Inmate Repeatedly Stabbed and Beheaded in Brazilian Prison

Inmate Repeatedly Stabbed and Beheaded in Brazilian Prison

The joys of life (and death) in Brazilian prisons.

Dark and shaky video from Brazilian prison shows an out of control killing frenzy as an incapacitated inmate is being repeatedly stabbed. In the second part of the video, which is no less dark and shaky, the inmate’s severed head is shown to the camera.

You can’t possibly imagine that any of the killers would come out of such prison “rehabilitated”. If anything, prisons like that make presumed criminals more dangerous, and turn the falsely accused into actual criminals.

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50 thoughts on “Inmate Repeatedly Stabbed and Beheaded in Brazilian Prison”

  1. This happened probably from the following causes.
    Child molestor
    Drug deal gonne wrong
    Gang member or my favorite….. not giving someone a blowjob or did not wanted to be fuck in the ass…

    1. The moaning in agony while being savagely murdered always made it more ghastly or “haunting” to me. Like in the 3 guys 1 hammmer video,the gutteral moans of agony made it more cringeworthy to watch.Just my opinion 🙂

      1. yeah the thing his hell already exists here on earth not in some other dimension. also heaven exists here too….. there is so much evil and suffering on this website but in general the world is a beautiful place I think, or I like to think.

        1. I think you’re right, on both accounts.
          Best Gore, and other sites like it show the worst of human behavior and the hell that some people endure in life.
          The world also offers some beautiful, peaceful vistas that inspire the very best of mankind.
          Basically, if ya take the good, ya take the bad, ya take ’em both and there ya have…

  2. Bloody Hell!! I’m guessing when these inmates are bored as shit in there shitty ass prison the only head they’re gonna get is from a beheading.. He got head instead of tails alright! Sucks to be there for sure!

  3. i cant understand why there are so many comments and no one screaming “Fugazzi”.., this is the 3rd time watchin it and i cant seee fck all.., fck i can make a better fake than this with my buddies on a Friday night.

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