Homosexual Stabbed to Death – Body Found in Advanced State of Putrefaction

Homosexual Stabbed to Death - Body Found in Advanced State of Putrefaction

The body of a homosexual man was found this past Tuesday the 15th of February in Caruaru, Pernambuco – Brazil. Neighbors became suspicious of a very “unsettling” odor coming from a nearby house, and called the landlord who found the victim, 38 year old José Genildo Bezerra da Silva (…), lying on the floor in an advanced state of decomposition. Oh yeah, the body was found by police officers Jeane and Eduardo Silva (…).

José had been stabbed 8 times with a small knife in the thorax and abdomen area.

A friend of the victim claimed he was a homosexual and that he had been arrested before for trying to kill his boyfriend. She said that he had been drinking the day he went missing (Sunday) and saw him go home alone. Probably to an unsuspecting surprise inside.

So what do you think? His boyfriend finally got revenge, or was it a fellatio gone bad?

Biu do Sebo and this guy would have gotten along just fine if they had met before. They’d live happily ever after. Well, maybe they’ll find each other in the afterlife.

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    1. hello everyone ,ive been on BG for over six months .but only made one comment awhile back ,but finally got a new cellphone, to replace the new broken phone,that blew really hard ,!!! love this site .all you guys are great!!!

  1. Not theft? The guy still has a gold(ish) chain on. Stick your dick where it doesn?t belong and bad shit happens. If it?s not HIV, it?s someone sticking a screw driver in your chest a couple (of dozen) times.

    What do you have to do to convince guys that pussy is the only way? The West is very accommodating to aberrant lifestyles. If you don?t want your kids exposed to such perversions, you just move (like to Alabama). Not so in the Third World. Bend someone over the head board in the wrong sweltering Rio slum and you end up as maggot food.

    Somehow, I?m not losing a whole lot of sleep over this loss to humanity.

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