Indian Man Farts Around on Electric Pole Until Shock Makes Him Fall

Indian Man Farts Around on Electric Pole Until Shock Makes Him Fall

Indian Man Farts Around on Electric Pole Until Shock Makes Him Fall

In Ludhiana, a city in the state of Punjab, India, a man climbed on top of an electric pole and kept farting around live wires until losing balance. As he fell, his body shortcut the wires and he got zapped.

The electric shock was probably severe enough to kill him. It tensed up his body and set it alight for a second, but as if that weren’t enough, after the electrocution, he dropped on the ground.

I didn’t get any info on whether he survived, but he indeed put his body through enough in a short period of time to make the adventure fatal.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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    1. I went to India for 6 months and the people really love you, there very kind humble and believe this very clean they just have the bathrooms because there economy is so low and the leader is a greedy ass.They are very hard workers for such little cash, they work 10 hour days to feed there large families and only make 4 dollars a day.sad

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      1. In countries like india/pakistan if you don’t have a job you have nothing. Suidied is the only option. I claim my new word “Suidied” .. I find that typos can lead to a sort of peotry

      1. @poopie Hey calm down poopie. We don’t do that here, if you feel anything then simply don’t comment. I sometimes feel for some of them and i say so but i never stop others from saying their stuff. We’re all here knowing our turn will come and people can comment and laugh at us too.

    1. It’s so the kids don’t find you, these fuckers don’t give a fuck about their kids so they do it in public, probably a last cry for sympathy , it’s the victim mentality

  1. According to The Indian Express, this was a protest. These people were to be evicted from their council houses and relocated to the slums. The guy in this video is in a critical condition; hopefully he will make it.

    ‘On Thursday, MC team by executive engineer (XEN) Karamjit Singh reached the site to get the flats vacated. As mob started assembling and one of the protesters climbed a pole near a power transformer and threatened to commit suicide. He was identified as Sunny (20). As people present were persuading him to come down, he suddenly lost balance and fell on the high tension wires underneath and got electrocuted. Soon after the incident, the protest turned violent. Even as a large police contingent was called in, people started pelting stones and attacked MC team with sticks and other objects.’

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