Inmate is Beheaded During Prison Riot in Tabatinga, Brazil

Inmate is Beheaded During Prison Riot in Tabatinga, Brazil

Last weekend, October 18th, there was a riot in a prison in Tabatinga, state of Amazonas, Brazil. Details are sketchy but from what I can gather, there was an altercation between two men and when one of the men was struck in the eye, all hell broke lose amongst the whole population. By the time everything was broken up, the offender had had his head cut from his body. Authorities still do not know who exactly killed the man nor have they released the victim’s identity.

South American prisons must be like hell on earth. The brutality of these places is well documented.

Mad props to Best Gore member Infected Banana for the pics.

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    1. Nice sneakers. Nice cell. But I see someone’s been into this guy’s pants too. See what I’m saying: Someone’s pulling all these guys’ pants down before the photos are taken. What’s up with that?

      1. I was just taking a closer look seeing if his pants had been cut in the attack or maybe he was just trying to be comfortable, you know shoes off pants unbuttoned, anyway the wife just walked in looked at the TV and goes “why are his pants down ? Oh well that looks like the least of his problems.” LMAO !!! So one look and she thought the same.

  1. @Obli,

    “South American prisons must be like hell on earth. The brutality of these places is well documented”.

    The above does create an interesting perspective in that punishment cannot be said to be a deterrent to crime when the perpetrator feels like they have nothing to lose.

    Therefore somebody at the bottom of society may feel that death is a release rather than a punishment and commit crime undeterred.

    My conclusion, punishment cannot be said to be equal because we all view life and punishment differently and therefore the threat of punishment influences our actions differently.

    1. Your point is valid empty. Many perps feel as if they have nothing to lose. Exactly why so many criminals get acclimated and comfortable living behind bars with three squares. But the number of criminals who have death wishes or don’t care for their own lives I believe is small. Whether they’re committing crimes punishable by death penalty or they commit their crimes in third world countries with very violent prisons most believe that they won’t be caught. Punishment does deter. (African American crime rate in 1920s with kkk…today’s African American crime rate)

    1. They are in jail, they use improvised shanks. Probably found a piece of scrap metal. I’m sure they don’t have high security like in the states, and anything can be made into a weapon. I’m just curious as to what was actually used in this beheading.

      1. These things happen in the states too just not as much because of better security and it doesn’t make it to the media because no one gives a shit about prisoners killing each other. You only hear about it when a guard is injured or killed.

    2. Der Kopf—that’s what I was wondering. If you’re in jail, you’re not supposed to have access to the sharp pointy things. Unless his head was ripped off from the body, there is a sharp pointy thing in there.

      Maybe I have dandruff on my rose-colored glasses & I can’t see a lick!

      1. I heard that in Brazil they have lack of prison security guards, so that might be one side of the problem. On the other side, there is probably not as many “checkups” for weapons or drugs in there like there is in the US, so anything sharp could have slipped easly through them…

        ( p.s. – i had to google what a “dandruff” was… 😆 )

  2. Aren’t prisoners supposed to be “rehabilitated” by the time they’re released? If they can’t be rehabilitated, then why release them? If they can’t be released, then why let them live?

  3. Wow if only they had security footage of the riot. These brazillians are hardcore.

    Anyone heard of Carandiru massacre? Happend in 1992 police and military armed forces go to the biggest penitentiary complex in South America during a riot and kill over 100’inmates and injure hundreds. Supposably 80% of the prisoners there weren’t even sentenced yet. Guess they used the riot as an excuse for extermination to get rid of the overpopulatin in the jails.

  4. In Philippines, inmates often use the opposite end of a toothbrush, sharpen it and it can be use as a weapon, like an improvised icepick, but to decapitate a head completely? They must be hiding a machete there somewhere.. Really hardcore Brazilian prisoners are..

    1. Yup your right also Even a candy bar can be used as a weapon, melt it down and the molten mess can be thrown on to the victims face, caramel and chocolate get very hot and turns hard quick imagin that shit on your face. Even a disposable razor blade for shaving can torn out of its plastic that hold it with your own teeth it’s easy.

        1. There really isn’t, It’s all about what lengths a human would do to protect it self and what you can use around you for survival. The reality is, it’s you or the other person and when the shit goes down you better be ready.

          1. I heard that they can make a weapon out of pubic hair. They tie it together and can make all manner of weapons and they store in the body cavity and it won’t show up. Then they coat it in shit wait for it to harden up.

      1. I saw a documentary and they prisoners anally penetrate each other right in front of the guards . Some a screaming rape and the guards do not help. Then there is all that scat play and it is bloody. Not sure if this kind of thing belongs on gore or in some fetish website..

  5. Weapons are nothing new in prison inmates even posses real guns not just the homemade zip gun kind. Many states used to give prisoners extra goodtime for finding a gun while on a road crew or in the prison yard until the authorities realized friends and family members of these inmates were leaving these for their loved ones to find. In prison they only lock up your body not your mind, the inmates have 24 / 7 to work the system.

        1. @boozer hahaha you know I do babe 🙂

          But you got that right about some people on here… just had some member call me all kinds of names because I laughed at another members comment. .. geez

          1. Yea,just try not to take everything to serious. I get pissed off quickly myself sometimes, It all depends. But Its not really worth it if you know what I mean 😉

  6. If you want to be on other side you should sit and consider: Can i endure a prison, long sentence?
    Consider also fact that
    Prison is NOT Heavy, the PRISONERS are Heavy and then decide.

    Allot of psychos want to harass and humiliate you to gain personal power over you and then to torture or sexually harass you, to take all what you got.
    You need protection. You really need fucking protection.
    Prison is incredible sick and paranoid place.
    Someone torture you: Guards don’t give a fuck. Remember that shit. They don’t interfere. They are same, psychos, remember?

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