussy 🙂
    I Don’t think that they likes him much, no? 😉 The fucking Machete is so dull it cannot even slice through the 1 inch of remaining skin on his neck, lol.

      1. @honkeykong
        That’s for sure brother,,, Forrr-Sure! 🙁
        I Still can’t believe that there are people in this world, and Multiple Thousands Of Them That Are So Damn Evil, that they are able to do such brutal things to one another. It’s truly sad when you stop for a moment, and you really think about it.

        Cause i for one, could never do such a thing (even to my worse enemy,under any circumstances no matter what they did. I mean like fuck-man what is going through their heads when committing such an atrocity to another helpless human being??? This is beyond me. Like how do they sleep at night bro, do they not hear the screams, and the gurgles play back in their heads at night, as their victims look them in the eyes while begging for their lives.

        Do they not think of the effect that it will have on their Poor Children, and what their victims kids will be thinking about? (stuff like what exactly happen to Dad), and asking did he suffer much? and so on. Like Man-O-Man what do you tell them 5 or 8 year old kids when they ask why dad cannot be seen in an open casket, which is a big thing in Brazil, with their Millions of Christian Population. They are not like most of us where we simply throw our loved ones in an oven, to save money, and oftentimes with no viewing or wake.

        And Do You Lie To Them (only for them to find-out The Truth Later on in life) and hold-it against their Mom (the only parent they have left), that their Papa was brutally murdered, beheaded and dismembered so bad, when they found him, that it made it impossible for them to see their father in an open casket, and have a chance to kiss Daddy,and have that one last chance for the little ones to ever see (Their Daddy) and say goodbye Papa
        just one last time. 🙁

          1. @thedre Did you see the Berekely assault earlier on the conservative Trump supporter?

            Man, they should try this sucker punch shit in Texas… they’ll get fucking smoked so quickly these shitlib faggot queef huffing communist cocksuckers.

          2. No @Jadedcunt brother i did not see that. I Must check-out my comedy News channel JNN JEW-NEWS-NETWORK Formerly Called CNN Cable-News-Network, as i have not had a good laugh lately.

            You see what i do bud, is i watch RT-News In Moscow, Than I Watch JNN Shortly Thereafter And compare the Two. And Buddy,,, what a Fucking Choreographed Bullshit
            Joke, and truly 200% Fake News all of these North-American,,, Ooops sorry,,, “ALL” of These Western Worlds News Networks Are.

          3. @Jadedcunt

            Yea i trust RT News reporting brother. And Don’t feel bad about your Country’s Fake JNN, OR CNN Fake-News,,, cause we are no better in Canada, same bullshit brother Same,,, Bull! 🙁

        1. For the most part I agree, but when my husband died n I had to move n ended up with a stupid wierdo roommate who tried shit on my daughter, (who is bad ass like me) him, I would do worse to. Every time I see a vid like that, I picture his gay ass getting it. N me holding the machete. I’d b doing the world a favor.this dude shits n pisses hisself constantly,but doesn’t change or take a shower. He wasn’t like that before. But I guess his/her Tru colors r showing now. Guess he wears the smell as protection, because he’s been green lighted XD

  4. Aaaahhhhh the proverbial shallow grave along with the usual dull blade. And the murderer wasted wide open opportunities for some nice torso shots when the victim no longer had it in him to cover up yet he kept making dull little slashes. Woulda been nice to see a volley of deep stabs.

    May the same fate befall the killer soon! That’s all these primitive baboons know is violence.

  5. The guy in the grave did pose a tough challenge for the beheader who had nothing but a blunt machete at his disposal to carry out the sick job. Several dullish whacks to the victim weren’t enough as he kept defending & ducking them away after which he hadn’t much left in him but to give in to his fate at last .
    On the other hand the killer had to sweat his fat ass out as he took whale of time in the world ; nearly slipping in to the grave right next to the victim at one point .
    The beheader seems like a new recruit who needs to hone his whacking skills but before that he must spend his Sundays sharpening the dullest of machetes I have seen in years
    The only thing worth a mention were the new pair of sports shoes killer had worn and those shredded jeans by the victim .

  6. Its fucked up that the Oscars just snubbed this guy for Best Supporting actor.

    But on the real. Brazil is wack.
    This guy should have fought for his life. Laying there like a Pendejo didn’t help. I just dont get their complacency.

  7. Eating a healthy plant based dinner and drinking jamaica blue mountain coffee (your monthly salary for 1 kilogram of this, fuckin peasants) and watching this shit is better than anything on this planet.

    While I enjoy my high standards of living I can watch ancient animals annihilating each other. Its because they are uneducated, dirty, inbreed worthless latino bipedal feces and this is all they deserve.
    The video is somewhat disappointing because I would like to see all the latino family end like this and screaming in otherworldly manner watching their relatives go.

    I hope some latino-born piece of shit is reading this. he he he…damn the coffee soooo goood.
    I hope thousands of latinos are dying like this one every single day. This is the sole purpose of their existence – to be minced. Because they are worthless and they exist only for the purpose of our entertainment. Entertainment for superior white beings. He he he ….. he he….

    Their disgusting language, their disgusting mindless culture of pinata, nachos, burritos and chasing bulls ..their filthy skin, their coal-tar dark hair, their pathetic body composition (skinny fat, 5 feet 160lbs males..what the fuck is this?) …this is inhumane. I want to puke every single time I see these things. I cant stand mexicans, brazilians and all these bacteria in media.

    Every single day I struggle to choose the worst and vilest of all filth…hindu, latino or arab muslims? Please help me, lets make a fuckin contest.

    1. You may be wrong there. Brazilians don’t really eat nachos, or burritos; neither do they listen to all these other Hispanic songs.
      Their standards of life (except for the northern part of Brazil, which is what we see here every day) are very high and very similar to the iberian culture.
      Their portugese doesn’t really sound like Spanish. I’ve been there myself and I can say, northern and southern Brazil are like to different countries and cultures.

  8. The fucker with machete was too lazy to do a proper stabbing, he just threw some weak stabs to the other bastard neck. The fucker probably died very slowly. I wonder if he saw Jesus in the otherlife. One of the dullest blades I have ever seen, they were too lazy to even sharpen the blade

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