Iraqi Army Trying to Decapitate Dead ISIS Mujaheddin with Box Cutter

Iraqi Army Trying to Decapitate Dead ISIS Mujaheddin with Box Cutter

The video appears to show the Iraqi army trying to decapitate a corpse of slain ISIS mujaheddin. The young mujaheddin was clearly already dead, as there was no blood coming out of his slashed throat. The soldiers used a short bladed box cutter, which did not prove sufficient for full decapitation.

For one, they don’t have proper tools for a beheading, and secondly, it makes no sense trying to behead someone who’s already dead. Even if the other side routinely beheads people, there is virtually nothing in it for you to do the same. It just makes you come across sulky at best, or a copy cat at worst.

Props to Best Gore member Amer the adventurerz for the video:

58 thoughts on “Iraqi Army Trying to Decapitate Dead ISIS Mujaheddin with Box Cutter”

  1. No wonder they are getting their asses kicked…..they cant even decapitate someone right. ISIS has perfected it now that they aren’t using dull knives anymore….take some note and watch a few videos men. And as the caption states…..decapitation after death is just plain cheesy.

    1. No body told them about Swiss Army knives or what? Scissors,saw,screwdriver,can opener,bottle opener,awl,tweezers,toothpick and if that don’t do it then burn it off with the magnifying glass:)

  2. Is there no point at which this guy looks at himself and thinks “what am I doing?!”

    I mean, if you’re into executing people by beheading then fair enough if you must, but cutting someone’s head off when they’re dead is just weird. It puts you right up there with people who like necrophilia and stuff.

  3. Geeesh next time use a scappel for it… 😐 When i told them i only accept well preserved heads, i didnt said to be THAT careful with them… I dont care if you cut it with an axe or a car, just keep the damn skull intact… 😆

  4. Has it never occurred to anyone that maybe when some group decides to behead a living person with a blunt knife, they are doing it because a sharp knife makes the job relatively painless and quick? They WANT the victim to roll around, try to get away, and be terrifies for as long as possible. In most cases the decapitators are not inept or ill equipped. They are doing exactly what they want their enemies to see them do.
    I don’t know wtf these guys are doing though. Maybe it is practice.

  5. Not necessarily, to be honest. There’s many uses you could have for an enemy’s head after he is dead. Decorate your vehicles, nail them to trees to scare approaching enemies, or, my personal favourite, if you’ve identified him, post his head to his family home. Fear tactics do wonders to hinder enemy recruitment.

  6. No wonder their morale is so low, they watch their buddies heads get chopped off and they can’t even give them a taste of their own medicine for fuck sakes. Anyone remember when the Iraqi army was at least worthy of being called an army? Why is this video even online? If I was them I would have deleted that shit right away, so embarrassing xD

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