Indian Man Catches Wife Fucking Another Man, Beheads Her But ToyBoy Gets Away

Indian Man Catches Wife Fucking Another Man, Beheads Her But ToyBoy Gets Away

Indian Man Catches Wife Fucking Another Man, Beheads Her But ToyBoy Gets Away

This reportedly happened a couple of days ago in Banglore, Karnataka, India. The video shows a married man, holding a severed head of his wife whom he would have decapitated.

He caught the whore fucking with other guy. He beat them both but, but his wife’s toyboy managed to run away. The whore didn’t. He cut that skank’s head off and took it to the nearby police station where he surrendered himself.

Remember, men – a woman never loves you. She only loves what you can do for her, and won’t hesitate to backstab you with a Chad when she decide you haven’t princessed her enough. Unless you’re in a transactional relationship with a woman, it’s only a question of time …

Props to Best Gore member @mybestgoreupload for the video:

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188 thoughts on “Indian Man Catches Wife Fucking Another Man, Beheads Her But ToyBoy Gets Away”

  1. Did they arrest him? I like how casual and chill the whole thing is. LoL

    Like, some random dude just brings a severed head into the station every other day like they just write tickets for that or something. 15 rupees per severed head?

          1. No we understand how it feels how you work hard whole day in scorching heat and come home to find this fat bitch fucking a skinny timmy.

            We give the lad pat on back and put him in jail nicely.

      1. What will happen to him here depends on his connections to powerful people.

        Sadly, he didn’t have to do this because in Karnataka the female pays the dowry. He could have simply filmed her in the act, used it as evidence to divorce her and make some money off of the next bride.

        Curry gulping emotional idiot

          1. haha! India is the biggest market for cheap camera phones.
            some even cheaper than the machete in his hand.
            Perhaps he was too smart to think, or he just needed an extra head

      2. You would get shot on the spot. They would shoot as soon as ya went into the bag. Or if the sickle wasn’t dropped immediately. They gave this fucker a drink and let him walk around wherever he wanted. Shit wouldn’t go down like that here in Canada.

      1. You’re correct, in a biological sense.

        However, that’s the point of culture, to repress inferior biological instincts so to advance to higher states of mind. Once we do away with said progress, under the guide of “true progress”, we experience a regress of human consciousness.

          1. If you survive the storm, your reward is you get to rebuild and do extensive clean up in affluent North Carolina

            I’m just breaking balls, godspeed brother. Fuck Florence and her machine

          2. I’m sorry you guys are dealing with this and I hope you all stay safe and indoors. I remember the last time a natural disaster came through here and I nearly ran out of dead homosexual niggas. I really like the ones with the missing left eyes.

        1. Thanks. That was hilarious. I wonder if the big one ate the little one later that day.
          @deathpod told me about hickhop so I listened to a bunch of it for a short period. At first I was in utter disbelief. After a while I was out looking at F-350’s and overalls.
          Godspeed you muddy hillbillies. Godspeed.

          1. O for sure….however i do agree that it Would require the neck so you can motion for her to go deeper by putting pressure on the back of the medula amblangatta. I see what choo mean. ‘a little little…’ Lol

    1. Sikh never remove their headpiece, which would explain why all of them are cuckhold if they are more worried about the headscarf falling out during sex than really pound her wife good and proper.

          1. Absolutely true @mrspock. Feeds into the theory of competition for mates and female promiscuity. Chimps have bigger cocks -proportionally that is -than gorillas because chimp females are more promiscuous than gorilla females.
            Welcome back spoko. I missed you. I knew you’d be back after all those short -term contracts of yours.

          1. Yes Mr. Spock, I commented somewhere on this post that he was sikh in the mind…what ever he is besides a murderer. I just had to point out that there ARE Muslims in India, when dutchy said “Indians are not Muslims and DO NOT have names like Habib…….” and was calling someone an “ignorant cunt”.

  2. This should be law in the United States ! It should also be law that all these unemployed niggers not be able to have all these unwanted nigglets ….. The next generation of niggers will have more unwanted nigglets and the cycle goes on and on ….. it’s due time to start implementing some very strict penalties for these heinous acts . PERIOD!

  3. He is so chill about it. And behaving as a salesman lol selling his wife severed head… To weird they are letting him walk around with that sickle maybe they will allow him to chop it into more pieces later… Indians are funny as fuck

    1. He’s already going to jail. Might as well kill the son of a bitch. He never should’ve surrendered to the cop first. He should find the guy and kill him and he can still run away and live in another place. I doubt the guy saw him kill his wife.

      1. @devilsbride777

        I believe that ‘maison’ is the French word for ‘house’, so that’s my best guess.

        *edit* I was curious:

        “But men are the same, big con, they love women only because they pay half the rent, bills and holidays. Not to mention doing the boniche at home and more …”

  4. I’m sick of this “all womens are whores” nonsense. Yes, they are. Every healthy human (male or female) is a whore, and monogamy is a cultural concept, not natural. Even “monogamous” animals, like swans for example, are not really monogamous and are over-romanticezed by the media.

    It’s normal to fuck around. You can maintain domestic partnership, raise children together, and ride the cock/pussy carousel around, and it’s NORMAL. Swingers in particular are the most fun bunch to be with. Of course I’m talking only about morals. There’s a real threat of STD and this is the only logical reason to choose monogamy, if you want to avoid the risk.

    So this guy is a fucking prick and deserves to be skinned alive, and all you pretentious “women are whores” whiners are also a bunch of pricks. Who ever gave YOU the exclusive right to a particular woman’s pussy, huh? Because love, traditions, and all this moral fag nonsense? Because you WANT her to love only you?

    I ask again – why did you decide that you have an exclusive right to a particular pussy? I’m not being feminist here, you as a man also have the right to fullfill your sexual desires, but if no one else wants to fuck with you, it’s not their fault.

      1. There’s such thing as true love where you care for your partner and try your best to make them happy. Also, there’s such thing as sex, a simple mechanical desire for someone to stimulate your genitals, which is purely biological and should not do anything with love. It’s like going to a doctor to relive yourself of pain, but in this case you go to another person to relive yourself of sexual tension, because, again, it’s NORMAL when after 10 years of living together, your partner does not arouse you anymore.

        1. She should have told her husband then. I know husbands who prostitute their wives and don’t care about it at all. Some people even enjoy seeing their wife getting banged in front of them. You’re a swinger I reckon? I’ve thought about it to be honest.

          1. I’m not, but I don’t see anything bad or amoral in being swinger.

            If she told her husband, he would still kill her anyway. He’s just a fucking psychopath and should be put on a death row.

  5. Nice police work. The dude came to the station to turn himself in. They are filming his testimony. The offer him water, to keep on his good side. I kinda feel bad for him. he literally came home from work, and caught his wife…..Still has his name tag on.

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