Inmate Brutally Decapitated in Barreiras Prison in Bahia, Brazil

Inmate Brutally Decapitated in Barreiras Prison in Bahia, Brazil

I don’t think I need to explain to anyone reading Best Gore on a regular basis that Brazilian prisons are notorious for extreme brutality toward inmates by other inmates. This video and pictures only confirm what we’re repeatedly being made aware of.

Best Gore member @Vergne explains it the best:

This content is an “incident” that happened in a prison in the city of “Barreiras”, state of Bahia in Brazil, where I used to live (I moved thankfully). This state is famous in Brazil for its people’s funny accent.

Some prisoners killed and decapitated another prisoner. The messages in the photos translate to: “Hey Ze Luis, where are you? Let Fabiano free”.

Ze Luis is a local judge who is apparently in charge of Fabiano judicial situation.

In the video they congratulate themselves for being ill hitmen (hired to kill other people) and they don’t mess around.

They also keep asking Ze Luis to let Fabiano free and said that this was to welcome him as the new judge.

If you could, I would like to ask you to specially thank “Arthur Lima”, a good friend of mine who shared this content. Unfortunately he still lives in Barreiras.

Aê Arthur Lima, agradeço bastante o vídeo e as fotos. Muito obrigado.

Dear Arthur Lima, thank you so much for hooking us up with this video and photos. And many thanks to @Vergne for sending it to us. Here’s the video:

And the gallery of pics:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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81 thoughts on “Inmate Brutally Decapitated in Barreiras Prison in Bahia, Brazil”

  1. You can’t perform a nice behading without proper tools but well, this is Brazil.
    I guess if Arthur Lima hasn’t bought another 10 years in Barreiros, kindless of @Vergne.
    In my opinion, discretion is primal virtus in gore staff.

    1. No mention to judge’s daugher.

      from 0:56 and on:

      É as boas vindas do novo juiz
      É pra morrer, juiz
      Esse aí é pro juiz
      Solta desgraça
      Solta, solta, seu maldito
      Solta caralho
      Aqui é o nosso benefício agora, né? cade ver faltar alguma coisa, desgraçado
      É o benefício, manda o benefício do ladrão
      O cabelo do bicho tá igual uma geléia, né?
      Agora corta, agora corta
      Agora corta
      Corta mais

    1. I think if you are sick fuck and on plenty of amphetamines then this is how you would go about things like that. Plus boredom might have something to do with it because them Brazilian prisons dont have any playstation4’s…..

  2. Okay, the decapitation is the least of my concerns about this video. What the hell did they do that guy’s face? They completely bashed in his orbital sockets and his teeth are facing in nearly every direction. That kind of savagery should be reserved for the man who rapes your daughter just before you turn him over to the police.

    1. If I understand the tactic, it’s usually done just for emphatic shock value. You know, to send a message that human life means nothing to them and they are not bothered by the brutality of decapitation or dismemberment.

  3. That is just fucking brutal man!! There’s been some sick shit posted here before but I don’t think we’ve ever seen a head being chopped off with a piece of square pipe used in that manner??? And then these fucking animals start to attempt to rip the head off with their fingers?? Fuck man, is this how far we’ve sunk as a race? I mean WTF? Where are the guards? Holy shit

      1. The black strap yeah,and it looks like a brass belt buckle in his lip.Also if u look at picture 3 ,he sure looked like he needs a belt for those standard gay shorts they wear in Brazil,they are about 4 sizes too big. Maybe pass me down’s from big brother da Silva..who was probably shot by 2 guys 1 motorbike.

    1. The cops there are probabily corrupt as fuck. If youre an american or Brit you can probabily say somthing like

      “Take this cash and look the other way or you and youre family are gonna end up an organic jig saw puzzle” 🙂

      The cops will probabily back off, or beat youre ass on the spot.

  4. This type of shit is exactly why we shouldn’t be letting these fucking violent, Spic vermin invade our country illegally! Spics are violent psychopaths. The southern U.S. border areas should be fucking mined to keep these violent fucking rats where they belong!

  5. There’s no doubt that authorities tolerate this shit.
    If i am in charge, i would order beating this scums until they fell unconsciousness, waking their scummy ass up with freeze water, continue beatings with another bucket of cold water. Then, i would drop them all separated into cells without sound and light, 1 month minimum.
    No walking’s, full month.

  6. Why were they getting all excited about decapitating a corpse? It’s just a corpse; the excitement would be understandable if he were alive at the beginning of the procedure. Hopefully the body was cremated soon after, I can’t stand the thought of a decomposing stub.

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