Infiniti FX45 Hit and Run in San Francisco

Infiniti FX45 Hit and Run in San Francisco

On April 18, 2015, a dashcam equipped car recorded a hit and run involving an Infinity FX45 at the intersection of 2nd and Howard Streets in San Francisco, California. The infinity cut in front of dashcam car, hit oncoming Nissan and then struck a pedestrian on the crosswalk before fleeing the scene.

About half way through the video, it is possible to discern the license plate of the hit and runner, which appears to be 6TVU786. Hopefully SFPD will do something useful for once and get that driver off the streets.

Author: Acneska

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    1. I know this intersection very well as my cousin lived at 5th and Howard. Driving in SF can be a mutha fucker but, there’s no excuse for running. Besides, it pointless trying to flee cuz you’re going to be on camera no matter where you go there. Fool!

      1. I’ve driven there too. Most recently, I was driving an SUV with a film crew and camera on board, while trying to act cool. It’s incredible that anyone in their right mind would build a city on those steep hillsides!

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  1. If that driver turned as soon as the light turned green, he wouldve avoid it both pedestrian and other car. That driver and the other side both waited on each to see who’ll go first and both the driver and the other side went for it at the same time. Hopefully the pedestrian is ok.

  2. Unfortunately the driver is probably driving a stolen or un-registered car. I hear you Akneska but they probably won’t be brought to book. I also hate hit and run drivers. we have to deal with shit like that over here all the time, often immigrants who don’t know how to drive.

  3. I’m thinking DWA. Turning left from a right lane, no blinker (indicator), almost gunning it through the red light at 18 seconds in, running down a pedestrian… Those all seem to point to a driver of the Asian disposition. Unfortunately, there were no unattended toddlers for him to run over, otherwise he would have stopped right on top of the little ankle biter.

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