Indonesian Woman Mauled to Death by Tiger

Indonesian Woman Mauled to Death by Tiger

Deep in the interior of Indonesia, a woman was allegedly mauled by a tiger. 33 year old Jumiati was an Eboni Estate employee, and got fatally attacked by the cat while on the job.

The tiger didn’t eat a whole lot of her. I wonder what he thought of the sampled human meat. And whether he had anything to do with the tear on her shorts?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. By most accounts human flesh is tough and flavorless. It also has not been a natural food for any animal for 50,000 years. So any animal eating a human is by accident or opportunistic when regular diet is unavailable or the animal has gone rogue. Usually when a person is attacked for food only a small amount is eaten. I get a kick out of how a loved puppy will eat the lips and cheeks of it’s master if they kick the bucket in the home and aren’t discovered for days. Definitely a closed casket funeral.

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