Best 2019 Gore! – Man Hacked to Death then Beheaded – Brazil

Best 2019 Gore! - Man Hacked to Death then Beheaded - Brazil

HD Audio, HD Video, Need I say more? Probably not, but I will a little anyway.

Somewhere in Brazil, a man gets brutally hacked to death for our viewing pleasure. He unwittingly wins the coveted title of Best Gore 2019, and as of now will be undisputed.

As I recall: If you are born from dirt, live in dirt, then you will die in dirt!

By the looks of his pants, he must have been in that hole for a while and just had to relieve himself.

Blue strap flip-flops 🙁

From the top of my undead heart and mind to the bottoms of my sole, thank you Honkey Kong!

Mad Props to keen Best Gore member @honkeykong for the cum inducing video:

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210 thoughts on “Best 2019 Gore! – Man Hacked to Death then Beheaded – Brazil”

  1. We need a real life battle royale to cleanse this Earth of the undeserving scum that desecrate it with so much hatred and violence. The winner lives a life of luxury, whilst we’d be rid of 99 of the worst of humanity, say every week? Stage it in Chernobyl, plenty of land to work with. I know 90% of you would tune in.

  2. These fucking Brazilians are just fucking animals . I would love to take an M60 and an endless amount of ammo belts down there and not let go of the trigger except to reload ! Or we could just let them and the Mexican cartels play Last man standing ! Problem solved !

    1. We Brazilians are not animals, we are a suffering people that unfortunately we have been dominated by a corrupt government, people kill to stay alive here, these guys have grown up in the middle of cruelty and not an idiot with a m60 that will make a difference, probably they’d open you up and take your heart out if you told them shit lol

  3. Damn

    Also, just want to say hello to the BG community. First time posting a comment. I’ve been a lurker on this site for years. So many great memories

    thank you mark and other brothers and sisters for the good work of opening the eyes of the sheep, like we all were at some moment in our lives with some truth and evil going on that a lot of others in our world do not know or chose to ignore

    Love all you crazy motherfuckers

    IF THERE is a hell and the extortion of religion is real, can’t wait to see everyone of you there. It will be such a glorious fuckfest, the eternal party

  4. The red shirt is a former member of a rival faction, he was captured and forced to dig his own grave, so it’s all dirty, in Brazil it happens all the time, but this time the knife became very blind and it made everything else brutal.

  5. I love these flip-flops’ Brazilian Boys. I didn’t have the chance to wear flip flop myself when I lived there.
    These Brazilian boys are the best, they’ll protect and kill anyone who decides to bother you, and further they will kill you.
    But they make the best sex, they make you feel pleased in every way, even without the proper experience and sexual education one would need to completely fulfill one’s sexual desires.
    I miss Brazil, where I could pay a low price and be always satisfied. (Never asked them to kill anyone though, lol)

  6. IDK, this guy is coherent and normal at first… he knows they are going to kill him, regardless. I would try anything to get away, grab the guy by his ankles, grab that machete -etc. even if there are other guys there with guns, i would much rather be shot than go through that machete torture.

  7. I don’t even know what to say to this.

    Even Hitler wouldn’t deserve a death like this; and, further, what kind of human being would even contemplate doing this?? In the name of Christ, what could he have possibly done? Stole a banana or a cookie or something? JESUS.

    This is a healthy young man that should be out with his buds, playing soccer, fuck*** chicks, getting drunk with a whole life ahead of him. I feel so, so disgraced to even call myself human as our species is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUCKED UP. Even the cruelest of animals don’t do this.

    1. Anyway, I guess what I was trying to say is that I send this guy a billion prayers and wishes that someone can do an alt control delete on his life and reset it. I don’t know how on earth any person or god could ever make this up. Just too much to say the least. It leaves you with a broken heart. What do we say to his parents and his family and what do we say ultimately to God (whatever that is). I would be terrified to try and explain my behavior if I ever even contemplated doing something like this. THE THINGS YOU DO COME BACK TO YOU AS IF THEY KNEW THE WAY. That may be why this is happening yet, the impulse should be by this time to OVERRULE the urge for mutilation, torture and revenge. Haven’t we learned anything at all?

  8. This is absolutely vile, those who committed this execution should be tortured themselves. At least do it by firing squad, it takes a few guys & that’ll put him down quickly. Watching as he coughs up blood disgusted me, he might have been a man worth of death though even though he knows he will die watching as he struggles for those extra few moments of life is interesting. The fundamental human desire to survive in even the worst of circumstances.

    It also disgusts me about how complacent humans are. He had to sit himself down in his own grave! What a weakling, he had a better chance to run away & even if he was shot his death would have been more present than this. Human nature causes us to be complaint when faced with an authoritative figure, & while this is good for political purposes it is filthy when I view it. The human body & mind is so fundamentally flawed!

  9. These dumb Spic cartel hoes are such amateurs. Every time they go to decapitate somebody they have to stab hack saw like they are brand new. Sometimes the dumb assess will even use kitchen knives to do it. Takes them more then 10 minutes just to cut the neck half way thru.

  10. This shit enfuriates me. If you’re filming it and plan to share it, why the FUCK would you kill the victim s quickly? Amateur mentality. Let them get up, and hiluariously attempt to escape, and then drag them back to the grave they belong in and finish the job. Fuck. I’m only half chubbed

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