Incomplete Video of Two Men Beheaded in Mexico

Incomplete Video of Two Men Beheaded in Mexico

Incomplete Video of Two Men Beheaded in Mexico

Since I do not understand Spanish, I cannot provide the reason given for the beheadings of two men.

Unfortunately, the video is incomplete and does not provide the money shot. What I do know is I am still madly in love with Death, and she is a never satisfied hungry whore.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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      1. That’s gotta be the worst fucken way to go. Face grimacing, legs kicking.
        I like the way they started at the same time too, so no-one got left out.
        Kind of like a potato sack race, it takes a while, but someone always finishes first!
        They could of at least dressed up a bit too, for their death (singlet, really?).
        Should at least pick out a polo shirt, or something.
        Happy eternity, guys!
        Next time try to come back as a mouse or something (they normally get to die intact).

    1. @lord-wankdust
      It shed a dim light to the directors cut, many of these beaners refused to put out full content, a sneeze might have been the cut they didn’t want you to hear, or a man in the background picking his nose. But what i can say about “Incomplete” cartel videos is a lack of motivation for its audience. or leading us on with a sequel.

    1. That’s a good idea and i think you should put it to the cartels. in fact i think we should have walls every thirty feet. We’d spend so much time climbing over walls that we’d have no time to be killing each other. Imagine having to climb a wall every time you go shopping.
      Feel sorry for those two though. Those blunt knives are deliberate.

  1. Ya dersever to be behead. Like y’all fucked up man. You wouldnt be so tough with out your weapons or the protection from some other douch bag who cant do his own dirty work. I’m glad I ain’t no ones bitch. Do your own dirty work.

  2. Of all the beheadings I’ve seen, I think this is the first one where someone carried on like that. With all that squalling, and yelping you’d think somebody was cutting his damn head off, for christ sake.

  3. transcript:
    -Whats your name?
    -Jose Mario Lopez
    -where from?
    – Veracruz
    -whats your occupation
    -i sell drugs
    -why u’ve been arrested?
    – for being a chapulín ((grasshopper) i think is something like a mule))

    -and you? whats yo name?
    – Agustín Javier ronzon (?) gonzalez ( Did you know the EZ at the end of hispanic names means “son of” thats free info )
    -where from?
    – whats you occupation?

    – this is what Will happen to all chapulines out there , here no one sells stuff without seal of approval , “suck dick!” ( cursing words literally translated) All south territory is owned already so you know , mind your business cause it will end bad for you , know who we are motherfuckers , eat my balls etc etc…

    *slicing starts + unintelligible slobbering and moaning u know the drill*
    some of them say “die dog” and things like that

    and cameraman ends with , – so you know what happens , keep “chapulinning”

  4. WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?!?!
    Heads come off with not much fuss, you stupid fucking beaners!!!! Learn to sharpen your fucking knives. Okay…right after you learn to read and write your own stupid version of Spanish. (I loved Spain. Learned to hate Mexicans on an entirely different level while I lived in Tarragona, Spain. What an awesome place!!! I was there for 4 months installing battery backup systems for the national telecom. I was working for a contractor of GNB batteries…An Amerikan company, but I was working out of a place in High Wycombe, England. At least that’s the cover story. I am going to love to see the fucking conspiracy shit that I generate from that statement.)

  5. Beaner here 😉
    So basically these two men were selling drugs “product” in a town were there is a cartel running the drugdealing and selling. They dont like when other lower cartels take over so they showed them wassup…

  6. They were just asking where there from.
    They killed them over drugs.
    Which im guessing they eaither stole or were involved in selling where they werent suppose to
    And hes basically letting people know thats whats gonna happen if they fuck up as well.

  7. does anyone feel selfish by watching such brutality like this? you’re sitting here looking at someone’s life being taken in awful ways, and enjoying the view? i’ll leave it at that, i guess my guilt finally got the better of me.

    it really isn’t even the gore, after some point it is the horror that people are enduring. i don’t enjoy watching it, but i watch it anyway. wtf

  8. they first ask regarding theyre name and theyre ocupation both answer they sell drugs the term “chapulin” means they know there is a cartel controlling the current place however they are still trying to sell its own material or they sell from other cartel or they work for the same cartel but they “semi-open” the bag to take out some material (coke, crack, meth or mariguana) to make theyre own whole new bag in order to win more in other words they cut the drug to earn more money, then one of the executioners say that ziploc bags without a seal will lead to people dead it is known that many cartels are implementating this type ot measure to know wheter is a customer for them or for the other cartel and since there are “arrangements with the police” its also used as a carry drug passport in some regions Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion even uses a sticker on theyre ziplocs, zetas or northeast cartel uses heat to seal theyre bags

  9. Incomplete yet ruthless. Squeal like a pig! That one video from the Sinaloa Cartel was so harsh … the nephew never, never squealed, he just tried to breathe. Is that will? Is that endurance? Is that suave? Is that debonair? What is it to have your head cut off with a knife and never make a sound except for trying to breathe? Must be a Marvel comic dude?!

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