Iraqi Army Stands and Watches As Shia Militia Brutally Stab Sunni Man in the Neck

Iraqi Army Stands and Watches As Shia Militia Brutally Stab Sunni Man in the Neck

While Sunni Muslims have become the popular boogiemen, thanks to fear mongering by the mainstream media, things are not as black and white in the Middle East. Shia Muslims, the alleged victims of the ISIS aggression, are not much better. Although neither measure up to pure savagery of the Israelis.

Zio media indoctrination machine succeeded in molding the thinking of your average sheeple thus:

  • Iraqi army = good
  • FSA = proletarian saints
  • Kurds = eternal victims, like Yahoodi
  • Shi’a militias = fighting the evil
  • ISIS = evil
  • SAA = mother of all evil

In other words – the more a group advances Israeli interests, the more it is portrayed as a good bunch. The more it resists Israeli oppression, the more it is portrayed as evil. ISIS is a bit of an anomaly as it is an Israeli Secret Intelligence Service plot that was created with the purpose of establishing the boogieman.

In the video below, a group of Iraqi soldiers stands over and watches a Sunni man, an alleged ISIS fighter, who lays on the ground drenched in blood. A Shia militia man is busy trying to decapitate him by slitting his throat, while the victim keeps trying to cover his neck and pull the knife away. Other militia men respond by holding him down, as the knifeman switches from sowing, to stabbing his neck. I’m sure the objective was to behead the victim, but the executioner was just too useless to succeed in it.

Props to Best Gore member Baby14 for the video:

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          1. right! I really wanna buy some chain saws, like in that Mexican Cartel video, and have em use those instead. That’s my favorite video on this entire site.

    1. You can’t blame them for wanting to give ISIS some payback for all the Fucked up shit they have done to the Iraqi people! Then there is ISIS Destroying the Oldest and Most Priceless archeological Artifacts in Iraq that doesn’t belong to the Iraqis it Belongs to the Entire Human race cause We are all Descended from that Civilization! If Israel has a Hand in ISIS what do We care Muslims killing Muslims is good either way you cut it but I like Assad and I’m glad He has survived this Bullshit it’s a Damn shame Syria was a Beautiful Country and the Syrians are the Nicest Group of People when I was in the Marines We would Port in Syria and everything from the food to the People were Great such Hospitality and I wonder why We (the U.S.) Opposed Assad who was was very Generous to U.S. Military it really blew my mind and Now that place is a heap of Blood and Rubble and I’ll never forgive that POS Kenyan commi prick for being so Obtuse towards Our Friends and I’m ashamed at the way My Government has acted in all of this and all the hard work and American lives to destroy Iraq and then rebuild it only to leave it with little security and a Junior Army and expect the outcome to be anything but disastrous!

      1. Totally agree with you @Duke Rourschach… Especially about the priceless artifacts they’re destroying… I love ancient history… That set fire in my ass when I saw that shit…

      1. I was something along the lines of:

        “get his daughter, fuck his daughter and his sisters….yes his sister, get his daughter to have sex with his sisters….and involve the goat, yeah, I said the goat….get the goat [repeated 12 times]….ok, then after his daughter and his sister finish sexy time smash their faces with stones, and lets go pray”

  1. Heh, figures, they didnt toke the CIA beheading courses like the ISIS executioneers did… he was far too hesitant. 😆

    This will satisfy those that so much thirsted for (fail) beheadings latelly… 😆 Speaking of wich… where’s KateShepard? I miss her impulsive energy already… 😛

          1. I dunno I read her comment a hundred times over and I don’t see how it seemed demanding seemed like she was just stating the content she like then someone said she was demanding then she went with the joke then people got serious feel like it was blown out of proportion

          2. She said she was a lurker since 2012 if i remember correctly, therefore she knew the rules better than anyone else. Dunno whats with all the exageration… 😐

        1. @Der I fully understand the Gore part, I mean I love watching beheadings just not of innocent civilians. Watching too much Gore really does turn you into a Gore Monster… I truly Am not playing… We are considered “Sick” people but In a reality we are just realistic gore lovers but Some people will never understand.

          1. We all have our reasons, i for example, am a misanthrope, so i get satisfied to see humans getting slaughtered, its my “treatment” to keep me calm on the outside world away from internet…

      1. I was thinking the same thing, and this is coming from a chef with 20 yrs of cooking/choping/slicing experience. He either needs a better knife or to learn a better technique. With any decent chefs knife, you should be able to get to the spine within 10 secs…and then just aim the gap between the bones to get the whole thing off, quick and easy lol.

        1. @m0ney0ver8itches I think it also could be the technique because If the person went around the whole neck slice it would be easier But For fuck sake that man desevred that brutal death, Infact I don’t see why they don’t just cut a whole line in the stomache and let their guts outr slowly so very pain slow death could happen.. Damn.. Mabey I just realiy hate ISIS that bad?..

    1. Jesus what a fail, this is by far the most incompetent beheading I’ve seen on here lol. I think this was the dudes first time beheadung someone. He gives the Muslims a bad name in the performance department.

