Homeless Woman Anal Prolapse Allies Invasion in Miami, Florida

Homeless Man Anal Prolapse Allies Invasion in Miami, Florida

I had a homeless person shit outside my door here in Miami the other day, my friend was horrified and called me to tell him exactly what was going on and I spotted this! someone call the men in black! haha

Rectal Prolapse:

A condition that occurs when part of the large intestine slips outside the anus. Rectal prolapse typically occurs in older women, but it can occur in men and women of any age. Risk factors include multiple births and vaginal delivery.


Sorry. Homeless person is a woman not man. I was half coherent when making post. I myself didn’t think it was a man at the time. Derp!

@therealdealjr47 says:

Guys this was a woman! I got the other video where its back in and she’s wiping her ass and pussy. Was horrified.

Props to Best Gore member @therealdealjr47 for the video:

Zero-Decibels ®

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          1. I don’t usually let the dogs on the furniture, so that’s not a big problem.
            A night out with Honkey? Well, we would start the night by going out to the nicest restaurant in town…dressed like homeless people. We wouldn’t actually go inside, we would stare at the people eating to make them uncomfortable. Once they had lost their appetite, we would head to a local joint that served good food at decent prices. If things went well from there, we would go home, and do things that cause us to avoid eye contact the next morning.

          1. You cant blame him for fucking goats over there. Its a step up from Tajikistan women. They look like the result of a chemical spillage in a germ warfare factory.

  1. When I lived in Edinburgh many years ago I was walking round from St Mary’s Street via The Pleasance to see Jerry Sadowitz at the Udderbelly. On the way round West Adam Street I was walking past a wall about two foot off the ground with a tiny patch of garden at it. At the side was a short flight of steps to someone’s front door.



    A guy was sat on the wall with his trousers down shitting in someone’s little pizza-sized patch of garden. He grinned and said “Aye!” as a sort of greeting, like he was enjoying himself. This has haunted me ever since. This video clip has erased that 20 year old trauma from my mind and made me realise just how tame it actually was and how horrific it really could have been.

    Thank you.

        1. n’importe quel français ,francophone ou simplement une personne avec un certain QI aimerait mettre un aspirateur dans le cul de Macron pour l’allumer en ce servant de sa morte vivante de femme comme sac . (c’est elle qui devra aspirer évidement, pendant que lui aspire le cul des riches.)

          1. Comment ne pas être plus d’accord avec ces mots empreints de tant de sagesse?
            Chapeau bas, camarade et que Gilles & John leur fassent la peau à tous ces enlukés qui nous ont mis cette clique à l’Élysée…
            Force et honneur, et chauds pour tous!

  2. soooo….

    i m calling MIB…. but just because i have absolutly no idea if this thing is human.

    i mean, its at choice :

    – a men without dick
    – a women without vagina

    the fuck is this ?

    on a side note, its incredibly disgusting… a homeless person who just shit like that in middle of the street in mid day ? if that happen in my place/city, i call the cops and he go sleep in prison for 24 hours for degrading the street and nudity in public.
    how bad you must be in your life to be a homeless and just shit like that in middle of street in mid day.
    dat guy must take too much drugs lol

      1. damnit, @honkeykong, i only have two cats. and there are plenty of reasons other than my cats that would leave me child free. like, for example, i’m apparently a crazy bitch. and i’m a raging dumpster fire. shocking, i know. point being, you leave my awesome cats outta this, punk! 🙂

          1. @honkeykong ha! you sound like you know me! i have no lint roller, i just hold off getting dressed until i’m just about to leave, keeping the cat fur to a minimum. is this the way you deal with dog fur? or are you all fancypants and actually use a lint roller? what would a night out with HK be like?

      1. Doc undies.. Certainly not hematochezia, though it could certainly lead to it. I would run some tests for “WTF is that?” Syndrome and order a consult for the “maybe it’s time to get that shit looked at” clinic.

  3. Everybody chill the FCK down, this is a medical condition. They don’t know their ass from their face and find it difficult to decide what to do in public. They probably thought that they were vomiting or something.

  4. The United States seems almost indistinguishable from a typical 3rd world shithole country these days. This is what Americans get for helping the JEWS in WW2 and defeating the one man who actually stood up to them! Now let them suffer the jewish cancer gripping their society and making things ever more degenerate through their grip on the media, banks, universities, education system, social media companies, and government. Hitler famously said “jews are the most dangerous when they are permitted to meddle in the cultural, moral, and spiritual aspects of a society. Everything they touch becomes bastardized and bizarre because they are consistently drawn to anything that is strange and abnormal”. Enjoy your karma Americans!

    1. For real, this place is a third world shit hole compared to europe, canada and Australia.
      The allies chose a genocidal maniac over a war veteran and college educated man, it made no sense, all they were trying to do the entire time was start a war to get Alsace Lorraine back.
      Are American’s allowed to live in France, the U.k? Russia? Fuck no but you can bet your asses the Mexians will move in after having not lifting a finger for us for centuries.

  5. This is what happens to the worst heroin addicts.
    They get so constipated from the dope that they always have to strain hard as hell to shit.
    Eventually they have to strain while picking the shit out with their fingers.
    Before you know it, their asshole looks like a toothless Exogorth choking on a Snickers bar.

      1. must say, that some kind of pretty homeless…

        i mean.. in my city, the homeless are all laying on the ground in ripped off clothes with foam on their mouth and an alcoholic breath that would kill Chuck Norris in left than a seconde.

        clearly different places in world XD

        edit : also add that she is pretty clean. homeless here are very disgusting full of “who-know-wtf-is-this” stains and smell shit.

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