Honor Killing in India – Father Decapitates His Daughter

Honor Killing in India - Father Decapitates His Daughter

I thought honor killings were the domain of Muslims from countries like Afghanistan or Iraq. Apparently, Indian Hindus take family honor just as seriously.

This happened in the town of Rajsamand, state of Rajasthan in western India. Father by the name of Augad Singh had a 19 year old married daughter but learned of her infidelity – she was cheating on her husband by sucking the black dick of another guy and whole village already knew about it. Unable to bear the thought of people thinking that his family brought up a slut, he resorted to restoring the family’s and his daughter’s honor by beheading her right there in the village.

After the beheading, father went straight to the police and surrendered himself to them, confessing to murder of his daughter (identified only as Mina K.). He was sentenced to 10 years in prison, but it was worth for him to make that sacrifice knowing that his family’s honor has been restored.

Must be hard for a father to do his best to bring up an honest woman and watch her become a slut as soon as she’s left their home.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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101 thoughts on “Honor Killing in India – Father Decapitates His Daughter”

  1. Ten years imprisonment does not match the crime this bastard motherfucker did to the young girl. Am pretty sure the judge can do the same to his slut daughter from looking at the number of years imposed on this fucker. looks like she was a hot chic and no wonder guys kept on following her despite being marriage.

    1. I agree the “man” shoulda got more time, but in regards to the last part of your comment…what makes you think it was guys following her around? It takes two to tango, or suck dick as it may be.

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      2. It’s not because they think the odor is sexy. As I recall from people I know personally it’s because of their religion. Something about it being unnatural. Stinky armpits is also an indicator to them that they need to bathe. On top of that, the food they eat results in strong armpit odor. And if their clothes aren’t washed every day, there may be some funk lingering there. But nowadays there are natural options and Hindus living in my part of the world do not go around smelling. They know that’s not acceptable here. And I know some who wear regular deodorant and don’t care about the religious part.

  2. I wouldn’t want to have a daughter grow up/be raised in the West. I’m not exactly sure what these Muslims (And Hindu’s now I guess) are thinking.

    Actually, I wouldn’t want to raise a son here, either.

    Somewhere with a more stable family unit, where relationships can actually work and thrive, and a culture/society that exudes strong morals and ethos. Not really going to find that in the Western/White world anymore.

  3. Without wanting to be pedantic, with the surname Singh he was most definitely a Sikh and therefore a follower of Sikhism.

    Adultery and lying are prohibited in Sikhism and so is slandering and gossiping about others, this would explain why the whole town knew and nobody told him.

    The problem is however that Sikhs practice the art of arranged marriage and if you were, lets say, married off to Herman Munster you most certainly would want to get your sexual urges purged elsewhere.

    Sadly, Since her community was deeply religious and her father a vainglorious arsehole the end result was that she became just another Marie Antoinette.

    The moral of the story is thus

    Life is shit and then you die.

    1. Though most singhs are sikhs, sorry to say, your assumption of him being a sikh is wrong. Rajasthan state of India has mostly hindu population. Singh is usually used as a title by hindus in several parts of northern india. This guy was a rajput hindu most probably. Just for your info, literal meaning of singh is ‘lion’. Its more like a title.

      1. @lavada lahsun, thanks for correcting me. I have never been to India and therefore assumed that with the surname Singh, 90% of the Sikh people I know have this surname, one of them even has a daughter called Mina, and the fact that decapitation was the choice of murder, Sikhs have an affinity to long knifes and swords, that he must have been Sikh.

        Logic has failed me this time.

  4. Ahh fucking Hindus!! I don’t want to push my western ways but this is called MURDER not HONOR. 25 to life jack -wagon!!
    Although, he brought her into this world and he can take her out, get over yourself you stinky musty Hindu morons. She has her own brain.

  5. Keep in mind that arranged marriages are common in most Asian countries . . . I don’t know the entire story but I don’t blame the 19 yr. old girl for “slutting” around.

    Imagined that you were meant to marry & spread your legs for a man you don’t even know or hardly know (ew…).

    You guys been on a date where the guy is NOT your type and don’t even think of sticking your tongue down my throat . . . I’m a traditional IndoChinoise with awesome cultural values but I have a fetish for clean-cut, white boys. I won’t and will never be caught in an arranged marriage . . .

    Gong Fee Fut Choi 2013!

    1. “I?m a traditional IndoChinoise with awesome cultural values but I have a fetish for clean-cut, white boys.”

      That’s sad, in this ‘clean-cut, white boys’ opinion.

