Indian Man Commits Suicide by Jumping from Railway Bridge

Indian Man Commits Suicide by Jumping from Railway Bridge

According to the info I got, this happened in India. The video shows a man on top of a railway bridge threatening suicide. A few other man climb up to him to help him, but after the initial drama, the man eventually takes the leap.

There is a stale river below the bridge, but the man lands on the bank. Whereas he fell back and neck down, the landing may have been fatal.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

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50 thoughts on “Indian Man Commits Suicide by Jumping from Railway Bridge”

    1. Ya already might know that all those who commit suicide are no less than demons & therefore have no place in the heavens but hell . This one is gonna turn crisp even further in the burning fires of hell because he had forsaken precious life
      Ain’t no place exists for the demons in heavens as
      they rightly belong to hell Heavens is for those who worship life faithful in words & in their deeds. @theprotocolsofzion

  1. Did anyone notice that immediately after he jumped /slipped/fell that he had to have hit his head or body (possibly abdominal area) impacted the beam. The camera person missed that when it occurred, but we get a short glance of this mans’ insides which are now on the outside and dangling like a rope from the beam. It looks as though he is still attached when the camera pans down to where he remains.

    My guess- small intestine. Most of us have over 20 feet of our small intestine, therefore it’s plausable that’s what’s hanging and dangling.
    Probably smacked that beam at just the right angle and there ya go. His abdomen exploded. Literally.

  2. Would’ve been a typical train suicide however the train was running late, the individual became impatient, and jumped to their death instead. There’s more than one way for a train to skin a cat.

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