      You missed me :’) I feel warm inside.

      1. I’ve seen a muslim kid doing a better job than him on a different video… by chopping the neck with a knife like if it were a cleaver… 😆

        And yeah, i did… 😳 I did really liked your energy since the first day, and for those that know me they know thats a very rare thing to achieve… 😆 It can be that youre connected to my lucky planet of Jupiter, but thats a spiritual thing that i dont expect anyone to understand…

        By the way, did you saw my reply on that ex-con post about that “Ralph” thing? 😆

    1. Right! Too much pressure… They need to give the man some space and quit yellin in his ears!
      His inexperience Reminds me of the first time I got laid… Just jammin it in there not knowing what the hell I’m support to do. He failed with his little pea sized brain…he should have put his weight with his knee to hold down that dude waving arm.

  2. I try not to pay attention to who’s the ‘good or bad guy’ because for all we know it can be false information in an act to rationalize us.. I bet y’all never think about that, Right?
    Just like the quaote Abraham Lincon was credited for…
    “Don’t beleive everything you read on the internet just because it has a picture with a quote next to it…”

      1. @espliam You don’t get it do you? I specificly said “Just like the quaote Abraham Lincon was credited for?” And once again i’m saying ‘Credited’.
        Its perfect example of the fact internet was not invented so its oviously to get a point across since its impossible for Lincon to even know about the Web. Please ReRead my comment and open your mind to the point of the quaote. I’m telling in the most respectful way because from reading your comment you have no clue of what I said. Reread my comment until it makes sence. It will trust me, Just look at the big picture or search it up.

  3. “The pure savagery of the Israelis?”

    Some people just have to blame the Israelis for every goddamn thing. Let’s see some videos of Israelis doing this shit, then we’ll talk. Until then it’s all bullshit.

        1. Self Chosen….Israel is the real cancer in the middle east and its mentality of all or nothing will eventually be the Jews real holocaust…it’s not if but when dirty nuke bombs start going off like the stupid commercials zionists are playing on CNN to scare the American sheep to think Iran is our enemy….

    1. Don’t get your earlocks in a knot… If you love Zionism so much @Chosen… Why don’t you deport yourself to Israel and defend your “homeland” and show US how it’s done… Oh… That’s right… Almost forgot… Zionists have their “allies” doing that for them…

        1. I respect Israel and what it’s capable of.. I watched Netanyahu address congress the other day. I have to say that his words moved me. “Israel will stand, even if it stands alone” you have to give credit where it’s due. Respect..

        2. I respect israel too.. I am American. I seriously hate how most people call the western civilizations the savages and terrorists.. It’s fucking stupid. I hate war though. I wish that my own country and other pro-democracy/Democratic US allies could of done things a bit differently. But of course, shit happens. Also, I’m assuming you are in the IDF? I know that everyone at the age of 18 has to serve over there for some time, so just wondering

          1. The Israelis are the ones that try not to kill children. Hamas actually targets children.

            But you’re cool with that, right?

  4. While it is true that both sides have savage barbarians….if anyone on this planet deserved that treatment, it’s these ISIS scumbag piece of shit soulless motherfuckers. I hope they all meet this fate.

  5. OK – so here is the maths (or math if y’all from the US)

    Shia muslims killed by Sunni muslims + sunni muslims killed by Shia muslims = more dead muslims.

    last time I checked that formula, it looked pretty correct to me.

          1. in WWII Stalin who was an atheist, ordered the churches to pound theirs bells. to motivate his army. what’s happening in the middle east right is called war. whatever the slogan might be.
            I had coworker who was an atheist, so I asked what was his problem with religion, his answer was Muslims are terrorist and priests are pedophiles. you get it?

  6. They are not shia, these are probably kurds, probably this guy seeing what isis did got a angry?. looks inexperianced, as i can see in the clip, probably a one off thing, trying to show the shia in the same light as isis. Isis are not sunnis any how. Conclusion this is propaganda video and a bad one at that.

  7. Very Good! I love it! Defenceless muslims fucked hard.

    All muslims should die and their mothers butchered in medieval style.

    Muslims are disgrace to this world. All arabs even if not muslims, shady piece of shit must be butchered.

  8. That Language is an abomination..When they all are shouting at each other it sounds like 50 men with a mouth full of mashed potatoes in pain……….Nd he may a aswell of used a spoon as use that useless fucking knife…Oh dear…………. Religion of Peace my Anus!!!!!!!

    1. That Language is an abomination..When they all are shouting at each other it sounds like 50 men with a mouth full of mashed potatoes in pain……….Nd he may a aswell of used a spoon as use that useless fucking knife…Oh dear…………. Religion of Peace my Anus!!!!!!! On the other hand you could record that noise they were making..And send it off to jive bunny…Number one all over it.’ C-c-come On Everybody’ ‘ C-c-come On Everybody’ ‘ C-c-come On Everybody’………’.yeeep yeep yeep’

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