      And also – the term white boys is offensive. Blacks use it to emasculate Whites. We stop being ‘boys’ at the age of 17 (maybe even lower) the correct terminology is ‘men’.

    1. I think it’s more a matter of a woman easily giving what most men aren’t easily able to get that instigates a man’s outrage, despite religious or cultural fervor.
      If a woman gives what a man wants she is ultimately deemed somehow “less than” a woman who is more circumspect in her partnering, oral or otherwise.
      It’s all very juvenile and ignorant.
      I stand behind my comment…you can always spot a man too ugly to fuck by the ones who get all pissy because someone gave out a fuck and they didn’t get any. Whaaaaa. Boo-fucking hoo.
      As for this “dad,” I hope someone fills his ass everyday. I imagine decapitating yourself out of shame would be most difficult, but I’d love to see him try.

    2. Don’t try and bring you’re fkng stupid feminism bullshite ‘would that happen to a man’ what chicks need to understand is they serve three purposes in life : make babies, make food, and bang your husband ONLY. and a fourth almost forgot: STFU anything else and you’re glorifying your existence

      1. @Deicide88, All the honor killings I’ve seen have been women that were killed. I asked a question about it, out of curiosity. Would he have killed his son under the same circumstances?You apparently don’t know the answer, do you? Since you don’t know me either, I’ll tell you that I’m not a feminist, so I have no need for your unsolicited opinions. Thanks anyway.

        1. Look at it this way girls have pussies, pussies have the ability to become sluts. They also have the ability to NOT BECOME SLUTS. To be a ass sniffing slut lover is a choice. You AREN’T BORN A SLUT. You BECOME A SLUT by your own choosing. What we become in life is a choice, even so for helpless waifs who can’t get by without spreading their legs. Guess what? Maybe if society have true values and an effective system women would be doing what they should ‘making kids, raising them kids, keeping the man fed so he can support his family, and shutting the fuck up when a man needs to get shit done’ Without MAN, WOMAN would be nothing. Don’t forget that

  6. Ok, I googled this and it appears to have happened last year. Stories vary about why he killed her. Some say she was killed because she liked to wear western clothing. Others that she eloped with a young man of a caste lower than hers (this is the most popular story). Others that she was married but was returned to her family because her dowry was less than it had been promised (the bride’s father provides the dowry). Still others that she was divorced and living at home, but having relationships with other men.

    No matter what the cause, here’s how it went down. The father asked her to make tea. When she bent down to get the kettle he struck at her neck with an axe. He missed but in her panicked flight from him she fell over, and that’s when he struck her head off with a sword.

  7. My first time….
    I could be typing out of my ass and I’m not sure if anyone else brought this up yet but the plague of Islam has made India no longer or not much of a Hindu nation. A huge number of people have converted. I’d be willing to bet my everlasting soul he’s not Hindu. When’s the last time anyone ever heard of a Hindu doing this? Such a peaceful religion…

  8. Am I the only one on this website that actually enjoys whatever gore =D? Am I the only one without dignity? I love every type of death, whether they did something wrong or not 😉 Whether they are kids of adults 😀 I prefer videos where you really see how much pain they have 🙂

  9. Guy takes many wives as a sign of prosperity and ability to “spread his seed” but a woman who is rumored to be cheating is beheaded by her father in the name of honor.

    Not saying what she did was right, just saying apply shit equally. Also, if this was done to men it would be called outrageous and outdated .

  10. Why didn’t the husband kill her? He had a stake in this too. Makes me wonder whether he was okay with her cheating. Or, perhaps, it is the responsibility of the wife’s family to do the deed. Hmm… more research is needed.

  11. A bit harsh for her cheating no? I mean shit, men cheat every single day and I’ve hear numerous times that “it’s the way the are built naturally, to fuck as many woman as they can, men were not made to be monogamous for life ” soi think her punishment was a little severe….. she looks pretty young too…. hope she doesn’t have children..

  12. Ok.
    How the fuck does killing the girl restore family honour?
    Like, the girl was a slut, brought shame to the family, so we killed her, so now there’s no shame?
    Seriously where the fuck is the logic in that? Even if the girl is dead, and her non-existence and memory of the crime still exist, regardless of how it was dealt with.

    Crazy logic.

  13. Both the father and her husband need to be killed. Doesn’t matter if she was a slut, it was her right to be one, it means her husband wasn’t good enough for her is she ran sucking another dude.

  14. All the people who think that this is right and need to happen to all those who do adultery, all those people need to be killed along with their families while being forced to watch their wives/girlfriends sucking the dick of another man.

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